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How do I add participants to my course?

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Faculty often need to add a tutor, fellow faculty, or lab assistant to a course. Adding participants to a course can be done manually by any faculty enrolled in the course.

Please note: enrolled students should not be added to Moodle courses manually as this enrollment won’t synch with the student information system.

In your course, at the top of the left-hand menu, click Participants. Note: You may first need to click the three parallel lines to expand the menu.

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Click Enroll users.

Search for the name of the person you want to enroll. Choose the appropriate role.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: When enrolling fellow faculty, you must choose the role Co-teacher. Other roles will create problems with our course evaluation system.

Click Enroll users.

You’ll now see the person on the list of participants in your course with the role you chose.

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