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Adding SimCheck to an Assignment

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SimCheck, a product of Turnitin, is Albright’s plagiarism checker. It replaces Vericite and has increased functionality. The repository of papers that were uploaded to Albright’s Veracite system through Moodle has been moved to Albright’s Simcheck account.

To enable SimCheck for an assignment in Canvas, click Edit at the upper right in the appropriate assignment. The submission type for the assignment must be set to Online submission and file uploads.

Scroll down to Plagiarism Review. Choose SimCheck.

Check the Bibliography and Quotes boxes to have so that the bibliography page and material within quotation marks are ignored.

Uncheck the Index all submissions if this submission is a draft. Unchecking the box means that the final copy, when submitted, will not be compared with the draft.

To review more Turnitin/Simcheck settings, visit Turnitin Settings

Visit Simularity Report to learn about the reports that will be generated.