Curious about Canvas

Albright will transition from Moodle (our current learning management system) to Canvas in May 2020. Designed by students and teachers to be easy to learn and use, Canvas will give us a lot of new features to enhance student success.

We know faculty will have questions as the transition progresses. We’ll answer as many of them here as we can. If there’s something you want to know about Canvas, send your question to

Faculty Training

Training will begin in March. Check back for specific dates and times coming soon.

Canvas Q and A

Q: When are we moving to Canvas?

Traditional day classes starting in Summer I and later will be offered in Canvas. In our School of Professional Studies, classes with a start date in May or later will be in Canvas.


Q: Who’s guiding the transition?

The Canvas Implementation Team is co-chaired by Laura DePue, Director of Teaching and Learning, and Lennie Amores, Assistant Profeesor of Spanish. Members include Nick Wernicki, Dean of SPS, Dorothy Hoerr, LMS Administrator, and faculty Wendy Bartkus, Soma Ghosh, Elizabeth Kiester, Mark Lomanno, Stephen Mech, and Lawrence Morris.


Q: I’m teaching in the summer. Will my course be in Canvas?

If you’re traditional day faculty teaching in summer I or II, or SPS faculty with a course starting in May or later, your course will be in Canvas. Dates will be available soon for Canvas training sessions exclusively for summer faculty, beginning in March. The Instructional Design team will help you get your course set up in Canvas and be ready to go in advance of your start date. Help will also be provided for your students.


Q: How is Canvas different from Moodle?

The main differences are organization and speed. In Canvas, courses are organized into Modules, not weeks. This makes it easier for students to navigate to exactly the content they need without having to scroll through the whole course. Canvas is also faster to for faculty to use. All the buttons you need are displayed right on the page, not buried in a long list of irrelevant options or hidden in menus with cryptic names. You’ll find it’s fast and easy to set up a course or make changes. And – when you make a change to a current course, like post a new file or revise an assignment, you can choose to have Canvas notify your students for you.


Q: Does Canvas have all the same features as Moodle?

As a modern LMS, Canvas does everything Moodle can do, and more. Canvas offers file uploads, attendance, an easy-to-use gradebook, discussion boards, assignments, quizzes, wikis, appointment scheduling, a calendar, etc. And if you need help using any feature, our instructional design team and Canvas support will be available 24/7 to answer your questions.


Q: Will Kaltura videos, H5P activities, and online textbooks I have in my Moodle course work in Canvas?

They will. Any of those features in your Moodle course will work just the same in Canvas.


Q: When and how will faculty get Canvas training?

A training period exclusively for summer faculty will begin March 1st. This includes SPS faculty with classes starting May through July and traditional faculty teaching in Summer I and II. Training for all other faculty will begin March 15th. Training options will include in-person sessions, live webinars, recorded webinars and more.


Q: How will I get access to Canvas?

Your access to Canvas will begin when you attend training. Your account will be created prior to your training session, and we’ll get you logged in and ready to go. All you’ll need to do is sign up for a session; we’ll take care of the rest.


Q: What should I be doing now to get ready for the transition?

There are two helpful things you can do now to make the transition to Canvas go smoothly. First, make a list of courses you have in Moodle that you’ll want to move to Canvas. Don’t forget about courses on longer rotations. Second, take a critical look at those courses and do some clean up. Feed out old files that are no longer needed, revise out-dated language, check that links to online resources still work. The move to Canvas will be more efficient if you some clean-up on the front end.


Q: Will quizzes and question banks move to Canvas?

Any quizzes or question banks in Moodle will come over to Canvas just fine. The quizzes will be the same as they were in Moodle; all the questions in the quiz banks will be available.


Progress Highlights from Team Canvas

Jan 6 – the Canvas Implementation Team met for the first time and established our framework for the transition: Run. Grow. Transform.

Jan 24 – communication group sent first Canvas Express to all faculty

Jan 27 – we were introduced to our Customer Success Manager at Canvas

Feb. 3 – team leadership met with our Canvas Project Consultant to establish timelines and procedures

Feb. 19 – team members completed their Canvas Quickstart I training