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Albright College Parents Leadership Council


Albright Parents Leadership Council
Executive Committee
Contact Sheet


Gary ’84 and Marie (Council Chair) Davis
Parents of Rebecca ’19

Mary Louise and Jim Blakeslee
Parent of Mikayla ’19

Laura A. DePalma ’86
Parent of Kristen ’19

Patricia Donahue
Parent of Stavanna ’19

Tracey & Bill Tokarski
Parents of William Tokarski, 2020
champion2@comcast.netand championplumbing.bill@gmail.com

Sherri Walker
Parent of Colton Walker '19

Karen Evans, Director, Career Development Center/Asst. Dean of Experiential Learning

Karen Moran, Director, Alumni Relations 

Rebecca Jacob ’13, Admission Counselor

Kathleen A. Sutton, Director, Parents Leadership Council
Director of The Fund for Albright


Statement of Purpose

Albright’s Parents Leadership Council (APC) serves as a bridge of communication between Albright College parents and the College’s administration, faculty, student body, alumni, and friends.  Members of the APC serve as spokespeople for the entire parent constituency and as such are parent leaders in advising and financially supporting Albright College.

The purpose of APC is to enrich and enhance the educational experience of Albright College students by supporting the College in three key areas:

  • Advising:  The APC shall seek the involvement of its members in activities that utilize their talents, interests, and other human resources in ways that complement the programs of the College.
  • Advocacy:  The APC shall advocate on behalf of the College.  APC members shall be vocal ambassadors for the College in their hometowns and circles of influence.  This may be accomplished by representing Albright College to qualified prospective students and families, by fostering the success of Albright College students after graduating through participation in career development programs, by hosting events for the Albright College community, and by participation in other on- and off-campus opportunities.
  • Advancement:  Members of the APC are expected to participate financially in accordance with their means and are asked to participate in “Parents Supporting The Fund for Albright” efforts during each fiscal year (June 1 – May 31).  Members of the APC foster a close relationship between parents and the College and with each other, creating and maintaining mutual understanding and good will in an effort to share the importance of providing financial support for Albright in order to meet the needs of the College.


The membership of APC shall consist of parents of currently enrolled students at Albright College as well as parents who served on the APC while their students were enrolled and whose students are currently in their first year post-graduation.  APC members work closely with the Director of The Fund for Albright.

Albright Parents Leadership Council Committee Job Descriptions

I - Parent Admission Contact Team (A-PACT) Committee

The A-PACT Committee represents a cooperative effort between the APC and the Admission Office for the purpose of utilizing the skills of APC members in the Albright College admission process.  By serving as a well-informed local contact for parents of prospective and/or accepted students, A-PACT is able to foster and increase the feeling of community within and beyond the actual grounds of Albright College.  In addition, A-PACT members can supplement the Admission Office alumni program (Parents and Alumni Seeking Students or PASS) by providing an Albright contact in geographic areas not otherwise represented by PASS or an admission counselor.

  • A-PACT members may be asked to act as morning greeters, panelists, or table hosts during Albright’s campus events or regional accepted student receptions for prospective students and their families.  These events are held in the fall and mid-spring.
  • A-PACT members may be asked to contact the parents of prospective students who have specific questions for a representative in their local area.
  • Although designed specifically to provide parent-to-parent contact, parent-to-student contact will be encouraged where appropriate, i.e. family and friends, etc.

College Liaison: Admission Counselor, Brian Benusa

II - Career Development Committee

Members of the Career Development Committee of the Albright Parents Leadership Council (APC) work with the Albright College Experiential Learning and Career Development Center to assist with the execution of a career advising and internship program for current Albright College students.

Expectations / Choice of Activities (may include one or more of the following):

  • Serve as volunteers to assist with the Center’s events.
  • Become a Career Mentor (very limited time commitment required)
  • Serve as participants in on-campus programs such as “So You Think You Can Network?” mock interviews, career panels, On Campus Recruiting for jobs and internships, Horizons Career Fair for jobs and internships, etc.  All of these programs require a 1-3 hour commitment and no prior experience is required. Parents receive training and instruction as needed. Most programs are held week days during the day or evening hours.
  • Serve as participants in off-campus career-related activities throughout the year, such as career information sessions, mock interviews, and networking events. Parents may also be asked to help develop, support, or sponsor one-day job shadowing, and internship activities for students.

College Liaison: Assistant Dean of Experiential Learning and Director of Career Development, Karen Evans

Career Development Job Descriptions:

  • Career Panelist
    The Experiential Learning and Career Development Center partners with academic departments to offer “What Can I Do with a Major in…” Career Panels for interested students.  These panels consist of three to six professionals in a variety of fields that relate to the academic major.  Generally panelists describe what they do, review their career journeys, and offer advice to interested students.  Students are able to ask questions of panelists and if time permits, can speak individually to professionals at the end of the event.  Panelists are invited to dinner prior to the event and the panels typically begin at 6 pm and end by 7:30 pm. 
  • Job Shadowing
    Based on your availability and location, a student or students may wish to observe you or your colleagues at your workplace.  Usually this only lasts for a half or full day and includes time when you (or your colleagues) spend time with the student(s) reviewing your career, your industry, job trends, future prospects, and discussion regarding opportunities for entry into the field along with advice and tips (this is often called an “informational interview”).  Students are responsible for transportation to and from your workplace.
  • Internship Hosts
    We are very fortunate that many of our internship opportunities are a result of relationships that Albright has with alumni, parents, and friends of the College.  Internships are typically offered in the fall or spring semesters, or during the summer months.  Internships during the academic year are part-time since students are attending classes.  Students complete internships for academic credit with the guidance of a faculty member for the academic component.  Often students do internships for the experience and not academic credit.  More information regarding internships can be found on our website, www.albright.edu/elcdc , choose Career Development, then the Employers drop-down menu.
  • Job Fair Representative
    We host an annual job and internship fair on campus during the month of February.  If your organization has a need for employees or interns you may wish to represent your company at the fair.  Our fees are nominal for organizations, lunch is included, and the time frame is generally from 10:30 am until 2:00 pm.  On Campus Recruiting: During the fall and spring semesters organizations are invited to interview candidates one-on-one for full time positions and internships in our Center. We advertise the positions, collect resumes, and schedule the interviews for employers.

III - Parents Fund Committee

Members of the Parents Fund Committee are to be members of Albright’s Presidents Council.  Members serve on this committee because they believe in philanthropy and understand the important role that unrestricted gifts to “Parents Supporting The Fund for Albright” has for all Albright College students.


  • Four class representatives for peer-to-peer solicitations
    • Letters will be written by (or for) and signed by members of this committee to send out to other parents encouraging them to make a gift to The Fund for Albright.
  • Identification and stewardship of prospects for fundraising roles in service to the College
    • Based on friendships among other parents, help identify others that may have the desire or capacity to support The Fund for Albright.
  • Be ambassadors for Albright at events you attend.

College Liaison: Director, Parents Leadership Council, Kathleen Sutton

Development Support: The Director of The Parents Leadership Council will communicate directly with all Parents Fundraising Committee members to review progress and assignments. All materials for the solicitation programs will be provided by the development office.


Important Dates

   - Homecoming
   - Commencement

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