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Academic Learning Center

Peer tutoring is available for many 100-200 level courses for up to two hours per week. Students work with a peer tutor to review course content, discuss questions, prepare for upcoming tests and assignments. Most tutors will have successfully completed the course and therefore will be able to provide additional insight and success strategies. At the peer tutoring appointment system, select the ALC Subject Tutoring schedule and “Limit” the schedule to the course you are looking for.

Make a Peer Tutor Appointment

ALC Office Suite (Teel 309A)
Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

ALC main office appointments are available by request; contact our front desk staff or call 610-921-7662.


ALC Subject Tutoring Lab (in tunnel outside Jake’s Place)
Sunday-Thursday: 9 a.m.-9 p.m
Friday: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Saturday: 9 a.m.-7 p.m.

The Academic Learning Center provides Albright students with the opportunity to enhance their academic careers. The peer tutoring program and academic coaching offer students avenues to succeed at a higher level in their coursework while attending Albright. The ALC is committed to helping students through group work and one-on-one consultation. By collaborating closely with students’ faculty and academic advisers, and with other support units like the Writing Center and Student Success Specialists, the ALC helps provide a clear path to academic planning and success.

Welcome to the Peer Tutoring program! Tutoring is a free service provided to all Albright students. Each semester we offer tutoring for many 100-200 level general education courses, such as, subject areas such as Spanish, math, science, sociology, psychology and accounting. Our ALC tutors are trained in effective learning and tutoring techniques and they are supervised by the ALC staff. Tutors can offer you assistance in organizing course material, test preparation, homework, assignments, study guides, and more!

The philosophy of our Peer Tutoring Program is that tutoring peer to peer is a wonderful way for students to develop course mastery and learn new skills, too. Our peer tutors are committed to working with you on a weekly basis and have experienced firsthand the impact tutoring makes on their tutees learning and performance.

How Tutoring Works and Making an Appointment

Students log in to to view the ALC Subject Tutoring schedule. Using the ‘Limit To’ drop down menu, select desired course to view available meeting times and schedule a meeting with a peer tutor. Tutors and students are encouraged to meet weekly as it allows for the ability to maintain the learning partnership. In-person and online sessions are available. Please note there is no guarantee of tutor availability for every 100-200 subject.

It’s important to know that tutors are not responsible for your grades; instead they are responsible for assisting you with study skills and course content. Tutoring is not a substitute for class attendance. Tutees are strongly encouraged to notify their professors if they are using the ALC tutoring service because it demonstrates effort and care for their class.

NOTE: Tutoring must be done in a public location, preferably in the Academic Learning Center Tutoring Lab.

ALC Subject Tutoring Lab

Tutoring Lab Hours (in tunnel outside Jake’s Place)

  • Sunday-Thursday: 9 a.m.-9 p.m
  • Friday: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Saturday: 9 a.m.-7 p.m.

Apply to Become a Tutor

The ALC is currently seeking new tutors for Albright’s Level 1 internationally certified Peer Tutoring Program. Peer tutors are viewed as academic leaders who are offered a unique opportunity to make a difference on campus. All peer tutors must meet the following minimum requirements: completion of at least one semester at Albright, overall GPA of 3.00 or higher, a B+ or higher in the course(s) one will tutor, and good standing with the college.

Learning Resources

The ALC, your tutors, faculty, and staff have worked together to create handouts on study skills and specific learning strategies. Please feel welcome to download these tip sheets.

Program Support and Requirements

All students on academic probation for the first time, or those continuing on probation, are required to participate in an academic support program. Our probation program is designed to provide students with multiple valuable skills which are needed to be academically successful at Albright College. With additional support and structure from the ALC, our student success data shows that students who avail themselves of our program better position themselves to reach their academic goals.

