Model Release Form 2022 – Albright College

Model Release Form 2022

Consent to use photo / video / film

I understand that Albright College reserves the right to film or take photographs of faculty, staff, and students engaged in teaching, research, clinical practices, and other activities related to the College, as well as casual and portrait photography or film. These photographs and films will be used in publications such as catalogs, posters, advertisements, and recruitment and development materials, as well as on the College’s website and social media channels, for various videos, or for distribution to local, state, or national media for promotional purposes. Classes will be photographed or filmed only with the permission of the administration. Such photographs and film – including digital media – which will be kept in the files and archives of Albright College, will remain available for use by the College without time limitations or restrictions. Faculty, students, and staff are made aware by virtue of this policy that the College reserves the right to alter photography and film for creative purposes.

I understand that if I do not want photographs or footage of myself used in the manner(s) described in this policy statement (above) that I must contact the Albright College Communications Division at 610-921-7526 or and that I also must inform photographers and videographers of this request when photographers and videographers are present. Faculty and students are advised that persons in public places are deemed by law to have no expectation of privacy and are subject to being photographed by third parties. Albright College has no control over the use of photographs or film taken by third parties, including, without limitation, the news media covering College activities.

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