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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

  1. What is Albright’s 24-Hour Challenge?
    Albright’s 24-Hour Challenge is an intense fundraising event which brings together alumni, students, parents, faculty/staff and friends of Albright College to change the culture of philanthropy and to raise participation to Albright and funds for The Fund for Albright.
  1. How do I make a gift?
    To make a gift online, click on the following link: Give Now. If you’re having problems, call 877-427-9756. Thank you for your support!
  1. Can a donor send a gift by mail or phone?
    Yes, but because of the short timeframe, only gifts that arrive on the day of the challenge or are made by phone or online that day will count toward the goals or matching funds of the 24-Hour Challenge. You can make a gift by phone at 877-427-9756.
  1. Can a donor make a pledge?
    If you’d like to make a pledge, please contact the Development Office at 877-427-9756. Your pledge will count if you make your first payment on the day of the challenge
  1. Can I give via stock in support of the 24-Hour Challenge?
    Yes! If you are interested in giving stock, please view the information in the “Ways to Give” tab below. Please be sure to call our office at 877-427-9756 to let us know to expect your gift.

Ways to Give

There are many ways to support our mission, including donations of money, securities and planned gifts, as well as your time. No matter which method you choose, your gift will directly benefit the students of Albright by providing scholarships, classroom resources, campus facilities, special events, career opportunities and much more.

Gifts by Check

A personal check is a simple way to make a gift. Checks should be made payable to Albright College and mailed to:

Albright College
13th & Bern Street
P.O. Box 15234
Reading, PA 19612

Gifts by Credit Card

Many alumni and friends choose to have their gift charged to a VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express account.  You may make a credit card gift online using our secure online donation form, or call 1-877-427-9756 to speak with the Office of Development.

Gifts by Electronic Transfer

Donations may be made by electronic transfer. To wire cash to the College’s account at Santander, you need the following information:

Wire Routing number:       231372691

Receiving bank name:      Santander Bank, N.A.

Receiving bank account:  7679890951

Name of bank account:     Albright College

Reference:                          (Name of Donor)

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Development at 610-921-7500.

Gifts via Securities/Mutual Funds

Thank you for considering a gift of securities in support of Albright College. The College works closely with Charles Schwab & Co. to provide both the College and our donors with the highest level of service. This relationship enables us to record your gifts and put them to work as quickly as possible. The brokerage account and detailed instructions for making gifts of securities are printed below.

We want this process to be as smooth, convenient and obstacle-free as possible. It is important that you or your broker call the Development Office at 610-921-7500 to inform us of your plan to make a securities or mutual fund gift to the College and indicate if the gift is unrestricted gift or is to be applied to a specific use or purpose.

Albright College Federal Tax ID Number:  23-135-2615

  1. Accounts and Contacts for Electronic Transfer
    All DTC-Eligible Securities:All deliveries MUST identify Albright College as the relevant Schwab client, and the Albright College Schwab account number: 3401-0012 DTC:  #0164 – Code 40
    Donor Name and AddressIn order to promptly and accurately credit a security gift to the appropriate donor, it is essential that the transfer instructions include the donor’s name and address. Without this information, we are occasionally unable to identify the donors of certain securities.
  2. Transfer Instructions
    1. Electronic Transfers:
      If the securities are held by your bank or broker and you are making the transfer electronically via Depository Trust Co. (DTC) system:

      1. Please contact the development office to inform us you are making a transfer by calling 610-921-7500.
        Knowing in advance that you intend to transfer securities minimizes the risk of delay.  In addition, if we are not aware of your intention to provide a gift of securities we may not be able to recognize you as the donor.
      2. Contact your broker and instruct him/her to transfer your gift via the DTC account listed above.
        NOTE:Please be advised that the recorded gift date for electronically transferred securities is based on the date and time it enters the College’s brokerage accounts. This date may or may not be the same day you instructed your broker to make the transfer. As there are several steps and persons involved, transfer times can vary from same day to up to five days. Delays are especially likely during certain periods, such as the end of the calendar year. The value of the gift is determined by the average of the high and the low prices of the security on the date of the gift.
    2. Certificates
      1. By Mail:
        If you hold the securities in certificate form, you may mail the securities and stock powers (one for each stock certificate) in separate envelopes to:
        Charles Schwab & Co.
        Attn: Transfer Accounts
        P.O. Box 52013
        Phoenix, AZ 85072All deliveries MUST identify Albright College as the relevant Schwab client and include the Albright College Schwab account number (3401-0012) and the donor name and address.Please be certain to have your signature(s) on the stock guaranteed by a certified bank officer and complete the section indicating the name of the stock, the number of shares, and the certificate number(s).The value is determined as the average high and low prices on the date of the gift, which is the postmark for documents sent through the U.S. Postal Service, or the date that we received the documents in all other cases. If the certificate and stock power are postmarked with different dates, the later date will be used.
      2. Hand Delivery or Delivered by Other Couriers:
        If the certificate is hand delivered to a member of the Albright College staff or sent by a courier other than the U.S. Postal Service, the value is determined by the average of the high and the low prices on the date of the gift, which is the date the College takes physical possession of either the certificate or the stock power, whichever is later.


Dividend Reinvestment or Closed-End Mutual Funds

All deliveries MUST identify Albright College as the relevant Schwab client and include the Albright College Schwab account number 3401-0012 and the donor name and address.

Issue a certificate for all whole shares, liquidate all fractional shares and discontinue dividend reinvestment.

  1. Is it safe to make my gift online?
    Yes, our secure online system makes it easy and safe for you to make your gift online.
  1. Will my 24-Hour Challenge contribution be tax deductible?
    Yes. Your gift is tax deductible. You will receive an email confirmation that will serve as your receipt for tax purposes.
  1. What can I do to help get the word out about Albright’s 24-Hour Challenge?
    Spread the excitement on your social networks using #AlbrightGives. Follow news about the 24-Hour Challenge, and our progress on the big day, via Facebook (, Twitter (@AlbrightCollege) and Instagram (@AlbrightCollege).