$60/session, $50/session for Schumo Fitness Center and Albright Aquatic Club Members Two (2) One-hour clinics of in the pool breakdown of Starts, Turns and Finishes. Held on Sundays, one hour each day starting at 8 a.m., 9 a.m., 10 a.m., or 11 a.m.. During the clinic the athlete will learn the techniques for quick, more powerful start off the blocks, a fast, stable flip turn and a smooth, strong finish. All essential for winning races and breaking records

$120/session, $110/session for Schumo Fitness Center and Albright Aquatic Club MembersThis is a four-day clinic held on four Sundays, one hour each day. The Silver Level includes the use of camera equipment capable of filming above and below the water line. Every aspect of the athletes start, turn and finish is analyzed in slow motion. The use of cameras is the best way to help athletes improve upon their swimming skills.

$150/session 5 day clinic designed for swimmers who are already excelling in competitive swimming, consistently demonstrating powerful starts, fast turns and strong finishes. The Elite Level will bring their performance to a higher level. Swimmers who attend will focus on their best event(s) and Strokes(s), working on speed drills, resistance drills, race strategy and building mental toughness. Open to all swimmers age 12 and older, it is most appropriate for swimmers who have qualified for championship swim meets.

$30/hr.The “No Experience Necessary Hour” is great for kids who are just starting out as a competitive swimmer. This 1-Hour program is designed to introduce new swimmers to the sport and give them the confidence they need to become a great swimmer. Cameras are used to help accelerate the learning process.Swimmers will learn the basic competitive start, the basic competitive flip turn and correct stroke technique. This is not a learn-to-swim program. Swimmers must be able to perform a standard, head first front dive and swim 25 yards Freestyle across the pool.

December 26-29
10-11 a.m.

  • Open to all competitive swimmers, boys and girls, 8 years and older. Sessions are all age appropriate.
  • Swimmers will benefit from the distinctively, uncommon drills and techniques offered only at Tier 1.
  • Sessions will include stroke specific drills proven to produce exceptional swimmers. Drills range from easy, semi-difficult. All age and ability appropriate.
  • Sessions are not typical of what swimmers are used to. Sessions are designed to be different, because that’s what produces results.
  • No boring back and forth swimming. We incorporate starts, turns, finishes and stroke refining into shortened training sets, keeping things fun, while learning better technique.
  • Tier 1 stroke and turn coaches will be on hand to work with swimmers individually, as needed, working on proper form and technique.
  • Make up days or refunds are only available if Tier 1 cancels due to inclement weather.

Important Attendance Policy

​Parents MUST accept Tier 1 Swimming attendance terms and conditions as part of registration.

  • ​If you need to miss any scheduled session, you must notify Tier 1 no later than 24 hours prior to that scheduled session.  Email, text and/or phone calls are accepted.  It is the parents responsibility to be sure Tier 1 receives your cancellation.  Tier 1 responds to ALL cancellations.  If you don’t receive a response, this means Tier 1 DID NOT receive your cancellation.
  • Lack of this prior notification will result in loss of session and money paid for that session.  You can schedule a makeup session with additional money paid for the rescheduled makeup.
  • There are absolutely no exceptions to this policy.
I agree to the terms and conditions of attendance for Tier 1 Swimming

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