Students on academic probation must complete the following requirements:

  1. Successfully complete at least three classes.
  2. Meet with an ALC staff member at least 6 times a semester
  3. Meet with their faculty adviser at least three times throughout the semester which includes registration counseling and informing coaches, as appropriate.
  4. Attend the mandatory probation kick off meeting and at least five academic skills workshops offered throughout the semester by the ALC.
  5. Participate in regular tutoring sessions for their coursework, as appropriate.
  6. Sign a probation agreement that outlines these requirements and paves a clear path for reaching the student’s goal of getting off academic probation.
  7. Reach the required cumulative GPA at the end of the semester.


The ALC tutoring program partners with faculty to provide additional academic support for many 100-200 general education courses. Through faculty recommendations, consultations, and collaboration, the ALC is able to hire and train tutors to best support classes. Please reach out to us with any questions!

Tutors are available to meet starting the second week of classes through finals week. Individual tutoring is offered as a weekly commitment and on an as-needed basis. Individual tutoring is available for up to two hours a week per course. Weekly group tutor sessions held throughout the semester are arranged by request. If interested in a weekly group session for your course, please contact the center. Students with writing and reading related concerns are directed to contact the Writing Center.

New Tutors:

As part of our CRLA certification, all tutors must be recommended to tutor individual classes by their respective faculty member. If you have a stand-out student who you believe would be a great tutor, please tell us so we can reach out to them about applying. Please also fill out a Faculty Recommendation Form to confirm that the student is qualified to tutor your course.

Returning Tutors:

As our current tutors take new classes, we monitor their transcripts to determine if they may be able to tutor new courses. If a student earned at least a B+ in your class and you believe would be a good tutor, please fill out a Faculty Recommendation Form. Tutors must receive a faculty recommendation and earned at least a B+ in order to tutor the course.

Weekly Group Tutoring:

Weekly Group Tutoring is available upon request. The ALC is happy to run group tutoring sessions for courses where faculty find tutor-led group conversation and collaboration particularly helpful. Please contact us if you feel group tutoring would be a beneficial resource for your class. Weekly group sessions are run by tutors who have taken the course, earned at least a B+, and have received a recommendation from their professor.

Students are encouraged to consult with the director or faculty members in the ALC for any reason, at any time. Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are recommended. If you have a question, problem, comment, interest, concern or anything else that might require a little attention from someone who can help, please DO NOT hesitate to e-mail us at, or to schedule an appointment by calling 610-921-7662. Or just drop by! Big or small we can try to solve any problem together.

Academic Learning Center Staff

Anne Coleman, Ph.D., Assistant Provost
Dr. Anne Coleman joined the Albright community in February 2021. With a PhD in Neuroscience, Dr. Coleman spent 20+ years as a professor and academic advisor until she switched her full time focus to Academic Support three years ago. She believes education is a right and is committed to supporting students through their academic journeys. Hot coffee first thing in the morning is a must for Dr. C. She credits her addiction to her grandmother who gave her first cup of coffee (milk with a few drops of coffee and sugar in a Popeye mug) before the age of 5. She also enjoys science fiction in any format. Dr. C says the best part of her Albright day is the time she spends meeting with students. Make an appointment or stop by her office, her door is always open.
Professor Kauffman, Academic Coach
Shelley Kauffman is a native Pennsylvanian who studied geology at Juniata College before heading south for graduate school at the University of Virginia where she obtained an M.S. and Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences. She has been teaching at Albright since 2004 and also became an academic coach in 2019. Through her work on outside grants, she has gained invaluable insight into science education and innovative teaching techniques. She is excited to work with students in the ALC to create a safe place to explore their academic and life journeys.
Rachel Liberatore, Director of the Writing Center and Tutoring Services
Rachel Liberatore has been working at Albright since 2009 as the Writing Center Director and as an instructor of ENG 101, ENG 102 and FYS, and she is excited about her newly expanded role also working with the Academic Learning Center. She has a BA in English and Education from Grinnell College, an MA in English from the University of New Mexico, and an MA in Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies (TESOL emphasis) from the University of New Mexico. In her work with tutoring centers, she has a particular interest in tutor staff development that helps students gain new creative/professional identities and leadership roles. Please stop by her office or request an appointment if you would like to talk about any aspect of tutoring on campus.
Rebecca Makowiecki, Assistant Director of Tutoring Services
Becky has been with the ALC since 2011, assisting with supporting students, faculty, and the campus community. She leads the Peer Tutoring Program for ALC subject tutoring. Becky grew up in the Reading area and is an Albright Alum. She is familiar with the Albright Campus and feels at home here. Her favorite part of her job is getting to know the students of Albright and working with such a dedicated staff.
Melissa Manzano
Academic Coach and Coordinator of Act 101
Maria McDonnell, Academic Coach

