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13th and Union Partnership

13th and Union Partnership ... Developing relationships and mentoring opportunities with the students at 13th and Union

Albright College’s Education Department and 13th and Union Elementary School, located on the campus’s southwest corner, have worked together since 2004. In 2012 an agreement with the Reading School District and funding from the Wyomissing Foundation enabled the Partnership to begin involving additional College departments.

Currently, Albright undergraduates and 13th and Union pupils build relationships, practice skills, and explore new learning opportunities. Both schools mutually benefit from joint initiatives such as undergraduates providing mentoring/tutoring services for English-language learners, assisting in the elementary classrooms and with activities from painting murals to environmental field trips.

All 13th and Union Partnership initiatives enable Albright and the school to collaborate on:

  • Increasing student learning and achievement at 13th and Union Elementary School
  • Mentoring and placement of Albright student teachers
  • Development of faculties at both schools
  • Providing enjoyable interactive learning experiences from the arts to the sciences for students


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