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Yoga as an aid to training

I started to practice yoga while training for my latest marathon.  I understood that yoga can improve flexibility, but I found that yoga offers many additional benefits for a runner.  It engages all of the core muscles, increasing strength and balance.  Mentally, it sharpens focus and increases physical self-awareness: important elements to help you maintain good running form.

The weekly yoga flow session at the Schumo Center is the only class I have ever attended, and it has become a key component of my training.  The class is accessible for beginners.  It provides regular practice of familiar poses (plenty of leg work), but most sessions also introduce variations that gradually expand your yoga experience.  One practical aspect of the class is that it fixes a yoga workout into your weekly schedule with some priority, so that it’s not forgotten or postponed.  If you’re serious about your running, I recommend you get this yoga class onto your calendar.

With just a few months of consistent yoga practice, I noticed a significant improvement in how my body recovers between running workouts.  I experienced less soreness after hard runs and less accumulated fatigue through weeks of increased mileage.  When I lined up for the start of my marathon, I was feeling fresh and fast.  The yoga clearly helped, and I finished 5 minutes under my previous best time.  - Steve Vida


Yoga: It Might Not Be What You Think! Check out what Jake Bentsen '13 has to say:
How yoga has benefited me

Yoga is a class for the mind as well as the body. I have known about yoga and had a rough perception of what it was. Through suggestion from the football coaches I checked it out. It was pretty tough even for me. I bench 405 and squat over 600 pounds and this hour long workout had me sweating profusely. I play offensive line for the Albright Lions I am a freshman who played the last 4 games of our 11-2 record season in 2009. Yoga class is a time when I can escape the hectic life of a college student. It leaves you feeling rejuvenated and clear-minded. I used to have problems taking the proper steps needed to be in a good position to make the necessary blocks. Through yoga, my flexibility has increased dramatically. As a football player we are in the weight room at least four days a week. The addition of muscle to your body decreases your flexibility and range of motion. Yoga targets the major muscle groups as well many that often go unnoticed. Being flexible increases your speed as well as the power that you can manufacture. Yoga is a great activity for prevention of injury. The results of yoga are phenomenal. I have seen significant improvement in my ability to take my proper steps as well as the increase in my speed and agility. Yoga is a tool that every athlete should use their game to the next level.