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Academic Learning Center

Address: 1621 N 13th St, Reading, PA 19604
Phone: 610-921-7662

Hours of Operation:

ALC Office Suite (located in Teel 309A)
Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

ALC Tutoring Lab (located in Teel basement)
Sunday through Thursday
8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Friday and Saturday
8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

ALC office appointments: Available by request; contact our front desk staff

Peer tutoring is available for many 100-200 level courses for up to two hours per week. Students work with a peer tutor to review course content, discuss questions, prepare for upcoming tests and assignments. Most tutors will have successfully completed the course and therefore will be able to provide additional insight and success strategies. At the peer tutoring appointment system, select the ALC Subject Tutoring schedule and “Limit” the schedule to the course you are looking for.

Meet with a Peer Tutor

The Academic Learning Center provides Albright students with the opportunity to enhance their academic careers. The peer tutoring program and academic coaching offer students avenues to succeed at a higher level in their coursework while attending Albright. The ALC is committed to helping students through group work and one-on-one consultation. By collaborating closely with students’ faculty and academic advisers, and with other support units like the Writing Center and Student Success Specialists, the ALC helps provide a clear path to academic planning and success.


The Academic Learning Center’s mission is to provide a variety of academic support and opportunities to enhance academic achievement for all students.  The Center works collaboratively with faculty, academic departments, and student services to provide a comprehensive set of support programs tailored to meet each individual student’s needs.  The Center offers a College Reading and Learning Association-certified peer tutoring program, academic workshop series, academic probation recovery program, and individualized academic coaching sessions to help students develop into scholars and leaders while supporting retention goals.


  1. Oversee and maintain peer tutoring program, which provides both individual and group tutoring for 100 and 200 level General Education courses.
  2. Provide academic coaching, specifically to freshman, sophomore and at-risk students, and manage the Academic Probation Recovery Program.
  3. Support faculty and their courses
  4. Provide meaningful academic leadership and experiential learning opportunities for students through the CRLA-certified peer tutoring program.

Welcome to the Peer Tutoring program! Tutoring is a free service provided to all Albright students. Each semester we offer tutoring for many 100-200 level general education courses, such as, subject areas such as Spanish, math, science, sociology, psychology and accounting. Our ALC tutors are trained in effective learning and tutoring techniques and they are supervised by the ALC staff. Tutors can offer you assistance in organizing course material, test preparation, homework, assignments, study guides, and more!

The philosophy of our Peer Tutoring Program is that tutoring peer to peer is a wonderful way for students to develop course mastery and learn new skills, too. Our peer tutors are committed to working with you on a weekly basis and have experienced firsthand the impact tutoring makes on their tutees learning and performance.

How Tutoring Works

Students log in to to view the ALC Subject Tutoring schedule. Using the ‘Limit To’ drop down menu, select desired course to view available meeting times and schedule a meeting with a tutor. Tutors and students are encouraged to meet weekly as it allows for the ability to maintain the learning partnership. In-person and online sessions are available. Please note there is no guarantee of tutor availability for every 100-200 subject.

It’s important to know that tutors are not responsible for your grades; instead they are responsible for assisting you with study skills and course content. Tutoring is not a substitute for class attendance. Tutees are strongly encouraged to notify their professors if they are using the ALC tutoring service because it demonstrates effort and care for their class.


NOTE: Tutoring must be done in a public location, preferably in the Academic Learning Center Tutoring Lab.

Request a Tutor Online

At the peer tutoring appointment system, select the ALC Subject Tutoring schedule and “Limit” the schedule to the course you are looking for.

Tutoring Lab

Tutoring Lab Hours

  • Sunday – Thursday 9:00am to 9:00pm
  • Friday – Saturday 9:00am to 7:00pm

Apply to Become a Tutor

The ALC is currently seeking new tutors for Albright’s Level 1 internationally certified Peer Tutoring Program. Peer tutors are viewed as academic leaders who are offered a unique opportunity to make a difference on campus. All peer tutors must meet the following minimum requirements: completion of at least one semester at Albright, overall GPA of 3.00 or higher, a B+ or higher in the course(s) one will tutor, and good standing with the college.


  • 97% believed their tutor listened to their concerns about the class
  • 96% believed their tutors were patient with their learning process
  • 95% responded that their tutoring experience helped them prepare for quizzes, tests, and papers
  • 98% reported they would recommend tutoring services to their friends

Student Testimonials

“Using tutoring helped me understand the class a lot more. They also helped me with testing strategies because they had my professors at one point which made it a lot easier.”

“Tutoring helped me clear up a lot of things that I was unclear on in class. My tutor went further into explaining things that I thought were confusing and also helped me to remember some of the information that would be on tests.”

“I met my Spanish tutor two times a week and it really helped me set aside time to study and get my work done. It also helped me greatly with exams as my tutor knew exactly how to help me be prepared for an upcoming quiz or exam.”

My tutor…

“…made sure I understood the material before moving on.”
“…was very patient and helpful.”
… was friendly, reliable, and helpful.
“… used different ways to help me learn.”
“…always listened to problems and gave useful feedback.”

