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Albright College offers Art Talent Awards of $3,000 per year to students with outstanding artistic talent. Art Talent Awards are independent of merit scholarships and need-based financial aid.

Talent Review

Art Talent Awards are given on the basis of an evaluation of students' art, photography, video or film portfolios. In order to be considered for a talent award, students must have submitted a complete application for admission to Albright College.

Art & Photography Portfolios:

  • Art or photography portfolios should include 15 – 20 jpeg images on a cd or 8" x 10" prints with the top clearly marked, and descriptions as to the medium used, dimensions and year created.
  • Portfolios may be in the form of slides and/or compact discs.

Videos & Film Submissions:

  • Video and film submissions should include at least one 20-minute video or film.

Talent Review Process

You may submit your portfolio by mail or in person.

  • Mail
    Send your portfolios, videos and/or films to the Admission Office with an appropriately sized self-addressed, stamped return envelope. Submissions must be received on or before January 25, 2017.

    Send to:

    Art Talent Award Coordinator
    Admission Office
    Albright College
    P.O. Box 15234
    Reading, PA 19612-5234

Students being reviewed for a talent award will be informed of the decision on a rolling basis shortly after their audition.

Maintaining Your Talent Award

Art Talent Awards are renewable for four years with the following conditions:

  • Students must enroll in at least two art courses by the end of the sophomore year.

Awards are renewable for four years of study at Albright.  Students receiving these awards are free to pursue any major they wish. Please call (800)-252-1856 if you have any questions.