Study Group Schedule

Fall 2019 Study Group Schedule

The ALC runs weekly study groups for select classes.  These study groups allow students to participate in a group learning environment run by a CRLA – trained tutor who has taken the class before.  Study groups are arranged as “drop-in tutoring”; students can just show up to the study group- no sign up required. Students are not required to attend weekly, although it is encouraged in order to keep up with the material.

BIO151 Study Group
Led by: Mara Trifoi ’20 and
Nicole Crumling ‘21
Tuesdays at 5pm
Science Hall, Room 155
Sept 10th – Dec 3rd

PHY201 Study Group
Led by: Cameron Rupert ‘20 and
Eugenio Portales SanJuan ‘20
Thursdays at 4pm
Science Hall, Room 155
Sept. 9th – Dec 2nd

SPA100-200 Study Group
Led by: Tereya Edwards ’20 and
Senaah Scott ‘22
Thursdays at 5pm
Masters Hall, Room 310
Sept 12th – Dec 5th

ACC101 Study Group
Led by: Kwabena Ofori ‘20 and Sharyce Dey ‘20
Wednesdays at 4pm
Roessner Hall, Room 205
Sept 4th – Dec 4th

PSY205 Study Group
Led by: Samantha King ‘21
Wednesdays at 5pm
Teel Hall, Room 114
Sept. 11th – Dec 4th

CHE207 Study Group
Led by: Ginger Hill ‘20
Thursdays at 7pm
Science Hall, Room 155
Sept 5th – Dec 5th

PSY210 Study Group
Led by: Grace Coleman ‘20
Thursdays at 6pm
Tell Hall, Room 101A
Oct. 10th – Dec 4th

MAT110 Study Group
Led by: Abby Lord ‘20
Monday at 4pm
Computer & Math Building, Room 100C
Oct. 21st – Dec 2nd