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New Materials—July 2006
If you need more information about an item or wish to check on the availability of anything the library owns, please check our online catalog. The online catalog lists books on order as well as those already received.

The list below contains the author (AUT ), title (TIT ), publication information (PUB), contents (CON), notes (NOT) and series (SER) if available.

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000 General, Computer, Libraries
100 Philosophy, Psychology
200 Religion
300 Sociology, Economics, Politics, Law, Education
400 Languages
500 Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics
600 Applied Science, Business
700 Art, Music, Sports
800 Literature
900 History, Geography
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000 General, Computer, Libraries

004.67 C678d
AUT Cohen, Daniel J. ; Rosenzweig, Roy.
TIT Digital history : a guide to gathering, preserving, and presenting the past on the Web.
PUB Philadelphia, Pa. : University of Pennsylvania Press, c2006.
CON Contents: Promises and perils of digital history -- Exploring the history web -- Getting started: the nature of websites, and what you will need to create yours -- Becoming digital: preparing historical materials for the web -- Designing for the history web -- Building an audience -- Collecting history online -- Owning the past? The digital historians guide to copyright and intellectual property -- Preserving digital history: what we can do today to help tomorrow's historians -- Some final thoughts -- Appendix: Database software, scripting languages ,and XML.

004.67 S462i
AUT Seiter, Ellen.
TIT The Internet playground : children's access, entertainment, and mis-education.
PUB New York : Peter Lang, c2005.
SER Popular culture & everyday life ; v. 10.
CON Contents: Children's use of computers at home and at school -- Children, politics, and the Internet : stories from the journalism classroom -- Gender and computer affinity : typing versus gaming -- Wrestling with the Web : Latino fans and symbolic violence -- Virtual pets : devouring the children's market -- Conclusion : "Off the treadmill!" : notes on teaching children the Internet -- Appendix : digital media pedagogy.

005.13 B627s
AUT Black, David C. ; Donovan, Jack.
TIT SystemC : from the ground up.
PUB Boston, Mass. : Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2004.

005.8 B821h
AUT Branigan, Steven.
TIT High-tech crimes revealed : cyberwar stories from the digital front.
PUB Boston, Mass. : Addison-Wesley, c2005.
CON Contents: An attack on the telephone network -- An attack on an ISP -- If he had just paid the rent -- Inside a hacker sting operation ... -- Identity theft -- Let's ask the hackers ... -- Why do hackers hack? -- Setting the stage -- High-tech crime -- What not to do -- How to run a high-tech case -- What have we learned.

005.8 S783i
AUT Stamp, Mark.
TIT Information security : principles and practice.
PUB Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Interscience, c2006.

Ref 025.06 L666ß2, 2004
AUT Levitt, Carole A ; Rosch, Mark E.
TIT The lawyer's guide to fact finding on the Internet. - 2nd ed.
PUB Chicago, Ill. : ABA Law Practice Management Section, c2004.

070.43 A898e
AUT Aucoin, James.
TIT The evolution of American investigative journalism.
PUB Columbia, Mo. : University of Missouri Press, c2005.
CON Contents: The tradition of exposure in American journalism -- The reemergence of investigative journalism, 1960-1975 -- Defining the practice, 1960-1975 -- The founding of IRE -- The Arizona project: IRE's unique contribution to American journalism -- IRE and the mainstreaming of investigative journalism -- A social practice.

070.449 F236m
AUT Farnsworth, Stephen J. ; Lichter, S. Robert.
TIT The mediated presidency : television news and presidential governance.
PUB Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield, c2006.
CON Contents: U.S. presidential governance and television news: studying media content -- Presidents versus Congress: the competition for media attention -- Presidents in good times and bad: covering the economy -- Presidents in war and peace: covering military and foreign policy -- "Can't we talk about something else?" covering presidential scandals -- Competing voices: network television versus newspapers -- Presidential coverage and the challenges of a changing media.

071.309 R733n
AUT Roggenkamp, Karen.
TIT Narrating the news : new journalism and literary genre in late nineteenth-century American newspapers and fiction.
PUB Kent, Ohio : Kent State University Press, c2005.
CON Contents: Literary rooms in the house of news -- The sun, the moon, and two balloons: Edgar Allan Poe, literary hoaxes, and penny press journalism -- American literary realism and the cult of the real ting -- "To turn a fiction to a fact": Nellie Bly, Jules Verne, and trips around the world -- Journalist as hero: Richard Harding Davis and the cult of the reporter in 1899s America -- A front seat to Lizzie Borden: Julian Ralph, literary journalism, and the construction of criminal fact -- True women and new women: Lizzie Borden and gender anxieties in late nineteenth-century America -- The Evangelina Cesneros romance, medievalist fiction, and journalism The Acts -- Captive Cubans, international impulses, and new journalism -- From there to here: Cooke, conventions, conclusions.