Maria has been teaching English at Albright since 2006. This semester she joined the ALC team as an academic coach. Along with teaching and coaching at Albright, Maria is working on her master’s degree in applied psychology in the Albright SPS program. Her sons attended Albright as well, and her three dogs love to visit campus. Maria is an avid runner who has completed every race distance between 5k and 50k.

Student Office Assistants

Rachel Clark ‘23

Rachel is a psychology and sociology co major. With her degree she plans to improve other’s quality of life. She enjoys painting and dorm room gardening.

Zoe Satterthwaite ’23

Zoe is a fashion merchandising and business co-major, class of 2023. She is the president of Club Vogue, the social media chair for The Cue, and a writer for Fashion Lion. She is also a peer tutor.

Tutor Managers

Shelby Cheuvront ‘23 Accounting, Economics & Business

Shelby is a Business Management major with a focus in Sports Management and has been a tutor since Fall 2021. She tutors ACC100, ACCC101, and BUS250. Shelby is on the volleyball team and is involved in SAAC. She is looking forward to helping students in accounting.

Tara Huffman ‘24 Sciences

Tara is a chemistry major with a minor in public policy and administration and has been a tutor since fall 2021. She tutors CHE105, CHE106, CHE107, CHE207-208, ECO105, FRE101-102, and ESS101. Tara is also a member of the Sigma Kappa sorority. She enjoys tutoring to help others succeed in reaching their academic goals.

Reem Shadid ‘23Foreign Languages

Reem is a criminology and public policy & administration co-major with legal studies and urban affairs minors. She has been tutoring since fall 2020. She is also the Foreign Language tutor manager for the ALC. She tutors SPA101-201, SOC101, SOC210, SOC211, SOC251, and POL218 courses. She is also the Vice President of the Pre-Law Society, Secretary of International Students Association, and Vice President of AC New Liberals and Political Science Association. Reem enjoys tutoring because she loves helping others overcome their academic struggles. She also loves to see others prosper and improve upon their daily goals.

Sarah Robinson ‘24 Math

Sarah is a Computer Science major and has been a tutor since fall 2021. She tutors CSC141, CSC142, PSY100, MAT131, and ART265 courses. She is eager to tutor because she believes a student-to-student approach is very beneficial in the academic process.

Stephanie Zolynski ‘24 Social Science & Humanities

Stephanie is a Psychobiology major on the molecular track with pre-med advising, and has been a tutor since Fall 2021. She tutors PSY100, PSY200, PSY201, PSY205, SPA101-102, CHE105 and SOC261. Stephanie also participates in Women’s Volleyball and SAAC. She holds positions in Tri-Beta, Sigma Kappa, and is a class of 2024 officer. Stephanie wanted to be a tutor because she enjoys being able to help and see tutees understand a concept that they may have struggled with.

Peer Tutors

Grace Andrefski ‘23

Grace is a criminology major and a legal studies minor and has been a tutor since Fall 2020. She tutors SOC211, SOC213, SOC251, SOC261, MUS126 and BUS250 courses. Grace is also a member of the volleyball team. She is excited to be a tutor and to have the opportunity connect with her tutees.

Viki Aquino ‘23

Viki is a Fashion Design and Merchandising major and has been a tutor since Fall 2022. She tutors FRE101, FRE102, FAS200, FAS202, FAS208, FAS112, and BUS247. Her hometown is Queens, New York. In addition to tutoring, Viki is treasurer of Club Vogue and works in the CFA Gallery and Box Office. She hopes to meet and help people to help achieve their academic goal!

