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 Albright Early Learning Center

Albright Learning Center • 3040 Kutztown Road • Reading, PA 19612 • (610) 921-9324

Our Philosophy:

Thank you for your interest in the Albright Early Learning Center. Our program exists to meet the needs of families and children. Through creating strong positive relationships with the families and children we serve, each child in our care will reach their personal best. We believe the relationships that are formed create the foundation from which all children grow. At our school, each teacher’s duty is to create effective and engaging, hands-on environments. In these environments, activities are planned to foster all children’s developmental needs. Our goal is to inspire a love of learning in each student where they are excited by their own discoveries and growth.  We hope to instill an intrinsic value of learning and growth for our students. Our classrooms are designed to promote self help skills, a sense of community, and an environment where creativity and self expression is appreciated and encouraged. Each child is respected as an individual; through understanding and patience we work together and communicate as members of our school community for the benefit of the children. We offer ourselves as resources in the Early Childhood Education profession and look to build a cooperative relationship with the families we serve. We believe families are the expert on their child and as such, we must partner with families in order to best meet a child’s needs. We encourage our families to participate in our classrooms and take active roles in sharing their culture and values with us.  We believe that families who choose our program are essentially inviting us into their lives. This is an amazing amount of responsibility we enthusiastically accept. We recognize and appreciate our families’ passion for their children in all interactions. In summation, our program strives to engage each child in our educational community of lifelong learners.