100 Philosophy, Psychology

128 B395e
AUT Becker, Ernest ; Liechty, Daniel.
TIT The Ernest Becker reader.
PUB Seattle, Wash. : Ernest Becker Foundation in association with the University of Washington Press, c2005.
CON Contents: Part I: A psychosocial view of mental health (1960-1963) -- Anthropology, psychoanalysis and mental illness -- Socialization, command of performance, and mental illness (1962) -- Anthropological notes on the concept of aggression (1962) -- Psychotherapeutic observation on the Zen discipline (1960) -- Private versus public logic (1961) -- Toward a comprehensive theory of depression (1962) -- Toward a theory of schizophrenia (1962) -- The enduring value in Freud -- A note on Freud's primal horde theory (1961) -- The significance of freudian psychology (1963) -- The validity of 'Oedipus complex' as an abstract scientific construct (1964) -- Personality, communication and education for democracy -- Personality development in the modern world (1963) -- Social science and psychiatry (1963) -- Part II: Toward an integrated social science of behavior (1964-1971) -- Alienation -- The great historical convergence on the problem of alienation (1964) -- A theory of alienation as a philosophy of education (1967) -- Plea for social scientific synthesis -- A design for ethical man (1968) -- The ethical society (1968) -- The vision of the science of man (1968) -- The enlightenment paradox (1968) -- The second great step in human evolution (1968) -- The end of optimism -- The perspective of the present time (1971) -- The road back to the science of man (1971) -- Part III: Denial of death as interpretive organizing -- Principle (1971-1975) -- Meaning and self-esteem -- Self-esteem (1971) -- Culture and personality (1971) -- Social encounters (1971) -- Biological imperialism (1972) -- Toward the merger of animal and human studies (1974) -- Death and denial -- The terror of death (1973) -- Human character as a vital lie (1973) -- The nature of social evil (1975-posthumous) -- Beyond psychology -- A conversation with Ernest Becker (1974) -- The spectrum of loneliness (1974).

133.43 B496w
AUT Berger, Helen A.
TIT Witchcraft and magic : contemporary North America.
PUB Philadelphia, Pa. : University of Pennsylvania Press, c2005.

133.43 G248w
AUT Gaskill, Malcolm.
TIT Witchfinders : a seventeenth-century English tragedy.
PUB Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2005.
CON Contents: I: Complication -- Origins -- Strange effects -- The initiation -- Dark horizons -- First blood -- II: Unravelling -- Malignants -- Hellish invention -- Contagion -- Sticklers -- The biter bit.

152.14 C178S
AUT Shah, Priti ; Miyake, Akira.
TIT The Cambridge handbook of visuospatial thinking.
PUB Cambridge, U.K. ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2005.
CON Contents: Functional Significance of Visuospatial Representations / Barbara Tversky -- Visuospatial images / Daniel Reisberg and Friderike Heuer -- Disorders of Visuo spatial working memory / Robert Logie and Sergio Della Sala -- Individual Differences in Spatial Abilities / Mary Hegarty and David Waller -- Sex Differences in Visuospatial Abilities: More Than Meets the Eye / Diane F. Halpern and Marcia L. Collear -- Development of Spatial Competence / Nora S. Newcombe and Amy E. Learmonth -- Navigation / Daniel R. Montello -- Mapping the Understanding of Understanding Maps / Holly A. Taylor -- Spatial Situation Models / Mike Rinck -- Design Applications of Visual Spatial Thinking: The Importance of Frame of Reference / Christopher D. Wickens, Michele Vincow, Michele -- The presentation and comprehension of graphically-presented data / Priti Shah, Eric G. Freedman, Ioanna Vekiri -- Multimedia Learning: Guiding Visuospatial Thinking with Instructional Animation / Richard E. Mayer.

152.4 L287A
AUT Akhtar, Salman ; Blum, Harold P.
TIT The language of emotions : development, psychopathology, and technique.
PUB Northvale, N.J. : Jason Aronson, c2005.

152.4 T948s
AUT Turner, Jonathan H ; Stets, Jan E.
TIT The sociology of emotions.
PUB Cambridge [U.K.] ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2005.
CON Contents: Conceptualizing emotions sociologically -- Dramaturgical and cultural theorizing on emotions -- Ritual theorizing on emotions -- Symbolic interactionist theorizing on emotions -- Symbolic interactionist theorizing on emotions with psychoanalytic elements -- Exchange theorizing on emotions -- Structural theorizing on emotions -- Evolutionary theorizing on emotions -- Prospects for the sociology of emotions.

152.42 N475h
AUT Nettle, Daniel.
TIT Happiness : the science behind your smile.
PUB Oxford, U.K. ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2005.
CON Contents: Comfort and joy -- Bread and circuses -- Love and work -- Worriers and enthusiasts -- Wanting and liking -- Panaceas and placebos -- A design for living.

