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The Gable Health Center

13th and Bern Streets - P.O. Box 15234 Reading, PA 19612-5234 - Phone: 610-921-7532 - Fax: 610- 921-7590
The health center is located at the end of the block at 1829 Linden St.
Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Should an emergency arise after business hours or on weekends please call Public Safety at: 311.

Welcome to the Gable Health and Counseling Center!

aMission Statement:

At the Gable Health Center we empower you to make healthy choices for your life. Our caring and confidential patient-centered healthcare facility encourages and educates you to become an engaged consumer of your healthcare. In a respectful manner we advocate healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices to help you in the pursuit of your academic goals and personal development. We are here for you and we are your providers of care. Through education, we support attainment, maintenance and a lifelong commitment to optimal wellness.

We Value:

  • Excellent, nonjudgmental patient care

  • Respect for all cultures and ethnicities

  • Collaboration and positive relationships with campus constituencies and the medical community at large

  • Fiscal responsibility

  • Continuous evaluation and improvement in healthcare delivery methods


Confidentiality requirements contained in Federal regulations do not permit the College to disclose medical information pertaining to students/patients who are over the age of eighteen to any family members. Information about medical services rendered to the students by the Health Center should be provided to interested parties (parents and college personnel) directly by the student.



Feeling Stressed?

October can be a very stressful month for a lot of college students. Mid-terms, tests, and papers all add on to the stress of trying to make new friends, balancing class and free time. To help manage all this piling up stress, here are a few tips to help manage it.

  • Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Not getting adequate rest makes the little things stress you out more.
  • Have a good, balanced diet. The Cafeteria has a lot of food options, so go for more than just pizza. Poor diets have a lower threshold for reacting to stress. The produce section of the Cafeteria has a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables which help with bettering your diet.
  • Exercise: There are a lot of fun exercising opportunities. Taking a class with friends in the Schumo Center, playing intermural sports can not only be good exercise but can help you make new friends
  • Take a deep breathe. Breathe slowly through your nose, hold it for three to five seconds then exhale through your mouth.

For more information on stress management check out any of these websites


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