Borrow Equipment from DLI – Albright College

Many users have all the equipment they need for creating lectures. Most laptops have a built-in camera and microphone. iPhones, iPads, and tablets also come with these built in tools. But sometimes other equipment is needed to produce a higher quality video to meet instructional needs.

Digital Learning and Innovation has built a lending library just for faculty. This library contains equipment that faculty can borrow to assist in creating lectures or help in meeting other instructional needs.

Lending Library for Faculty

The library is small but growing. Don’t see something you need? Just email a suggestion and we will do our best to help with your project.

Digital Learning and Innovation still has a media library where anyone can still reserve and borrow laptops, cameras, etc. This faculty lending library items are loaned only to faculty for instructional design purposes.

New procedures for reserving these resources are coming, but while we are in transition, email the Instructional Design Team.

For more training and individual help on creating narrated lectures and videos, contact a member of the Instructional Design Team.