153 Z63n
AUT Zhang, Li-fang ; Sternberg, Robert J.
TIT The nature of intellectual styles.
PUB Mahwah, N.J. : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2006.
SER The educational psychology series.

153.12 T475m
AUT Thompson, Richard F ; Madigan, Stephen A.
TIT Memory : the key to consciousness.
PUB Washington, D.C. : Joseph Henry Press, 2005.
SER [Science essentials].
CON Contents: What is memory? -- Memories of the here and now -- The early development of memory -- Ordinary forgetting -- Amnesia -- False memory -- Emotional learning and memory -- Language -- Mechanisms of memory -- The future of memory.

153.6 M169g
AUT McNeill, David.
TIT Gesture and thought.
PUB Chicago, Ill. : University of Chicago Press, c2005.
CON Contents: Why gestures? -- How gestures carry meaning -- Two dimensions -- Imagery-language dialectic -- Discourse -- Children and whorf -- Neurogesture -- The thought-language-hand link and language origins.

153.733 N494I
AUT Itti, Laurent ; Rees, Geraint ; Tsotsos, John K.
TIT Neurobiology of attention.
PUB Amsterdam ; Boston, Mass. : Elsevier Academic Press, c2005.

Ref 153.8 H236E, 2005
AUT Elliot, Andrew J ; Dweck, Carol S.
TIT Handbook of competence and motivation.
PUB New York : Guilford Press, c2005.
CON Contents: Introduction -- Central Constructs -- Developmental Issues -- Contextual Influences -- Demographics and Culture -- Self-Regulatory Processes.

153.8 S399p
AUT Schwartz, Barry.
TIT The paradox of choice : why more is less. - 1st ed.
PUB New York : Ecco, c2004.
CON Contents: Let's go shopping -- New choices -- Deciding and choosing -- When only the best will do -- Choice and happiness -- Missed opportunities -- "If only" : the problem of regret -- Why decisions disappoint : the problem of adaptation -- Why everything suffers from comparison -- Whose fault is it? : choice, disappointment, and depression -- What to do about choice.

153.9 I61S
AUT Sternberg, Robert J ; Preiss, David.
TIT Intelligence and technology : the impact of tools on the nature and development of human abilities.
PUB Mahwah, N.J. : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2005.
SER The Educational psychology series.
CON Contents: Technology and cognition amplification / Raymond S. Nickerson -- Technology and the development of intelligence : from the loom to the computer / Ashley E. Maynard, Kaveri Subrahmanyam, and Patricia M. Greenfield -- Technology and intelligence in a literate society / David R. Olson -- Do technologies make us smarter? Intellectual amplification with, of, and through technology / Gavriel Salomon and David Perkins -- Cognitive tools for the mind : the promises of technology--cognitive amplifiers or bionic prosthetics? / Susanne P. Lajoie -- Work in progress : reinventing intelligence for an invented world / Alex Kirlik -- Cooperation between human cognition and technology in dynamic situations / Jean-Michel Hoc -- Transferring technologies to developing countries : a cognitive and cultural approach / Carlos Díaz-Canepa -- Technologies for working intelligence / David D. Preiss and Robert J. Sternberg -- We have met technology and it is us / Michael Cole and Jan Derry.

Ref 155 E58S, 2004 v.1-3
AUT Spielberger, Charles Donald.
TIT Encyclopedia of applied psychology. - 1st ed.
PUB Oxford ; Boston, Mass. : Elsevier Academic Press, 2004.
CON Contents: v. 1. A-E -- v. 2. F-Per -- v. 3. Per-Y, Index.