Jordan Brown ‘24

Jordan is an English and secondary education co-major and has been a tutor since fall 2022. She tutors FRE101-102, MAT102, and PHY102 courses. Jordan is also a member of Sigma Tau Delta and ACF. Jordan is excited to be a peer tutor because she wants to help students and support them as they pursue their academic ambitions.

Lillian Carney ’24

Lillian is an early childhood education and psychology co-major and has been a tutor since fall 2021. She tutors PSY100 PSY 200, and PSY206 courses. Lillian is the secretary of the PSEA club and is also a writing tutor. She wanted to be a tutor to help others by providing a different viewpoint to the material.

Taisha Charles ’24

Taisha is a Mathematics and Psychology co-major and has been a tutor since Fall 2021. She tutors MAT125, MAT128, MAT131-132, FRE101-102, and PSY205 courses. Taisha is President of the Math Club and Albright College Dance Team and also works on campus as an RA and Admissions Ambassador. Taisha sees tutoring as an opportunity to help her fellow students and share study skills she’s gained through tough coursework.

Eli Davis ‘23

Eli is a game/simulation development major and started tutoring in fall 2020. He tutors CSC141, CSC142, HIS122, and LAT101-102. Eli is also a part of the eSports team. He aims to assist students in understanding their subjects more thoroughly and meet their goals. He understands the difficulties of college life and courses and so wants to help students adjust and excel.

Ben Egin ‘23

Ben Egin is a computer science and business administration major and has been a tutor since fall 2022. Ben tutors German courses, is one of the captains of the golf team, and a member of the Dearden Honor Society. He sees tutoring German as a way of giving back and spreading knowledge about not only the German language, but also Germany itself.

Katie Donner ‘23

Katie is a biology major with a pre-vet track and has been a tutor since fall 2022. She tutors BIO152, CHE105, and CHE207-208. If she is not in the tutoring lab (or in Science), you will most definitely catch her hanging out in the student center or CC!

Miney Garcia ’25

Miney is a child and family studies major. She tutors PSY100, PSY200, FRE101-102, and SOC261 courses. Miney is a member of the Sigma Kappa sorority, an RA, and an admission ambassador. She became a tutor to help her fellow peers.

Kate Griffin

Kate is an Applied Psychology major and has been a tutor since Fall 2021. She tutors: BIO101, BIO152, BIO203, PSY200, PSY201, PSY205, LAT101-201. Her hometown is Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. She is currently working on her master’s degree at Albright. Kate enjoys tutoring to help her peers achieve success.

Stephanie Hegedus ‘24

Stephanie Hegedus is a fashion merchandising major with a focus in fashion journalism. She has been tutoring since fall of 2022 and tutors FAS208, FAS112, FAS210, FAS202, and ECO105 courses. Stephanie is also the PR Co-Chair & Social Media Manager of Albright’s fashion club, Club Vogue.

Megan Keller ‘23

Megan is a biochemistry premed major and has been a tutor since Fall 2020. She tutors BIO101, BIO151, BIO203, CHE105, CHE107, CHE207-208, MAT110 and SPA101-201 courses. She is also a member of SAC and a player of Albright’s field hockey team. She enjoys tutoring because she loves to help people and see people succeed.

Jonathan Leger ‘23

Jonathan is an accounting, economics and finance major with a track in accounting, and has been a tutor since fall 2021. He holds ACC101 weekly group tutoring sessions. Jonathan is an Admission Ambassador, Class of 2023 Treasurer, member of the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity, and involved in various clubs and committees. Jonathan decided to become a tutor because he values the importance of practice and solidification of information that tutoring provides for students.

Olivia Lorah ‘24

Olivia is a secondary education and history co-major and has been a tutor since the fall of 2022. She tutors SPA101, MAT102, and POL101 courses. Olivia is also a member of SACC, PSEA, and a player on the Albright field hockey team. She decided to become a tutor because she loves sharing knowledge with others and helping people to succeed.

