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Communications Division

Communications Division
Camp Building
1801 N. 12th St.
PO Box 15234
Reading, PA 19612-5234

610-921-7295 (fax)

The Communications Division is a full-service agency that manages the marketing, public relations, media relations, publication, web and photography needs of the College.

Our mission is to enhance Albright’s visibility, strengthen relationships with College constituencies, build the College’s image, and further advance the institution.


The college does not employ a full-time photographer; however, there are several ways the division can help clients fulfill photography requests.

  • We can hire a freelance photographer.
  • A staff member can take photos for you. The Communications Division reserves the right to determine what type of photo request requires a freelance photographer.
  • You may borrow one of the Divisons’ two “loaner” cameras.

Please direct all photography requests to Jen Stoudt, x7511 or

Freelance Photographers
The Communications Division maintains a list of approved freelance photographers whose hourly rates vary. If a client requests photos for an event or specific publication and the office has already planned to take photos for other purposes, then the office will pay for the photography. If the request for photos is of something that the office will not use, or if the request will require substantial time, evening or weekend hours, specific lighting or equipment that the office cannot accommodate, we will make arrangements with a freelance photographer for you. Hourly rates vary and expenses are incurred by the client. The Communications Division will assess the request and determine when a freelance photographer is required.

For simple shots during business hours, Communications Division staff will provide photography services as time allows. Staff cannot accommodate all requests or complex projects.

Loaner Cameras
These digital cameras are automatic and easy to use. Clients must reserve cameras ahead by calling or emailing Jen Stoudt, and must pick up and sign for the camera in person. Cameras can be signed out for a period of time up to 48 hours unless otherwise arranged.  Video recorders are also available.

Faculty/Staff Headshots
Official headshots of faculty and staff used for publicity purposes may be arranged for at any time by calling or emailing Jen Stoudt in the College Relations office. Headshots are usually taken in the office by a staff member.  Faculty and staff are also welcome to submit their own headshot for publicity purposes, accompanied by the written permission of the photographer.

Submission of Images for Print or Web
High resolution (300 dpi) digital images are needed for printed materials; photo prints are acceptable for scanning. Digital images for web sites may be 72 dpi. All photo submissions must be accompanied by written permission from the photographer allowing the College to publish the photos. Photos taken directly from web sites will not be accepted. The Communications Division will determine if submitted photography is acceptable for use.

Drafted 12-16-11

Public Relations

The Communications Division serves as the official spokespeople for the College. Media should be directed to contact our office at 610-921-7526.

If you are seeking publicity or promotion for a program, event or service, please contact our office at 610-921-7526 to discuss.


The Communications Division is responsible for the marketing and advertising of all functions of Albright College. Clients within the College who wish to schedule advertising should complete the Request for Advertising form found on the intranet.


Due to the extreme volume of sales calls received, please e-mail your information.
No sales calls will be accepted.

Important Policies

Use of Broadcast Voice Mail System

The Broadcast Voice Mail System is reserved for critical information that is of interest to the entire Albright community. To request use of the system, please contact your individual vice president or the College Relations Office at x7526.

Sports Information

Sports Information Director

Web Requests

If you have any web needs, please contact

Dave Markowski
Senior Web Manager
Communications Division

Vendors: Please email any inquiries. No phone calls will be taken.

Communications Division Staff

Jennifer P. StoudtJennifer P. Stoudt
Vice President for Communications

Gina FrenchGina French
Creative Director

Carey Manzolillo
Director of Communications

Heidi DerstlerHeidi Derstler
Senior Graphic Designer

Scott HettingerScott Hettinger
Digital Designer and Photo/Video Manager

David MarkowskiDavid Markowski
Senior Web Manager