155.283 B983p
AUT Butcher, James Neal.
TIT MMPI-2 : a practitioner's guide. - 1st ed.
PUB Washington, D.C. : American Psychological Association, c2006.
CON Contents: Contributors -- Preface -- 1. Perspectives in MMPI-2 interpretation. Chap. 1. Pathways to MMPI-2 use : practitioner's guide to test usage in diverse settings / James N. Butcher -- Chap. 2. Evaluating MMPI-2 research : considerations for practitioners / James N. Butcher, John R. Graham, Jan H. Kamphuis, Steven V. Rouse -- Chap. 3. Assessing underreporting and overreporting response styles on the MMPI-2 / R. Michael Bagby, Margarita B. Marshall, Alison S. Bury, Jason R. Bacchiochi and Lesley S. Miller -- 2. Applications for the MMPI-2 in assessment and therapy. Chap. 4. An overview of personality : the MMPI-2 personality psychopathology five (PSY-5) scales / Allan R. Harkness and John L. McNulty -- Chap. 5. The contribution of the MMPI-2 to the diagnosis of personality disorders / Jan J. L. Derksen -- Chap. 6. The MMPI-2 and assessment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) / Walter E. Penk, Jill Rierdan, Marylee Losardo, and Ralph Robinowitz -- Chap. 7. Treatment planning with the MMPI-2 / Julia N. Perry, Kathryn B. Miller, and Kelly Klump -- Chap. 8. Therapeutic assessment with the MMPI-2 / Stephen E. Finn and Jan H. Kamphuis -- 3. Applications of the MMPI-2 across diverse populations. Chap. 9. Use of the MMPI-2 in inpatient mental health settings / David S. Nichols and Brenton Crowhurst -- Chap. 10. Use of the MMPI-2 in outpatient mental health settings / Roger L. Greene -- Chap. 11. Use of the MMPI-2 in medical settings / Paul A. Arbisi and Richard J. Seime -- Chap. 12. The MMPI-2 in neuropsychological evaluations / Carlton S. Gass -- Chap. 13. Use of the MMPI-2 in correctional settings / Edwin I. Megargee / Chap. 14. Assessing alcohol- and drug-abusing clients with the MMPI-2 / Kevin R. Young and Nathan C. Weed -- Chap. 15. Personnel screening with the MMPI-2 / James N. Butcher, Deniz S. Ones, and Michael Cullen -- Chap. 16. Use of the MMPI-2 in personal injury and disability evaluations / Paul A. Arbisi -- 4. Special considerations in MMPI-2 interpretation. Chap. 17. Computer-based assessment with the MMPI-2 / Mera M. Atlis, Jungwon Hahn, and James N. Butcher -- Chap. 18. Interpretation of Latino/Latina MMPI-2 profiles : review and application of empirical findings and cultural-linguistic considerations / Maria Garrido and Roberto Velasquez -- Chap. 19. Cross cultural applications of the MMPI-2 / James N. Butcher, Sonia Coelho Mosch, Jeanne Tsai, and Elahe Nezami -- References -- Index -- About the editor.

155.283 G811m2
AUT Greene, Roger L.
TIT The MMPI-2 : an interpretive manual. - 2nd ed.
PUB Boston, Mass. : Allyn and Bacon, c2000.
CON Contents: The evolution of the MMPI and MMPI-2 -- Administration and scoring -- Validity indexes and validity configurations -- Clinical scales -- Content scales, content component scales, and the MMPI-2 structural summary -- Supplementary scales, critical items, and short forms -- Codetypes -- Interpreting the MMPI-2 profile -- Effects of demographic variables and setting -- Adolescents and elderly adults -- Appendix A. T score table -- Appendix B. Item composition of the scales -- Appendix C. Critical item sets -- Appendix D. Prototype scores for specific codetypes in clinical settings -- Appendix E. Item overlap among MMPI-2 scales -- Appendix F. K- and non-k-corrected T score values for the MMPI-2 basic scales based on the original Minnesota normative group (N = 225 males, 315 females) -- Appendix G. MMPI-2 to MMPI conversion tables.

155.413 D489J
AUT Jacobs, Janis E ; Klaczynski, Paul A.
TIT The development of judgment and decision making in children and adolescents.
PUB Mahwah, N.J. : L. Erlbaum Associates, 2005.
CON Contents: The development of self-regulated decision making / James P. Byrnes -- Metacognition and cognitive variability : a dual-process model of decision making and its development / Paul A. Klaczynski -- Risky decision making in childhood and adolescence : a fuzzy-trace theory approach / Valerie F. Reyna ... [et al.] ; Commentary : Development and decisions / Keith E. Stanovich -- Anticipating and avoiding regret as a model of adolescent decision making / Eric Amsel ... [et al.] -- "Everyone else is doing it" : relations between bias in base-rate estimates and involvement in deviant behaviors / Janis E. Jacobs & Kristen E. Johnston -- Culture and the construction of concepts of personal autonomy and democratic decision making / Charles C. Helwig -- Not all hurried children are the same : children's participation in deciding on and planning their after-school activities / Mary Gauvain & Susan M. Perez ; Commentary : Lessons from a life-span perspective to adolescent decision making / Cynthia A. Berg -- The role of consultants in adolescents' decision making : a focus on abortion decisions / Laura L. Finken -- Crime, competence, and culpability : adolescent judgment in the justice system / Elizabeth Cauffman & Jennifer Woolard -- Setting goals and making plans : how children and adolescents frame their decisions / Kathleen M. Galotti ; Commentary : The development of thinking / David Moshman -- Afterword : Development of and in behavioral decision research / Baruch Fischhoff.

