February 2018: Heart Disease – Albright College

February 2018: Heart Disease

As the month of February continues, we see a common theme that revolves around hearts, whether it be candy hearts with messages or the chocolate filled hearts. Unfortunately, one heart that tends to be forgotten about is the muscle inside of our body. February is heart disease awareness month and we wish to share will you some facts, symptoms, and ways in which to lower your chances of having heart disease. For many, heart disease seems to be something that is rarely thought about, thinking, that, it may not happen to you. Unfortunately, “heart disease is the number one killer in the U.S. It is also a major cause of disability” (Irimia, 2016). Although there are multiple forms of heart disease, the most common cause is when the arteries have a blockage. The blockage stops the proper amount of blood from reaching the heart (Irimia, 2016).

There are a variety of symptoms that are associated with heart disease. These symptoms include (Heart Disease Symptoms & Heart Disease):

Nausea                   Vomiting

Fainting                  Dizziness

Paleness                 Numbness

Body Aches           Weakness

Thankfully, there are a number of factors in which a person can lower their chances of receiving a heart disease diagnosis. The first is to get control over your blood pressure. Finding ways to control your level of stress can help with a lower blood pressure level. The next behavior change is to lower your cholesterol. This can be done by switching to a healthier diet. The third way to lower your chance of getting heart disease is to quit smoking or never start smoking. A fourth factor is to make sure you are finding enough time to exercise regularly (Irimia, 2016). By switching to these healthier aspects of life, you can provide yourself with an overall healthier lifestyle with a lower chance of heart disease.



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 ~Jessica Fink ‘18