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Albright College's Department of Music seeks to attract musically gifted students through a renewable Talent Award in the amound of $3,000 per year (contingent upon the student's active participation in at least one major performing ensemble and an additional ensemble or recital each semester). All Talent Awards are independent of merit scholarships and need-based financial aid. Students receiving Talent Awards are free to pursue any major they wish. Auditions/Reviews are held for incoming students on January 14 & 15.

Talent Reviews

Music Talent Awards are given on the basis of an on-campus talent review. Talent reviews will last approximately 30 minutes. In order to be considered for talent awards, the student must have submitted a complete application for admission to Albright College.


Repertoire: Students must perform two prepared pieces in contrasting styles that showcase their vocal quality and range. One selection may be a contemporary, popular or theatre piece.

Aural Skills

  • Scales – Demonstrate knowledge of scales by singing a major, harmonic minor and chromatic scale
  • Clap a rhythm heard one time
  • Sing a melody heard one time
  • Sing the upper and lower pitches of two notes played simultaneously


  • Clap a rhythmic pattern that consists of whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, dotted quarter notes and eighth notes.
  • Sing a melodic pattern that contains intervals of steps and skips while maintaining a steady tempo.


Repertoire: All instrumentalists must perform two prepared pieces in contrasting styles that demonstrate their technical and interpretive abilities. Selections could be contrasting movements, sections from a larger work, works from two different stylistic periods or selections from your high school ensemble repertoire. 


  • Wind, String and Brass players
    • Standard major scales
    • Chromatic Scales
    • Intonation exercise: Perform a familiar short piece with accompaniment (provided).
  • Percussionists
    • Rudiments for battery percussion
    • Major and chromatic scales for mallet percussion
  • Pianists
    • Major and minor scales, cadence chords and arpeggios
  • Guitarists
    • Open position scales in C, G, D, A, E and F
    • Play in a jazz swing style, chord changes to jazz standard
    • Strum chords to popular ballad with a steady tempo
  • Sight-Reading:
    • Rhythmic exercises on repeated pitch
    • Melodic sight-reading excerpt (provided at audition)

Scheduling a Talent Review

2016-17 talent reviews will be held on January 14 and 15.

Students being reviewed for a talent award will be informed of the decision on a rolling basis shortly after their audition.

Maintaining Your Talent Award

Music Talent Awards are renewable for four years with the following conditions:

  • Students must participate in at least one credited major performing group (i.e., String Chamber Orchestra, Concert Band, Concert Choir and Women's Chorale).
  • Students must participate in a second ensemble and perform in a student recital or the equivalent each semester.

Awards are renewable for four years of study at Albright.  Students receiving these awards are free to pursue any major they wish. To schedule an audition, please call (800) 252-1856.