Albright Recycles!

Albright recycled 95 percent of the 30,000-squarefoot, recently demolished former Reading Army Reserve Center at the corner of 12th and Bern Streets.

We recycled a whole building!

Well, 95 percent of it… The long vacant former Reading Army Reserve Center, deeded to the College by the Department of the Army through the City of Reading was demolished in 2009.  The College remediated materials from the building’s interior for clean fill. Brick, mortar and concrete products were pulverized to aggregate for leveling the site instead of trucking the debris to a land fill.

Paper, wood, plastic, newspaper, aluminum, cardboard, glass and steel are recycled.

We reprocess motor oil and antifreeze per EPA guidelines.

Special project recycling; Stone and various building materials are recycled and/or reused on campus.  For example: Shirk Stadium turf drainage project resulted  in recycling  20+tons of modified stone which was redistributed to stone parking lots and storage for future use.

The excavated subsoil removed from the Science Center construction site is being used for land redevelopment elsewhere on campus, creating a savings in both trucking soil off site and later trucking additional soil to the site for development.

Food Service recycles all cardboard, plastic and glass, newspaper, as well as recycling waste fryer oil, which is reused as heating fuel.