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How to Notice a Potential Eating Disorder

With summer quickly approaching everyone is starting to be very conscious of their bodies. Ladies start to question their hips, thighs and stomachs. Guys start paying close attention to their arms, chest and stomachs as well. Eating disorders usually start here.

Some Warning Signs

  • Preoccupation with weight, food, calories, and dieting, to the extent that it continually interferes with activities.
  • Excessive exercising - despite weather, fatigue, illness and injury.
  • Anxiety: Ladies - being fat; Guys - not getting big enough
  • Residue of self-induced vomiting - smells or messes in the bathroom, rushing to bathroom after meals and returning with blood shot eyes, swelling of the cheeks.
  • Evidence of binge eating - hoarding or stealing food, huge amounts of food consumption that does not match up to the persons weight.
  • Skin color being pale, complaints of being lightheaded or disoriented and does not have any medical problems.

Things You Can Do To Help

  • Tell the person that you are concerned and would like to help. Suggest professional help through the health center or the counseling center.
  • If the person refuses, you may reach out to a professional such as a counselor or member of the health center staff.
  • Don't discuss weight, caloric intake or eating habits. Talk about other daily activities besides food and exercise.
  • Avoid commenting on appearance.
  • Be supportive to the person, it is their responsibility and decision to accept the help provided. You can't force them to eat and stop excessive exercising.

If you have any concerns about a friend or loved one you may contact the Gable Health and Counseling Center at (610) 921-7532. We are more than happy to help with the wellbeing of our community and our communities loved ones. We have brochures and pamphlets regarding eating disorders, we also have a nutritionist on site twice monthly to provide education to help to maintain healthy weights and eating habits. If you desire an appointment with the nutritionist please call the health center to schedule the appointment.

Have a safe and healthy April.

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