Albright is known for its lovely, green campus, lush with abundant trees and flowering plants and shrubs.

Maintaining outdoor green spaces is important. For example, an outdoor switchgear enclosure was redesigned to be incorporated into an existing structure in order to maintain an outdoor green area.

Mulch and grass clippings are reused as organic feed matter for turf areas.  This also reduces landfill waste.  The Grounds Crew uses low emissions equipment (compliant with Environmental Protection Agencies {EPA} Phase II emissions standard, January 2005) -- push mowers, string trimmers, chainsaws, leaf blowers and weed whackers, and annually converts to all “low e” small engines where applicable.

Conservative drip irrigation systems have been installed in place of pop-up systems, reducing water consumption.

Drought tolerant plant selections and “zero-scape” planting (designs which include very low maintenance selections such as ornamental grasses and native plants) reduce water, nutrient and maintenance needs.

Frequent over-seeding programs implemented. Rather than incorporate heavy fertilizer and herbicide applications, we over-seed regularly to promote healthy stands. We also are a little more “weed friendly -- tolerating a few more weeds on areas not used for sports lowers chemical and fertilizer applications significantly over time.

All herbicides, grounds chemicals and landscape materials are disposed of per EPA guidelines