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Use of College Listservs

The college maintains three email distribution lists for employees:

Display Name in Address Book Email Address
Employee Email
Employee Community Email
Faculty Email

Employee Email:    

Email sent to allnet goes to every employee of Albright College. It is reserved for college business, communications of importance to the broader Albright community, and information that helps us to do our jobs. This includes information about college programs and events, notifications of policies and procedures, emergency information, cancellations, HR information, messages from the president, etc. All faculty, administrators and support staff are automatically subscribed to and may not unsubscribe. Since everyone receives allnet messages, please do not send the same message to allnet and another list. Please note that allnet messages are not sent to students.

Employee Community Email:

This is a voluntary, bulletin board-type listserv designed to build community on campus and provide a forum for information and useful news that is not essential college business. Information posted here may include announcements such as a birth or death in an employee’s family, tickets to give away, items for sale, notices about non-Albright volunteer or charity opportunities, etc. Of note, if you’re including images with your message, please be sensitive to their size in order to ease strain on our servers.

Additionally, due to its personal nature, information on a death in a faculty or staff member’s family should be sent to the community by a designee in the employee’s department. If you’re writing to inform the college community about a death in an employee’s family, please make sure you have your colleague’s approval before the information is distributed and made public; it is also helpful to include an address where cards may be sent.

You are automatically subscribed to, but you may unsubscribe by contacting

Faculty Email:

This list is for discussions among the faculty. Participation is voluntary and limited to faculty members unless approved by the faculty chair. Faculty are automatically subscribed, but may unsubscribe by contacting