Learning Resources

The ALC, your tutors, faculty, and staff have worked together to create handouts on study skills and specific learning strategies. Please feel welcome to download these tip sheets.

Student Testimonials

“With attending the workshops, I have learned multiple skills that have helped me better understand my studying habits and learning styles.” 

“I feel as if the workshops give students an outlook on how they can improve their way of life by adapting their schooling to themselves as an individual.”

“I think the professors’ involvement is a vital piece in the workshops because it shows the students that these professors are here and want to be involved in helping with success and not just to fail you in their classes.  It establishes a better level of comfort for the student seeing that person outside the classroom environment in a more relaxed perspective.”

“The time management workshop helped me address the problems I had with managing my free time and study time. The Burning Bad Habits and Getting Motivated workshop helped me to focus more on studying and homework. The two combined helped me to become overall more organized, which in turn helped me to study better and get my work done earlier.”

“I was able to learn new skills that helped me understand how to analyze books in another way rather than reading and taking notes.”

Program Support and Requirements

All students on academic probation for the first time, or those continuing on probation, are required to participate in an academic support program. Our probation program is designed to provide students with multiple valuable skills which are needed to be academically successful at Albright College. With additional support and structure from the ALC, our student success data shows that students who avail themselves of our program better position themselves to reach their academic goals.

Students on academic probation must complete the following requirements:

  1. Successfully complete at least three classes.
  2. Meet with an ALC staff member at least 6 times a semester
  3. Meet with their faculty adviser at least three times throughout the semester which includes registration counseling and informing coaches, as appropriate.
  4. Attend the mandatory probation kick off meeting and at least five academic skills workshops offered throughout the semester by the ALC.
  5. Participate in regular tutoring sessions for their coursework, as appropriate.
  6. Sign a probation agreement that outlines these requirements and paves a clear path for reaching the student’s goal of getting off academic probation.
  7. Reach the required cumulative GPA at the end of the semester.


Academic Probation Program Satisfaction from this Past Spring Semester

  • 92% of students believed that, overall, the Academic Probation Program provided them with the resources they needed to succeed academically.
  • 92% of students believed that their academic performance has improved as a result of this program.
  • 92% of students believed that meeting regularly with an ALC staff member helped them remain accountable for their own academic success.
  • 90% of students believed that meeting regularly with an ALC staff member helped them learn new strategies as a student.

Student Testimonials

Testimonials from Students who Got off of Academic Probation

“The probation requirements are perfect. It kept me on top of my school work, and is the sole reason why I am doing well in school right now. It forces you to become accountable for your own actions and your school work. It helps the student take more pride in his or her school work.”

“Truly, this is a great program to have because it shows that this school is willing to do everything possible to help the students at Albright College. The faculty are willing to dedicate their time to help a student in need…hopefully this program will continue to help students reach their full potential.”

“The ALC gave me that push I needed to get things going in the right direction like making study guides, reading the material, talking with teachers, helping find tutors, keeping tabs on my progress, and listening to me rant.”

“The only reason I am doing better now is because of everything the ALC has done for me. They really care and can relate to the young adults that need them. I know I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without the help of the ALC.”


The ALC tutoring program partners with faculty to provide additional academic support for many 100-200 general education courses.  Through faculty recommendations, consultations, and collaboration, the ALC is able to hire and train tutors to best support classes. Please reach out to us with any questions!

Tutors are available to meet starting the second week of classes through finals week. Individual tutoring is offered as a weekly commitment and on an as-needed basis. Individual tutoring is available for up to two hours a week per course. Weekly group tutor sessions held throughout the semester are arranged by request. If interested in a weekly group session for your course, please contact the center. Students with writing and reading related concerns are directed to contact the Writing Center.

New Tutors:

As part of our CRLA certification, all tutors must be recommended to tutor individual classes by their respective faculty member.  If you have a stand-out student who you believe would be a great tutor, please tell us so we can reach out to them about applying.  Please also fill out a Faculty Recommendation Form to confirm that the student is qualified to tutor your course.

Returning Tutors:

As our current tutors take new classes, we monitor their transcripts to determine if they may be able to tutor new courses.  If a student earned at least a B+ in your class and you believe would be a good tutor, please fill out a Faculty Recommendation Form.  Tutors must receive a faculty recommendation and earned at least a B+ in order to tutor the course.

Weekly Group Tutoring:

Weekly Group Tutoring is available upon request. The ALC is happy to run group tutoring sessions for courses where faculty find tutor-led group conversation and collaboration particularly helpful. Please contact us if you feel group tutoring would be a beneficial resource for your class.  Weekly group sessions are run by tutors who have taken the course, earned at least a B+, and have received a recommendation from their professor.

Students are encouraged to consult with the director or faculty members in the ALC for any reason, at any time. Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are recommended. If you have a question, problem, comment, interest, concern or anything else that might require a little attention from someone who can help, please DO NOT hesitate to e-mail us at, or to schedule an appointment by calling 610-921-7662. Or just drop by! Big or small we can try to solve any problem together.

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