155.418 M554u
AUT Mercer, Jean.
TIT Understanding attachment : parenting, child care, and emotional development.
PUB Westport, Conn. : Praeger Publishers, 2006.
CON Contents: What is attachment? : the study of emotional ties -- Babies, history, war, and politics : early work on the attachment concept -- The growth of attachment theory : connecting ideas through research -- Attachment, age, and change : emotional ties from birth to adulthood -- Family, experiences, and outcomes : what difference does attachment history make? -- Attachment, mental, health, and psychotherapy : emotional ties and emotional disturbance -- What everybody knows : popular views of attachment -- Old directions and new : parents, children, attachment, and communication.

155.422 E58B
AUT Berlin, Lisa J.
TIT Enhancing early attachments : theory, research, intervention, and policy.
PUB New York : Guilford Press, c2005.
SER Duke series in child development and public policy.

158 G464s
AUT Gilbert, Daniel Todd.
TIT Stumbling on happiness. - 1st ed.
PUB New York : Alfred A. Knopf, c2006.

158 P831ß
AUT Popper, Micha.
TIT Leaders who transform society : what drives them and why we are attracted.
PUB Westport, Conn. : Praeger Publishers, c2005.
CON Contents: Introduction: what is leadership? -- A bird's eye view of leadership -- Analysis of the main perspectives on leadership -- Transformational leadership -- The development of transformational leaders -- Conclusion.

174.2 M528t
AUT Melo-Martín, Inmaculada de.
TIT Taking biology seriously : what biology can and cannot tell us about moral and public policy issues.
PUB Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield, c2005.
CON Contents: 1. Misunderstanding biology : epistemological, scientific, and moral problems -- 2. Biological explanations and social responsibility -- 3. An introduction to the science of cloning -- 4. Cloning, or not, human beings -- 5. Putting human cloning where it belongs -- 6. Obtaining genetic information -- 7. Genetic information and moral obligations -- 8. Moral obligations, genetic information, and social context -- 9. On the need to take biology seriously. 174.95 B787m
AUT Bown, Stephen R.
TIT A most damnable invention : dynamite, nitrates, and the making of the modern world. - 1st ed.
PUB New York : T. Dunne Books, 2005.
CON Contents: An epic quest -- Playing with fire: A thousand years of explosives -- Black powder's soul: The quest fro the elusive saltpeter -- Blasting oil and blasting cap: Alfred Nobel and the terrible power of nitroglycerin -- Construction and destruction: dynamite and the engineering revolution -- The great equalizer: explosives and social change -- Inventions, patents, and lawsuits: The golden age of explosives -- The Guano trade: The toil for Chilean saltpeter and the war of the Pacific -- The profits of dynamite: a gift to science and civilization -- Battle of the Falklands: The struggle for the global nitrate supply -- The father of the war: Fritz Haber's World-changing discovery -- Epilogue: War and the green revolution.

179.1 R311H
AUT Heyd, Thomas.
TIT Recognizing the autonomy of nature : theory and practice.
PUB New York : Columbia University Press, c2005.
CON Contents: Recognizing the autonomy of nature: theory and practice / Thomas Heyd -- I: Nature and autonomy of nature: are they real? -- Toward a progressive naturalism / Val Plumwood -- Is nature autonomous? / Keekok Lee -- II: Autonomous nature and human interests: are they compatible? -- The liberation of humanity and nature / Eric Katz -- Respecting nature's autonomy in relationship with humanity / Ned Hettinger -- Autonomy and agriculture / William Throop and Beth Vickers -- III: Management, restoration, and the autonomy of nature: a paradox? -- Homo administrator: managing a needy nature? / Dean Bavington -- Purple loosestrife and the "bounding' of nature in North America wetlands / John Sandlos -- Restoration, autonomy, and domination / Andrew Light -- Ecological restoration and the renewal of wildness and freedom / Mark Woods -- Autonomy, restoration, and the law of nature / William R. Jordan III.

179.3 P923b
AUT Preece, Rod.
TIT Brute souls, happy beasts, and evolution : the historical status of animals.
PUB Vancouver, B.C. : UBC Press, c2005.

179.3 S822a
AUT Steiner, Gary.
TIT Anthropocentrism and its discontents : the moral status of animals in the history of Western philosophy.
PUB Pittsburgh, Pa. : University of Pittsburgh Press, c2005.
CON Contents: Contemporary debates on the status of animals -- Epic and pre-Socratic thought -- Aristotle and the Stoics : the evolution of a cosmic principle -- Classical defenses of animals : Plutarch and Porphyry -- The status of animals in medieval Christianity -- Descartes on the moral status of animals -- The empiricists, the utilitarians, and Kant -- Conceptions of continuity : Schopenhauer, Darwin, and Schweitzer -- Postmodern conceptions of the human-animal boundary -- Rethinking the moral status of animals.

179.7 D321h
AUT DeGrazia, David.
TIT Human identity and bioethics.
PUB Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2005.
CON Contents: Human persons: numerical identity and essence -- Human persons: narrative identity and self-creation -- Identity, what we are, and the definition of death -- Advance directives, dementia, and the someone else problem -- Enhancement technologies and self-creation -- Prenatal identity: genetic interventions, reproductive choices.

