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A Little Bit About Our Classrooms

Our classrooms at the Albright Early Learning Center are broken down by age groups and include:

babyOur Infant room is specifically designed to meet the needs of our families’ babies. We offer individualized attention and completely flexible schedules to best meet the varying needs of the infants we serve. Each day a lesson plan is prepared and activities are presented to the children to promote growth and development. We will partner with you to be your child’s home away from home.

Our Toddler area consists of three classrooms. The youngest group is our Young Toddler group. In this age group children are 12 months to 24 months. This classroom is our busiest classroom as the children are beginning to walk, run, climb, and jump. We offer learning experiences based in discovery, curiosity, and the five senses in this room. A flexible but structured schedule is offered, while still allowing the children the freedom to explore and create their own experiences.

Our second oldest group of toddlers is our Mixed Toddler classroom. This group of children is ages 18 months to 36 months. This classroom is slightly more structured than our young toddlers and offer educational experiences to prepare the children for preschool. The teachers work with the children to promote problem solving skills and positive peer interactions as the children’s language develops to support these skills.

The Older Toddler classroom is a routine oriented classroom where the children are provided consistency and educational opportunities that meet their individual needs. The children in this group are 24 months to 36 months. The teacher’s goal in this classroom is to prepare the children for preschool by providing opportunities to practice skills in order to create the most successful school experience for them.  

In our Preschool Classrooms we offer a structured schedule where play is the basis for all learning. We work each day to encourage creativity, free thinking, and problem solving among our students. In the preschool area we build communities in which children have a sense of belonging and acceptance. We offer educational experiences in small groups, as a class and through one on one interaction.

A full day kindergarten licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education offers a small class size and allows the teacher to provide individual attention to all students. This close knit community creates an environment that maximizes growth socially, emotionally and academically. This curriculum meets all Pennsylvania Educational Standards while tailoring the learning to meet the children needs and interests. Our foremost goal is to foster a love of learning that will follow the students of the Albright Early Learning Center throughout their educational career.