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Controller’s Office

Location & Hours

Camp Building
1801 N. 12th Street
PO Box 15234
Reading, PA  19612-5234

Hours of Operation:
Monday thru Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (during academic year)
During the summer (Commencement through August 8) we close at 1 p.m. on Friday

In fall 2021, increases of 2% for tuition, fees, and room, and 3% for board for the 2022-2023 academic year were approved by the Board of Trustees. These increases, which amount to 2.1% overall, maintain Albright’s current marketplace position, are consistent with long-term historical averages for CPI, and align with Albright’s core mission and vision. Additionally, efforts were made this year to simplify the fee structure through a combination or elimination of charges.

Consistent with Albright’s commitment to affordability, these increases allow us to remain in the bottom quartile of our peer institutions, a list of 37 schools. Though we are keeping increases as low as possible, we also recognize that for many of our students, any increase is a challenge. This is why the Advancing Lives Scholarship was established – to offer need-based aid to rising full-time sophomores, juniors and seniors in good academic standing with the college to help cover the gap in tuition increases each year. The scholarship remains with the student as they advance in their academic career to help meet their individualized financial needs.

To prepare a complete FY23 budget, capital expenses and operating expenses (labor and non-labor) must be considered. Budget managers in each area are provided with templates that are calculated at the three-year average spend rate over the past three fiscal years (FY21, FY20, and FY19). The following timeline highlights the process by which the college prepares the budget.

• Budget Training – Overview of FY23 budget process for budget managers (sessions held thru March)
• Non-labor templates distributed by end of January
• Major capital submissions due to Controller’s Office by Jan. 7
• Only DSI & Facilities major capital requests required to start June 1 due to Controller’s Office by January 10

• Distribute revenue parameters to each Cabinet member for review and update as needed
• Controller’s Office distributes salary vault data to Cabinet by end of month
• The full board reviews and approves the FY23 capital budget – At the Feb. 11 meeting, the board approved a preliminary, partial 2022-2023 capital budget to allow for preparation work and ordering of materials to avoid supply chain delays in the summer.
• Controller’s Office sends call for capital requests for FY23 to business managers the week of February 28.

• Non-labor departmental templates completed and returned to Controller’s Office by March 14
• All requests for additional operating funds submitted and provided to Controller’s Office with non-labor departmental templates
• Any “NEW” positions that are a budget add need to be presented at Cabinet by each Cabinet member requesting additional dollars

• Controller’s office provides a first draft of the FY23 budget for the April 6 Cabinet meeting
• Cabinet reviews budget draft, new budget dollar requests, and aligns resources with institutional priorities and goals
• Capital request templates due to Controller’s Office by March 31
• Capital Prioritization Group meets April 8 to review all capital requests and make recommendations to Cabinet

• All budget parameters, revenue, labor, and non-labor reviewed by Cabinet and adjusted for any known changes
• Controller’s Office prepares FY23 operating budget materials for Finance Committee on June 2
• Modifications that need to be made to the Capital budget reviewed and approved at Property, Land & Equipment (PL&E) meeting on May 12
• Materials to PL&E will include a five-year capital spend plan

• Finance Committee reviews and approves FY23 operating budget (June 2)
• Employee email budget communication from BOT chair and president
• Modifications that need to be made to the Capital budget reviewed and approved at the Board meeting June 9-10
• Business managers distribute approved capital budget to respective departments with approved capital spending

As part of shared governance at Albright College, the Faculty Budget Sub-Committee meets monthly during the fall and spring semesters. The committee, chaired by Lisa Wilder, associate professor of economics, serves as a liaison between the budget process and the faculty, reviews the parameters that the budget is built around, monitors expenses, and reviews special contracts such as the recent contract with Dynamic Campus.

We are grateful to the work of the Faculty Budget Subcommittee and appreciate their partnership. Members include: Arcana Albright, Andrew Samuelsen, Jon Bekken, Gertrude Eguae-Obazee, Karen Jogan, Robert Mandanici, Lawrence Morris, Patricia Turning, and Melissa Wells.

Business managers in each division are as follows:
Academic Affairs: Angela Fonte, ext. 7718,
Advancement: Sheila DaDamio, ext. 7501,
Athletics: Bev Minjock, ext.7535,
Business Affairs: Amanda Stahl, ext. 7748,
Communications: Jen Stoudt, ext. 7511,
DSI: Lorraine Wentzel, ext. 7229,
Enrollment: Nikki Mendoza, ext. 7620,
President: Cynthia Strader, ext. 7578,
Student & Campus Life: Rick Partsch, ext. 7827,



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