179.7 G335R
AUT Roth, John K.
TIT Genocide and human rights : a philosophical guide.
PUB Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2005.
CON Contents: Prologue : Philosophy and genocide / John K. Roth -- pt. 1. The problem of evil : how does genocide affect philosophy? / John K. Roth. The evil in genocide / Berel Lang ; Rights, morality, and faith in the light of the Holocaust / Sander Lee ; How should genocide affect philosophy? / Frederick Sontag ; Genocide, despair, and religious hope : an essay on human nature / Stephen T. Davis ; The Holocaust and language / D.Z. Phillips ; Genocide, evil, and injustice : competing hells / Thomas W. Simon -- pt. 2. Innocent or guilty? Philosophy's involvement in genocide / John K. Roth. The doctorhood of genocide / Colin Tatz ; The philosophical warrant for genocide / David Patterson ; The rational constitution of evil : reflections on Franz Baermann Steiner's critique of philosophy / Michael Mack ; Epistemic conditions for genocide / Emmanuel C. Eze ; Genocide and the totalizing philosopher : a Levinasian analysis / Leonard Grob ; Why do the happy inhabitants of Tahiti bother to exist at all? / Robert Bernasconi -- pt. 3. Will genocide ever end? Genocide's challenge to philosophy / John K. Roth. Refocusing genocide : a philosophical responsibility / Raimond Gaita ; Genocide and crimes against humanity / Norman Geras ; Innocence, genocide, and suicide bombings / Laurence M. Thomas ; Beyond the affectations of philosophy / James R. Watson ; The warring logics of genocide / Edith Wyschogrod ; Philosophy's obligation to the human being in the aftermath of genocide / Paul C. Santilli -- pt. 4. Resistance, responsibility, and human rights : philosophy's response to genocide / John K. Roth. Genocide and social death / Claudia Card ; Genocide and the "logic" of racism / John K. Roth ; The right to life, genocide, and the problem of bystander states / David H. Jones ; Repudiating inhumanity : cosmopolitan justice and the obligation to prosecute human rights atrocities / Patrick Hayden ; "The human material is too weak" / Roger S. Gottlieb ; Virtue ethics, mass killing, and hatred / Paul Woodruff ; Shame, the Holocaust, and dark times / Michael L. Morgan -- Epilogue : "After? ... Meaning what?" / John K. Roth.

188 S553s
AUT Sherman, Nancy.
TIT Stoic warriors : the ancient philosophy behind the military mind.
PUB New York : Oxford University Press, 2005.
CON Contents: A brave new stoicism -- Sound bodies and sound minds -- Manners and morals -- A warrior's anger -- Fear and resilience -- Permission to grieve -- The downsized self.

192.4 I34F
AUT Frasca-Spada, Marina ; Kail, P. J. E.
TIT Impressions of Hume.
PUB Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2005.
SER Mind Association occasional series.
CON Contents: Hume's intellectual development, 1711-1752 / M.A. Stewart -- Waiting for Hume / Peter Lipton -- Meeting the hare in her doubles : causal belief and general belief / R.M. Sainsbury -- Transcendental empiricism? : Deleuze's reading of Hume / Martin Bell -- Sympathy and comparison : two principles of human nature / Susan James -- Hume's ethical conclusion / P.J.E. Kail -- Hume's use of the rhetoric of Calvinism / James A. Harris -- Quixotic confusions and Hume's imagination / Frasca-Spada -- Hume's general rules and the 'chief business of philosophers' / R.W. Serjeantson -- Hume's 'meek' philosophy among the Milanese / Emilio Mazza -- Hume's fragments of union and the fiction of the Scottish enlightenment / Susan Manning -- Hume-and others-on marriage / Sarah M.S. Pearsall.

194 C178ML
AUT Langer, Ullrich.
TIT The Cambridge companion to Montaigne.
PUB Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2005.
CON Contents: Montaigne's political and religious context / Ullrich Langer -- Montaigne's legacy / Warren Boutcher -- Montaigne and antiquity : fancies and grotesques / John O'Brien -- The Essays and the new world / Tom Conley -- Justice and the law : on the reverse side of the Essays / André Tournon -- Montaigne and the notion of prudence / Francis Goyet -- Montaigne and the truth of the schools / Ian Maclean -- The investigation of nature / George Hoffmann -- Montaigne and skepticism / Ann Hartle -- Montaigne on moral philosophy and the good life / J.B. Schneewind.

194 M849w
AUT Morgan, Vance G.
TIT Weaving the world : Simone Weil on science, mathematics, and love.
PUB Notre Dame, Ind. : University of Notre Dame Press, c2005.
CON Contents: Kosmos and crisis -- Science and work -- Classical and contemporary science -- Monochords and bridges -- The divine poetry of mathematics -- "All geometry proceeds from the cross" -- "Our country is the cross" -- Conclusion: "a preparation for deliverance".

