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Focus On Your Wellbeing

Set a goal for yourself this summer to focus on creating feelings of wellbeing and increasing your energy across multiple dimensions of the Wellness Wheel and life!

When we take better care of ourselves, it is easier for us to cope with stress, roadblocks, criticism and change.  To take better care of yourself, try some of these helpful suggestions:

Physical:  To build your physical energy during the workday, get up and move every 90 to 120 minutes.   Whenever possible, choose to walk to meetings instead of driving.

Mental: Learning anything new helps to overcome mental fatigue and exhaustion.  Try to solve a challenging puzzle.  Daydreaming is a perfect solution if you need a brief mental vacation.  If your mind has been bogged down by a personal challenge or challenging work, give yourself a mental break by focusing on something else.

Emotional: Become conscious of your emotional triggers. Figure out who and what pushes your buttons.  Slow your reaction by enlisting a friend to help you craft your response.

Social: Create more meaningful and productive relationships by asking a colleague for advice, giving positive feedback or sharing something you recently learned about yourself.

Spiritual: Align your behaviors with your core values and purpose.  Take a mental inventory and determine what you value most, quiet your mind and think about what inspires you.

Reference:  NASPA. Leadership Exchange/ Spring 2012. Handling Stress, Uncertainty, and Setbacks.

Wishing you a lifetime filled with wellness!

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