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Stress Management

Everyone experiences some level of stress on a daily basis.  Because you cannot control every situation, stress is inevitable.  So don’t STRESS about stress, learn ways to manage and deal with it!

Don’t know why you’re stressed?  It’s a good idea to identify your stressors so you know how to deal with them.  You may find that some of the things that cause you stress are unnecessary and may be able to be eliminated—which gives you more energy to focus on more important things.  One way to identify stressors is by keeping a journal.  When you start to feel overwhelmed by a situation, make note of it and you can come up with a plan the next time you encounter a similar situation.

Learn ways to manage stress.  Positive self-talk will gear your mind for positive thinking and will help prevent you from getting stressed out.  Avoid the stressor whenever possible.  Alter the situation—managing your time and planning ahead will cut down on some stress as well.

Daily relaxation will also help you deal with stress.  Making time for yourself is key to combating fatigue from stress.  Whether it’s reading a book, taking a walk, meditation, or anything else that relaxes you, take time for YOU!

For more information on different stress relief techniques or suggestions, visit the links below.

— Daisy Nieves, Medical Assistant
The Gable Health and Counseling Center

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