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Digital Learning and Innovation

About Us
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Mission and Vision

The Department of Digital Learning and Innovation brings together experts in teaching, technology, and virtual learning to champion innovative and transformational practices that enhance the academic experience of our students and faculty. We work collaboratively to ensure Albright College faculty have the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to deliver accessible, and high quality online, hybrid and in-person courses.

The Department of Digital Learning and Innovation is committed to serving the Albright College community by:

  • Inspiring excellence and innovation in teaching, learning and scholarly activities by:
    • Providing expertise in instructional design and development;
    • Developing and supporting innovative teaching and learning environments;
    • Effectively applying current and emerging instructional technologies;
    • Collaborating with Albright College partners and external colleagues;
  • Serving as a model resource for teaching, learning and technology by:
    • Innovative use of scholarly research in teaching and learning;
    • Providing leadership in the innovative use of technology in support of teaching, learning and scholarly activities;
    • Incorporating learning research and best practices in faculty development that promote quality course design and effective integration of technology in teaching and learning;
    • Utilization of OSCQR to promote and deliver high-quality online course design and facilitation;
    • Providing high-quality, mission-critical services to Albright College
  • Providing work guided by these values:
    • Excellence in all we do;
    • Collaboration within and beyond Albright College;
    • Innovation¬†to find and apply best practices;
    • Service to the Albright College community;
    • Embraces¬†diversity, equity and inclusion

Meet the Staff

Brian Gall Headshot
Brian Gall
Assistant Dean for Online and Digital Learning
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26 years of experience in K-12 and Higher Education.  I provide vision, strategic and operational leadership related to instructional design support and solutions for all academic programs in face-to-face, hybrid and online courses here at Albright College.

My passion is teaching, helping faculty use new teaching/pedagogical methods to increase achievement of student learning outcomes and seeing our students succeed not only here, but in life.

Dorothy Hoerr, Instructional Designer
Dorothy Hoerr
Instructional Designer
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20 years of experience in higher education. I work to ensure that our faculty and students are confident in using our Learning Management System and other technologies to achieve their course objectives.

My passion is helping faculty find innovative ways to create transformative learning experiences for students in any mode of teaching.

Erin Quilinquin Photo

Erin Eberle Quilinquin
Instructional Designer
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7 years of K-12 experience. I work with faculty to integrate different technologies and resources to create active learning environments.

My passions is finding innovative ways to grow teaching practices, in and out of the online environment.

Chris Hewatt Photo

Chris Hewatt
Instructional Technologist
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8 years of experience in higher education.

I research, validate, and help integrate learning tools and platforms for purposeful change, both in traditional classrooms and in online learning environments. My continued studies focus on cognitive science and learning theory, with a renewed interest in gamification and game theory.

My passion is helping people feel comfortable with approaching new ideas and technologies, and I empower individuals to embrace their potential for making successful and impactful changes.


The department of Digital Learning and Innovation focuses on the following Five Pillars of Service to the Albright College Community:

Robust System of Training and Professional Development

Best Practices of Course Design and Facilitation

Providing Technology Support and Solutions

Implementation of Quality Matters for all Course Modalities

Innovative Leadership and Communication

Please reach out to anyone on our staff for assistance with any of these five pillars of service.