2015 – Albright College


Multi-media artist, filmmaker, musician and theatrical scenic designer, Brent Green, will screen new, short videos, which will serve as an excellent introduction to Green’s larger body of work to be installed in the main gallery in the spring.  Don’t miss this important work from a renowned, international artist.

Historical photographs from Joliet Prison, Joliet, IL, taken between 1890 and 1930, have been reprised from an exhibition that was first shown at the University Museum, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, and include landscapes, interiors and intimate portraits of staff and inmates.

Kenyan-Indian-Canadian artist, Brendan Fernandes, investigates notions of authenticity and identity through the lenses of language and movement, highlighting the idea that for him “identity is in a constant state of flux.” Employing both traditional and contemporary techniques, Fernandes tells the story of two male elephants breaking up. Ambient sound, Rorschach patterns, phone texts, and drawings work together in this video to crate a bittersweet narrative of two animals falling out of love.

A selection of prints, which were recently acquired in 2013, from John L. Doyle’s series The Great Human Race including the subthemes of youth, builders, warriors, cultural, and legends will be on view. The Great Human Race was Doyle’s exploration of man and race to “artistically interpret the contribution of each culture to a universal endeavor.”

Hunter-Gatherer, new work started during Woodward’s fall 2013 sabbatical, explores intuitive and symbolic predator-prey relationships. Throughout the exhibit found objects and decoys are used alongside more traditional encaustic paintings, as animals, fruits and figures intermingle with ancient weapons and technological wonders.

In 1982 Jeff Gordon of Greene Street Recording Studio in SoHo, New York collaborated with Ronald Feldman Fine Arts to commission the Gallery’s artists to create sound recordings. The resulting records and their accompanying album cover art was shown in an exhibition at the Gallery and was subsequently shown later that year at Documenta in Kassel, Germany and the Tate Gallery in London. The prints from the album covers are in the Freedman Gallery’s Collection, which will be on display in addition to the original sound recordings. Visitors will be able to hear these recordings via listening stations in the Gallery. This exhibition coincides with the anniversary of WXAC 91.3 FM, Albright College’s radio station, and offers viewers a more conceptual approach to music.

CFA Director David Tanner offers a selection of 25 of the most artful music videos along with commentary from faculty and students related to the history of the music video art form.

Freedman Gallery (MG & PS)

Primarily focused on portraiture, Lydia Panas’s photographs palpably convey the tensions and interactions among her subjects. The exhibition includes a relatively recent body of abstract portraiture, devoid of the human figure and yet a portrait nonetheless as both nonfigurative presence and corporeal absence permeate each image.

Recently profiled in The New York Times article “Distinct Prisms in an Ever-Shifting Kaleidoscope” as one of five female artists who have “put their stamp on the current gallery moment”, New York City based artist Clare Grill will present several new large-scale abstract paintings.

La Huella Múltiple, a print portfolio from the Freedman Gallery’s collection, donated to the gallery by Alex and Carole Rosenberg, commemorates the tenth anniversary of the printmaking exhibition that took place in Havana, Cuba and various U.S. cities, from 1996 through 2006.

Featuring Haitian-American artists Claes Gabriel, Ocean Morisset, and Asser Saint-Val. The exhibition dissects the theories of metaphysics and how individuals and their stories are connected to the physical and supernatural world. The exhibit explores the transcendence of philosophy, science and history by focusing on artwork that captures the intersection of thoughts and the spiritual connections to the larger temporal world. Metaphysics is a celebration of mind, body and energy! Guest curated by Florcy Morisset.

While many video game exhibitions have focused on the graphic/design nature of gaming, this exhibition will focus more on the narrative/storytelling aspects of the industry. Co-curated by Erin Riley-Lopez, Curator of the Freedman Gallery, and Eammon Kiyomura.