Student Commencement Speaker/Performer Information 2021 | Albright College

Student Commencement Speaker/Performer Information 2021

Albright is continuing the tradition, which began with the Class of 2006, our Sesquicentennial Class, of having a graduating senior speak/perform on behalf of his or her classmates at the annual Commencement ceremony, which is Sunday, June 6, 2021, this year.

This year the process is new, aiming to be more inclusive and empowering.

All graduating seniors are eligible. [1]

Reflecting on the following questions should guide your submission:

Do you have an experience, encounter or setback that has equipped you to take greater responsibility for your learning and life? If you had a setback, how did you “come back” from it? To what extent did this experience, encounter or setback motivate you to make a change or difference in your life and the lives of others? How did it change your perspective and outlook on life? What lesson(s) did you learn that you believe could be valuable to others? How could you use this experience to make the world a better place?

Tell us about it! Write a 100-250 word narrative, create a 1-2 minute video, make a TikTok – think outside of the box! [2]

Along with students who self-submit an application, student nominations may also come from other graduating seniors, faculty, administrators, and staff. Students nominated by others may submit their application in the same manner.  All student applications must be endorsed by a supporting faculty member who will be asked to mentor the student through the process on an as-needed basis. The selected student should aim to create a speech/performance no longer than five minutes.

Submit your application HERE.  

All student applications/nominations must be received no later than 5pm on Friday, April 9, 2021.  

Questions can be directed to the any member of the Honors & Awards faculty committee listed below:

Teresa Gilliams (                     Arcana Albright (

Tamara Black (                           Erin Ventresca (

Andrew Junikiewicz (        Jose Aviles (

Brian Jennings (                    Marsha Green (

[1] For students with Community Standards or Academic Honesty violations, we ask that your application engage directly with how you grew from these experiences.

[2] At commencement, your story can be expressed in any medium – narrative, video, music, dance, etc. For non-narrative expressions, you will be asked to include a brief narrative description of the idea(s) your piece expresses. All submissions must be the original work of the applicant.