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Strategic Planning @ Albright College


Fulfilling the Promise:
A Strategic Plan for Albright College
Executive Summary

"Test All Things. Hold fast to that which is good.”
Thessalonians 5:21

The charge to Albright College’s Strategic Planning Committee was to “hold fast to that which is good” as we chart the future of Albright. The strategic planning process was interactive and collaborative, engaging a diverse group of Albright stakeholders to define an excellence that is uniquely our own and to continue Albright’s momentum and accomplishments.

While holding fast to the traditions that have defined us since 1856, Albright also embraces the challenges of an ever-changing world and new definitions of citi zenship in a global society. In the face of greater diversity, new technologies and global competitiveness, we reaffirm the enduring power and practical value of the liberal arts. The skills, capacities and adaptability of those who are liberally educated are needed more than ever in a “knowledge economy.”

Albright’s interdisciplinary focus and characteristic individuali zed education is possible because of the extraordinary commitment of our faculty to work together across disciplines to create unique opportunities for our students. Even beyond academics, our heritage and character is as a diverse and caring learning community whose members work together to foster each individual’s intellectual and personal growth.

A review of our mission, vision and values has reaffirmed their essence, but we have proposed recrafting their language to more fully reflect their richness and depth: “Our mission is to inspire and educate the scholar and citi zen in each student. Built on a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences and the best of human values, our distinctive integrative education synthesi zes theory with practice, promotes critical thinking and effective self-expression, and fosters a commitment to a lifetime of service and learning.”

With substantial accomplishments, new leadership and strengths noted by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education in their review, Albright College has identified four strategic priorities:

Fostering Academic Excellence

Our goal is to be a learning community with an unwavering commitment to student success. Strategic initiatives include a general studies review to ensure that our students know the world, understand the world and engage with the world; increased opportunities for experiential learning; enhancement of College physical spaces to nurture learning; and strengthened learning resources.

Strengthening Our Residential Learning Community

Building upon our mission and interdisciplinary focus, we will further develop our student-centered campus, enriching programming beyond the classroom for all students, and enhancing intellectual and spiritual discovery and wellness for all students -- traditional, adult and graduate – and their particular needs, including improving campus facilities and services. We will attract and retain an exceptional student body and a diverse community of learners.

Enhancing Community Relations

Our initiatives are focused on being an engaged campus and strengthening relationships with key constituencies to the mutual benefit of both the College and those constituencies. We will focus specifically on strengthening alumni programs and services; embracing Greater Reading, especially in creating initiatives such as internships and projects connecting us with the growing Latino community; and building on our strength in the arts as a resource to the community.

Achieving Financial Stability

Financial stability is the underpinning of Albright’s strategic initiatives. Our objectives include alignment of planning and budgeting; a strategic capital infusion; increasing sources of revenue; improving operational efficiencies; and building on our success in fundraising, especially through Crossing Boundaries: The Campaign for Albright and the Fund for Albright.

Finally, the College will develop an operational plan that will articulate how these goals will be achieved and measured. Because our commitment is to make our strategic agenda a living process, the Strategic Planning Committee will be a standing committee. The Committee will conduct a periodic review of the strategic agenda and the operational plan and modify, revise and update them as necessary and monitor the key strategic indicators that measure success.