Daniel Lowman ‘26

Daniel is a biology major and has been a tutor since spring 2023. He tutors MAT128, MAT129, MAT131, MAT110, BIO101, and BIO151. Daniel is also a part of the soccer team. He sees tutoring as an opportunity to help others succeed.

Angelica Malone ‘23

Angelica is a molecular psychobiology major, with minors and public health, sociology, and evolutionary studies and has been a tutor since fall 2022. She tutors PSY200, PSY201, PSY205, and CHE100 courses. She is also the president of Alternative Spring Break and the World Affairs Club vice president. Angelica sees tutoring as an important part of a supportive campus and understands the position of students that may feel overwhelmed or lost in their classes.

Deidra Miklesavage ‘23

Deidra is a biology major in the pre-med track and has been a tutor since fall 2022. She tutors BIO152, SPA101-102, and PSY100 courses. She is also a member of Tri-Beta. She is excited to tutor and help others succeed in achieving their academic goals.

Hannah Phillips ‘24

Hannah is a math major with a minor in secondary education. She is a supplemental instruction (SI) leader for MAT131 and tutors MAT128, MAT129, MAT131-132, MAT110, MAT233, and MAT250. She is also the Vice President of the Math Club. Hannah enjoys tutoring because she loves to teach and instill a passion for learning in others.

Hannah Plowmaker ‘24

Hannah is a business administration major with a track in marketing and has been a tutor since fall 2022. She tutors BUS155, ACC101, and ECO105. She is the student government communications director, and an active member of the Dearden honors society, Business Accounting and Economics Club, and the Commuter Student Association. She wanted to be a tutor because she has seen first hand the difference that they can make in some people’s academic careers.

Samantha Seador ‘23

Samantha is a biology and public health co-major and has been a tutor since spring 2019. She is a supplemental instruction (SI) leader for BIO151 and group assistant for BIO234. She is excited to tutor because she loves watching others grow and achieve their goals.

Jason Tai ‘23

Jason is a digital communications major with a minor in Spanish and has been a tutor since spring of 2020. He tutors PSY100, BUS155, COM260, COM250, ART103, and SPA101-204. He can also assist with Adobe software programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro in digital art courses such as Computer Graphics (ART265) and Video I (DIG201). Jason is a tutor because he enjoys working and empathizing with fellow peers on their academic journey to success.

Olivia Trace ‘24

Jahfari Williams ’23

Jahfari Williams is a philosophy major and has been a tutor since spring 2022. He tutors PHI203, PHI101, PHI150, and philosophy writing. Jahfari is also a member of the esports team. As a tutor he hopes to encourage more students to enjoy philosophy, engage in more philosophical conversation, and to experience teaching and education differently.

Alyssa Zerbe ‘24

Alyssa is a psychology and art major and has been a tutor since the fall 2022. She tutors PSY100, PSY200, PSY201, PSY206, and SOC101. Alyssa is also the Vice President of Standards and Values of Sigma Kappa sorority, the Advertising Chair of Psi Chi Honor Society, the Psychology Department Assistant, and a PSY200 TA. She believes tutoring is a great tool to help students reach their academic goals.


The Academic Learning Center’s mission is to provide a variety of academic support and opportunities to enhance academic achievement for all students. The Center works collaboratively with faculty, academic departments, and student services to provide a comprehensive set of support programs tailored to meet each individual student’s needs. The Center offers a College Reading and Learning Association-certified peer tutoring program, academic workshop series, academic probation recovery program, and individualized academic coaching sessions to help students develop into scholars and leaders while supporting retention goals.

  1. Oversee and maintain peer tutoring program, which provides both individual and group tutoring for 100 and 200 level General Education courses.
  2. Provide academic coaching, specifically to freshman, sophomore and at-risk students, and manage the Academic Probation Recovery Program.
  3. Support faculty and their courses.
  4. Provide meaningful academic leadership and experiential learning opportunities for students through the CRLA-certified peer tutoring program.