Eat Your Greens!

The Albright Dining Hall has been trayless since 2007- one of the first colleges to do so.  This reduces water consumption from washing trays!

Cooking with (less) gas, Food Services replaces old equipment with much more energy efficient equipment.

The College converted the majority of bottled water systems throughout campus to filtrated water.  This also helps to reduce the number of delivery trucks on campus..

We work with many local companies, Wegman’s Poultry, Turkey Hill Dairy, Maier’s bakery, ATV Bakery, Instant Whip, Clover Farms, Berks Packing, 4 Seasons Produce, many others.

Food Services trades with companies with sound sustainability practices, for example Wegman’s Poultry is raised without hormones and antibiotics, is grain fed, and local with less than 50 miles of total transportation involved.

Coffee grounds from Jake’s Java coffee bar are recycled into our herb garden. 

Food Services works to minimize food waste  with portion control on the food lines and batch cooking techniques in the kitchen. A value-added purchasing program also stabilizes spikes in the commodity market and has eliminated significant food waste.