Environmental Campus Outreach Club (ECO)

E.C.O. (Environmental Campus Outreach) is the student-run environmental club at Albright college.  Their mission is to increase awareness among the college community about the wide range of environmental issues facing our world today. 

Executive Board, Spring 2012

President – Craig Smith ’13
Vice President – Mariena Hurley ’13
Treasurer – Nicole Bluemer ’14
Secretary – Chellsey Labik ’14
SGA Representative - Jordan Bonte '13
Trip Coordinator - Nicolette Kohler '15

Recent activities have included:

  • Hosting a screening of the documentary "YERT" with director Mark Dixon
  • Helping to start the Albright Community Garden located next to the Geiser house
  • Screening "Gasland", a film chronicling the impacts of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas in the United States
  • Volunteering at the local state park, Nolde Forest
  • Visiting the annual PA Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living Festival
  • Attending Powershift in Washington D.C., an event which brings environmental leaders from around the country together to discuss how to mobilize a growing environmental movement
  • Group trip to see "The Lorax" in theaters

E.C.O. continues to strive to do more on campus, and to that end, is open to any persons or organization that would like to help make Albright greener.  They may be contacted by email at eco@albright.edu.