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How do I add materials to my course?

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The main way to add materials to a course is using a tool called a Page. Pages let you add text, Word documents, PDFs, links to web pages, and videos to your course.

First steps:

From the Gear icon in the upper right of your course page, choose Turn editing on.

Go to the section where you want to add the link. Click on Add an activity or resource.

Scroll down to PageClick PageClick Add.

Fill in the Name field. This is the name that will appear to students on the course page.

Then choose from any of the three options below.

Option 1: Type course material directly into the Page content field. This text will become the page you’re adding. Caution: Be sure to use the Content field, not the Description field, for your page content.

Add materials image 1

Option 2: Include a link to reading material (URL, PDF, or Word document)

Type a description in the Page content field to give students context for the reading material. This is the text that will appear on the actual page you’re creating. In the description, include the name of the resource with the word “Cick” preceding it. Use your mouse to highlight the name of the resource. Then click the Link icon.

Add materials image 2

2a: You can then paste in the URL of a web page you want students to visit:

Add materials image 3

2b: Or upload a PDF or Word document:

Add materials image 4

Option 3: Embed a video for students to view.

Type a description in the Page content field to give context to the video for learners. You may also indicate how long it is. Then click the down arrow and click the media icon. When the insert media box opens, copy and paste in the URL of the video you want to include and click Insert media.

Add materials image 5

You will see the URL appear in the description box. Click Save and display.

You will now see the page you created. This page will open when students click on it on the course page.

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