199.8 D542b
AUT Diaz, Julio Cesar.
TIT Being in the pampas : the question of being in Argentine literature.
PUB Binghamton, N.Y. : Global Academic Pub., c2006.
SER International studies in philosophy monograph series ; 2.

200 Religion

Ref 200.83 E56D, 2006
AUT Dowling, Elizabeth M ; Scarlett, W. George.
TIT Encyclopedia of religious and spiritual development.
PUB Thousand Oaks, Calif. : SAGE Publications, c2006.

Ref 200.9 E56C, 2006
AUT Clarke, Peter B.
TIT Encyclopedia of new religious movements.
PUB London ; New York : Routledge, 2006.

201 M147t
AUT McGraw, Barbara A ; Formicola, Jo Renee.
TIT Taking religious pluralism seriously : spiritual politics on America's sacred ground.
PUB Waco, Tex. : Baylor University Press, c2005.

201.6 G577S2
AUT Southgate, Christopher.
TIT God, humanity, and the cosmos. - 2nd ed., rev. and expanded.
PUB London ; New York : T & T Clark, 2005.

221.6 F432c
AUT Fewell, Danna Nolan.
TIT The children of Israel : reading the Bible for the sake of our children.
PUB Nashville, Tenn. : Abingdon Press, c2003.

232.906 B655j
AUT Bloom, Harold.
TIT Jesus and Yahweh : the names divine.
PUB New York : Riverhead Books, c2005.
CON Contents: Who was Jesus and what happened to him? -- Quests and questers for Jesus -- The dark speaking of Jesus -- The belated testament -- St. Paul -- The gospel of Mark -- The gospel of John -- Jesus and Christ -- The trinity -- Not peace but a sword or divine influence -- The divine name : Yahweh -- Yahweh alone -- What does Yahweh mean by "love"? -- The Son, o how unlike the Father -- Jesus and Yahweh : the agon for genius -- The Jewish sages on God -- Self-exile of Yahweh -- Yahweh's psychology -- Irreconcilability of Christianity and Judaism -- Conclusion : reality testing.

Ref 248.03 N532S, 2005
AUT Sheldrake, Philip.
TIT The new Westminster dictionary of Christian spirituality. - 1st American ed.
PUB Louisville, Ky. : Westminster John Knox Press, c2005.
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300 Sociology, Economics, Politics, Law, Education

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Prenatal development and the new born -- Conceptions and misconceptions about embryonic development / Ronald W. Oppenheim -- Prenatal development of the musculoskeletal system in the human / Simon H. Parson, Richard R. Ribchester -- Normal and abnormal prenatal development / William P. Fifer -- The birth process / Wenda R. Trevathan -- The status of the human newborn / Wenda R. Trevathan -- pt. IV. Domains of development : from infancy to childhood -- Cognitive development in infancy / Gavin Bremner -- Cognitive development beyond infancy / Tara C. Callaghan -- Perceptual development / Scott P. Johnson, Erin E. Hannon, Dima Amso -- Motor development / Beatrix Vereijken -- Social development / Hildy S. Ross, Catherine E. Spielmacher -- Emotional development / Nathan A. Fox, Cynthia A. Stifter -- Moral development / Elliot Turiel -- Speech development / Raymond D. Kent -- Language development / Brian MacWhinney -- Development of learning and memory / Jane S. Herbert -- pt. V. Selected topics -- Aggressive and prosocial behavior / Richard E. Tremblay -- Attention / John E. Richards -- Brain and behavioral development (I) : sub-cortical / Albert Gramsbergen -- Brain and behavioral development (II) : cortical / Barbara Finlay -- Connectionist modeling / Gert Westermann, Denis Mareschal -- Daycare / Edward C. Melhuish -- Executive functions / Claire Hughes -- Face Recognition / Charles A. Nelson -- Handedness / Lauren Julius Harris -- Imitation / Andrew N. Meltzoff -- Intelligence / Robert J. Sternberg -- Locomotion / Jane E. Clark -- Parenting and the family / Charlie Lewis -- Play / Peter K. Smith -- Prehension / Claes von Hofsten -- Reading and writing / Peter Bryant -- Schooling and literacy / Yvette Solomon -- Selfhood / Michael Lewis -- Sex differences / Joyce F. Benenson -- Siblings and peers / Judy Dunn -- Sleep and wakefulness / Peter H. Wolff -- Socialization / Mark Bennett -- Temperament / Mary K. Rothbart, Julie Hwang. pt. VI. Developmental pathology -- 'At-risk' concept / Hellgard Rauh -- Autism / Simon Baron-Cohen -- Behavioral and learning disorders / Christopher Gillberg -- Blindness / Ann Bigelow -- Cerebral palsies / Fiona Stanley -- Child depression / Ian M. Goodyer, Carla Sharp -- Developmental coordination disorder / Mary M. Smyth, Margaret Cousins -- Down's syndrome / Digby Elliott -- Dyslexia / Margaret J. Snowling -- Hearing disorders / Roger D. Freeman, Maryke Groenveld, Frederick K. Kozak -- Prematurity and low birthweight / Mijna Hadders-Algra -- Prolonged infant crying and colic / Ian St. James-Roberts -- Sudden Infant Death Syndrome / James J. McKenna -- Williams syndrome / Michelle de Haan -- pt. VII. Crossing the borders -- Anthropology / Michael Cole, Jennifer Cole -- Behavioral embryology / Scott R. Robinson -- Behavior genetics / Thalia C. Eley -- Cognitive neuroscience / Mark H. Johnson -- Developmental genetics / William A. Harris -- Education / Leslie Smith -- Ethology / John C. 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CON Contents: Introduction : the interracial canary -- Loving across the border : through the lens of black-white couples -- Constructing racial boundaries and white communities -- Crossing racial boundaries and black communities -- Families and the color line : multiracial problems for black and white families -- Racialized spaces : college life in black and white -- : surfing the interracial Internet -- Listening to the interracial canary.

