Core Values, Mission and Vision

Albright College Pillars and Core Values

Albright College Mission and Vision Statements

Our Seal

Albright College’s core values, mission, and vision were developed from the College’s Seal.  The symbols on the Albright College Seal define the very essence of who we are as an institution. Throughout our work and in our planning for the future, we will remain grounded in, and committed to, these symbols and what they represent.

The seal shows an open book, an oil lamp, stacked books, a wreath of laurels, and a Latin phrase. What do these symbols represent?

  • The open book at the forefront symbolizes the prime value we place on academic freedom, wherein all forms of knowledge may be pursued with rigor, candor and openness.
  • The oil lamp affirms the importance of learning to learn and the significance of a lifelong love of learning, illuminating pathways towards success in life and career.
  • The stacked books represent the interdependency of all forms of knowledge. We value the benefits of interdisciplinary approaches to help us envision problems from multiple perspectives, providing more comprehensive ways to solve unscripted challenges.
  • The Latin phrase Veritas et Justitia – Truth and Justice – affirms that the search for knowledge should not be separated from the search for wise and just solutions in human affairs and in the stewardship of the natural world. The combination of truth and justice means that, at Albright, we honor, nurture, and celebrate human diversity in all its forms and call into question whatever negates or endangers the dignity and worth of the human spirit.
  • The wreath of laurels has historically been awarded to those victorious in competition. The value of victory is in meeting our challenges head-on, and successfully overcoming them.

Albright College Core Values

Core values tell us how we do what we do. Our values define what is important to us as a community and they reflect our culture and guide our interactions. Albright has four pillars, which serve as the thematic ideas organizing its twelve core values.

Pillar 1: Integrity

Each of us, in strengthening our own moral principles, has a duty to be honest, respectful, just and fair in our thoughts and actions. In order to hope for the best in others, we must first see it in ourselves.

Core Values:

  • Truth & Justice
  • Authenticity
  • Ethical Engagement

Pillar 2: Curiosity

We value knowledge and a desire to learn new ideas across varied areas of study. Through intellectual engagement and individualized majors, we inspire learners to be informed, reflective and capable of thinking deeply.

Core Values:

  • Discovery
  • Learning
  • Innovation

Pillar 3: Connection

We value an equitable and inclusive community, comprised of a remarkable diversity of people, backgrounds and thoughts. Through strong, personal relationships, we foster engagement with each other, college programs, the community and the world around us.

Core Values:

  • Inclusivity
  • Civic Involvement
  • Academic Engagement

Pillar 4:  Resilience

We value sustainability and attentiveness to personal well-being that together lead to adaptable individuals able to respond to evolving challenges and reach their full potential.

Core Values:

  • Sustainability
  • Adaptability
  • Well-Being

Recommended by the Deep Dive Mission & Vision Team and endorsed by the Deep Dive Steering Team in April 2019. Faculty endorsement in May 2019 and Board of Trustee endorsement June 2019.

Albright College Mission and Vision

A mission statement describes why we do what we do.
A vision statement describes what we aspire to do.

Mission:  As a diverse community of learners, we cultivate integrity, curiosity, connection and resilience.

Vision:  Albright College endeavors to be an equitable, sustainable, inclusive learning community and a leader in advancing lives in our dynamic world.

Recommended by the Deep Dive Mission & Vision Team and endorsed by the Deep Dive Steering Team in April 2019. Faculty endorsement in May 2019 and Board of Trustee endorsement June 2019.