2013 – Albright College


Brett Weston Photography 2012 gallery poster

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That 70's Show - Prints from the Rosenberg Collection 2013 poster

As a salute to the Reading Public Museum’s centennial celebration in 2013, the Freedman Gallery will collaborate with our local partner museum to showcase prints from their collection, many of which have never been seen before, including works by Calder, Mel Ramos, Arman, Jim Dine, Donald Judd, Warhol, Ida Applebroog, and more.

Khalili’s work in new media (video) combines a conceptual approach with a documentary practice that explores issues of clandestine existences and political minorities. Her work articulates language and speech while exploring issues related to transitional territories and transit zones. Her work reveals the interrelation between contemporary migrations and colonial history and explores both physical and imaginary boundaries.

Working primarily in the styles of abstraction and minimalism the contemporary artist James Hyde will exhibit new work in this monographic exhibition of mixed-media paintings.

Freedman Gallery (MG & PS)

New work from faculty in art, digital media and fashion will be on display to kick off the season of lively arts and cultural programming. Includes digital video, encaustic and watercolor painting as well as sketches and completed designs for costumes and clothing from Albright’s fashion designers. The exhibition reception will be followed by a performance showcasing the musical and theatrical talents of Albright’s faculty and staff – an event you won’t want to miss!

Exhibition features twenty original works by world-renowned artist and Holocaust survivor Samuel Bak, who was the focus of last year’s Yashek Lecture. The artist and his wife, Josée, along with Sue and Bernie Pucker, originally donated the paintings for exhibition at the Brookline, Mass. headquarters of Facing History and Ourselves. This traveling exhibition is part of a national effort to use Bak’s artwork across North America as an important educational resources for educators and students, and it’s installation at the Freedman Gallery serves as part of the 20th anniversary celebration of the Holocaust Resource Center at Gingrich Library, Albright College. Additional support provided by the Jewish Federation of Reading.

Artist Jeanne Verdoux used found objects from Governors Island, New York City, to create characters that she then photographed on location during her residency with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. The exhibition includes photographs, video and the found object character creations.

This exhibition presents canceled or otherwise prohibited exhibitions that now exist as publications or in other formats. These publications document the process and politics of cancelation, exist as an alternative manifestation of the exhibit, act as a critique of the forces that called for its cancelation, or may be an admission and exposition of an ultimately productive failure. The book form is highlighted as a crucial means of disseminating documentation and information on a wide and accessible scale, potentially in ways that are more historically stable, and more effective, than the original exhibition would have been. Through utilizing printed matter, the included artists and curators have found alternative routes through which the politics surrounding the presentation and creation of art become at least as relevant as the work itself. Curated by Lauren van Haaften-Schick with a full-color catalog that includes a curatorial essay with contributions by the Guerrilla Girls and Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento.

The gothic and the humorous converge in a single high definition video titled, Spooky Understands, in which an eight year old guardian angel reveals, in a discrete whisper, her infatuation with her subject; a grown man who struggles with his predatory tendencies. The story expands beyond face value through sculpture and text, which accompany the video.

For a unique shopping experience, visit us for artistic treasures and unique gifts inspired by artwork in the Freedman Gallery Collection and the whole season of programs at the CFA.

Under the direction of curator Erin Riley-Lopez, students in the gallery management course will research and curate an exhibition as part of their final project using works that will be drawn from the collection of the Freedman Gallery.