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September 2018: Staying Safe On and Off Campus

Have the college jitters? College is an exciting time for both new and returning students. College is filled with new environments, new experiences, and new people. With that being said, your knowledge within personal safety and security on campus should be at an all time high to avoid any harm that could occur.

Residing on campus? Why even consider college safety? Shouldn’t your safety skills only be activated while off campus? To contrary belief, most crimes occur on campus rather than off campus! 81.60% of crimes are reported to campus police and you guessed it! That 81.60% of reported crimes occurs on campus! Some major crimes that are reported to campus police include aggravated assault, burglaries, motor vehicle theft, robberies, and sex offenses.

Want to avoid these dangerous situations as much as possible? Here are some location specific tips!


  • Stick to well-traveled and well-populated routes
  • Travel with a buddy, better yet travel in groups
  • Feeling unsafe? Don’t hesitate to report suspicious activities
  • Familiarize yourself with the emergency callboxes
  • Be aware at all times

In the Dorm or Apartment?

  • Make sure to keep the doors locked! This means your personal door as well as the main entrance into your building
  • Lost the code to your dorm or your key? Get your locks replaced or combination changed
  • Keep all documents in a safe and secretive place
  • Keep your car locked and parked in well-lit locations
  • Don’t forget to close your windows
  • Don’t provide the combination to your room to others

What about Parties and Social Events?

  • Know your limits
  • Watch your drink at all times
  • Always have a designated driver
  • Always have a buddy, never go places alones like the bathroom.


  • Become informed about your community
  • Familiarize yourself with local police stations and their phone numbers
  • Check your smoke alarms regularly and create fire safety escape plans
  • Take your valuables with you when planning to return home in between semesters or for holiday breaks.
  • When making late night purchases at WaWa, avoid using large denomination of currency.
  • Making sure all doors, windows, and cellar doors are locked.

If you feel unsafe at any moment or would like to report unsafe activities, please contact Albright College Public Safety at 610-921-7670. Public Safety also has information on POMCO purchases as well on their website!

~Judith Tunney ‘19

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