March 2017: Careful with that Cough Medicine! – Albright College

March 2017: Careful with that Cough Medicine!

Do you know the difference between a cough suppressant and a cough expectorant? A cough suppressant aids in reducing the frequency in which you cough. An expectorant’s purpose is to help clear and break up the mucus that is causing you to cough more frequently. While looking in the cold medicine aisle, think about which one is the one you need to help to relieve your symptoms. Make sure to read the medication information to make sure you are taking the correct dose of medicine. If you are unsure of the type of medicine you need, please seek the assistance of a pharmacist or a health care provider.

One of the most important points to consider while taking a cough medicine is to make sure you are taking it responsibly. Overdosing and unsafe use may lead to brain damage, seizures, and possibly death. Always take the recommended dose, and most importantly, measure the dose, do not drink it straight from the bottle. Please be aware that cough medicine is not intended for any other use than to aid in the suppression of a cough and the clearance of sputum.

If your symptoms are not improving or are worsening, please call the Gable Health and Counseling Center at 610-921-7532 to schedule an appointment with a health care provider.


~Nicholas Ney ’17