Undergrads pursue summer ACRE research – Albright College

Undergrads pursue summer ACRE research

faculty and student in fashion studioThrough Albright Creative Research Experience (ACRE) projects, Albright College undergraduate students work one-on-one with faculty mentors to pursue scholarly projects each summer and winter. Student proposals must pass through a faculty review board and are rewarded with college stipends. Many collaborative teams of students and faculty present their research at academic conferences and publish their results in professional journals.

This summer, 16 Albright students and faculty partners are conducting ACRE research in fields that include biochemistry, psychology, fashion, theatre and political science. Each pair will present their work a lunchtime gathering in the college’s South Lounge. (July 31 presentations will be held in Roop Hall.)


Summer 2019 projects include:

Ryan Brett, Environmental Science major
Stephen G. Mech, Ph.D., Professor of Biology
“Regional Differences in Ectoparasite Density and Survivorship and Reproduction of Peromyscus leucopus”
Presentation: July 17

Maya Fares, Chemistry major
Nicholas A. Piro, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
“Reaction Profiles of an Oxygenated Copper Intermediate”
Presentation: June 19

Zachary Hendricks, Psychology major
Justin J. Couchman, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology
“Cross-Cultural Differences in Memory, Beliefs, and Mental Schemas”
Presentation: June 12

Ashley Hillegass, Fashion major
MeeAe Oh-Ranck, M.S., Instructor of Fashion Merchandising
“A Study in Japanese Couture Techniques: Sustainability and the Geometric Organic Shapes of the Japanese Aesthetic”
Presentation: July 24

Sarah Hosler, Biology major
Jacquelyn S. Fetrow, Ph.D. ’82, President and Professor of Chemistry
“Exploration of the Phosducin Superfamily and its Categorization by the MISST Method”
Presentation: July 10

Samantha King, Biochemistry major
Keith Feigenson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology
“Examining Stress Markers During Restricted Environmental Stimulation”
Presentation: July 31

Madelyn Loftus, Biochemistry major
Matthew D. Sonntag, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
“Synthesis of Noble Metal Nanoparticles for Single-Molecule Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy”
Presentation: July 24

Joseph Love, Theatre major
Matthew Fotis, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Theatre
“The History & Practice of Sketch Comedy”
Presentation: July 17

Nhu Nguyen, Biochemistry major
Amy S. Greene, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
“Chemical Crosslinking of Magnetic Beads for Studies of Feeding Preference in Vorticella Convallaria”
Presentation: July 10

Stephanie Pinel, Political Science major
Elizabeth Kiester, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
“How Do Colors Affect Political Opinion”
June 26

Mikhayla Reilly, Chemistry major
Amy S. Greene, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
“Temperature Effects of Vorticella convallaria Endocytosis and Contractile Vacuole Formation Rates – Conrad Weiser Science Research Institute Mentorship”
Presentation: July 10

Julie Schrey, Biology major
Christian S. Hamann, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
“Sesquiterpenes Database”
Presentation: July 31

Caitlyn Verhaaren, Spanish major
Lennie Amores, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of World Languages and Culture
“Teaching Global Hispanophone Literature in High School Spanish Classroom”
Presentation: June 19

Abbi Waltz, Biology major
Stephen G. Mech, Ph.D., Professor of Biology
“The Short and Long-term Effects of Anthropogenic Habitat Disturbance on the Geographic Range Distribution of Terrapene Carolina”
Presentation: June 26

Alexis Willis, Business Administration and Fashion major
Jayanthi Rajan, M.B.A., Instructor of Business Accounting and Economics
“The Conscious Consumer’s Catwalk: Sustainability of Thrifting and the Consumer Profile of Second-Hand Shoppers”
Presentation: July 17

Cecilia Wishneski, Child and Family Studies major
Susan Hughes, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology
“The Age of Neoteny: The Retention of Childhood Cuteness as Related to the Solicitation of Care”
Presentation: July 31