Tip of the Month


January 2014: Health and Hygiene
January 2013: Common Illnesses in Young Adults
January 2012: Foods That Keep You Looking Young
January 2009: Stress Management
January 2008: Setting SMART Goals
January 2007: Winterizing Your Skin
January 2006: Does the winter make you SAD?
January 2005: National Volunteer Blood Donor Month


February 2013: The Month of Love
February 2011: A Resolution That Works
February 2010: The Changing Face of Mammograms
February 2009: “Gesundheit!” Do you have a cold?
February 2007: Are You at Risk?
February 2006: Don’t Worry, Be Happy!
February 2005: American Heart Month
February 2004: American Heart Month


March 2017: Careful with that Cough Medicine!
March 2013: Cover Your Lover
March 2012: Nutrition Awareness Month
March 2011: Fake Baked
March 2007: Women and Heart Disease
March 2006: What’s in Your Cabinet?
March 2005: National Save Your Vision Month
March 2010: Tips for a Happy and Safe Spring Break
March 2008: What is Asthma?March 2004: Eat Smart, Stay Healthy: March is National Nutrition Month!


April 2015: Spring Allergy Survival Tips
April 2014: Protect Yourself
April 2012: Sexual Assault Awareness Month
April 2010: Eat, Drink and Be Wary
April 2009: Do Your Body Green
April 2008: Immunizations
April 2007: How to Notice a Potential Eating Disorder
April 2006: April Showers Bring May Flowers
April 2005: National Child Abuse Prevention Month
April 2004: National Humor Month and Stress Awareness Month


May 2017: Finding Jenn’s Voice at Albright College on April 27, 2017
May 2016: What should you keep in a first aid kit?
May 2014: Worried about finals week??
May 2013: Weed or No Weed, That is the Question.
May 2012: The Dangers of “Bath Salts”
May 2011: MADD About DWIs
May 2010: Fighting Off Finals
May 2008: ‘Tis the Season for Poison
May 2007: The Changing Face of Annual Pap Smears
May 2006: Attention All Sunbathing Beauties!
May 2005: Skin Cancer Awareness Month
May 2004: Osteoporosis Prevention Month and Mental Health Month


June 2017: June 27 is National HIV Testing Day
June 2013: Focus On Your Well-being
June 2012: Sun Safety
June 2008: Back Safety
June 2007: Men’s Health and Testicular Cancer
June 2006: MUMPS…could it be…an epidemic?
June 2005: National Safety Month
June 2004: National Safety Month