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How do I add, delete, or rename sections on my course page?

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When new Moodle courses are created, most are divided into weeks. Some are created blank. We recommend reorganizing the course to suit your content and course design.

From the Gear icon in the upper right of the screen in your course, choose Turn editing on.

If your course is blank, you can now use the Add weeks button to add the number of sections you want.

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If your course has weeks, the names of the sections will be dates. To the right of each section name, you’ll see a pencil icon. Click the pencil icon to edit the section name. Names should be brief but descriptive of the section’s focus in order to engage students and help navigation.

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When you’ve named as many sections as you need, you should remove any unused ones. To the far right of each section name is an Edit menu. Click Edit and then choose Delete week. Reminder: Editing must be turned on to see the Edit menu.

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If you later find that you need additional sections, at the bottom right of the course page, you’ll see + Add weeks. You can use that to add any number of sections, but it’s a good practice to keep the number of sections lower rather than higher.

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