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Add an H5P Activity to your Course

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H5P is a Canvas plug-in that allows the creation of a variety of interactive exercises, including interactive video, designed to actively engage students with course content. They can be used as assignments, in discussions, or in live meetings.

To create an H5P exercise in your course, first create a page to house it. Enter any directions or context needed for the exercise. Then, click the menu button if necessary to expand the toolbar, and click the plug-in button.

Choose H5P.

Click Add Content.

Click the type of exercise you want to create, or click Details to learn more about each choice. Follow the on-screen directions, and contact Instructional Design if you need more help.

Click Save and Insert when you’re finished.

You’ll now see the exercise on your Canvas page. Click Save. If you need to make changes to the exercise, you can click Edit.

For more specific help creating interactive videos, contact Instructional Design.