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CON Contents: Preface / Janice Fanning Madden -- Overviews -- The Long road to the fast tracts : career and family / Claudia Goldin -- Family-friendly workplace reforms : prospects for change / Amy L. Wax -- Fast-track women and the "choice" to stay home / Pamela Stone and Meg Lovejoy -- Within the professions -- Marriage and baby blues : redefining gender equity in the academy / Mary Ann Mason and Marc Goulden -- Overworked faculty : job stresses and family demands / Jerry A. Jacobs and Sarah E. Winslow -- The Mommy tract and partnership : temporary delay or dead end? / Mary C. Noonan and Mary E. Corcoran -- Mothers in finance : surviving and thriving / Mary Blair-loy and Amy S. Wharton -- The Evolution of gender and motherhood in contemporary medicine / Ann Boulis -- Comments and other contexts -- Mommies and daddies on the fast track in other wealthy nations / Gwen Moore -- Elite careers and family commitment : it's (still) about gender / Scott Coltrane -- Where we are now and future possibilities / Joy P. Jacobsen -- Policy alternatives for solving work-family conflict / Heidi Hartmann -- Book review essay : the Contemporary myth of choice / Rosanna Hertz -- Quick read synopsis -- Mommies and daddies on the fast track : success of parents in demanding professions.

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CON Contents: Introduction -- Family theory and social science -- Science and its critics -- Theory, models, and metaphors -- Function and types of theory -- Rational choice and the family -- Transition theory -- Theory, research, and meta-theory -- Theory and human values -- Conclusion : theories as tools for studying families.

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SER Haworth marriage and family therapy.
CON Contents: Framing the discussion / Diana L. Gustafson -- The social construction of maternal absence / Diana L. Gustafson -- Abject mothers : women separated from their babies lost to adoption / Patricia D. Farrar -- Clarifying choice : identity, trauma, and motherhood / Linda L. Anderson -- Sandy's story : re-storying the self / Lekkie Hopkins -- "Forsaking their children" : distance, community, and unbecoming Quaker mothers, 1650-1700 / Susanna Calkins -- Unnatural mothers : lone mothers and the practice of child rescue, 1901-1930 / Robert Adamoski -- Missing mothers in a mother-centered world : adolescent girls growing up in kinship care / Deborah Connolly Youngblood -- Looking promising : contradictions and challenges for young mothers in care / Marilyn Callahan ... [et al.] -- Leaving to grow/inspiration to grow/leaving inspiration / Gill Wright Miller -- Perspectives of substance-using women and human service practitioners : reflections from the margins / Deborah Rutman ... [et al.].

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SER Agrarian studies series.
CON Contents: Back from the brink -- Memory and myth -- Socialist education -- A whiff -- Riding high -- The stench -- Whatever chairman Mao says -- War communism -- Sprouts of reform -- Stalemate -- Tremors -- Earthquakes -- Reform -- Reform and its discontents.

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SER Studies in contemporary German social thought.
CON Contents: What is a people? the Frankfurt "Germanists' Assembly" of 1846 and the self-understanding of the humanities in the Vormärz -- On the public use of history -- Learning from catastrophe? a look back at the short twentieth century -- The postnational constellation and the future of democracy -- Remarks on legitimation through human rights -- Conceptions of modernity: a look back at two traditions -- The differing rhythms of philosophy and politics: Herbert Marcuse at 100 -- An argument against human cloning: three replies.

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PUB Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2005.
CON Contents: How did the Delphic oracle work? -- What did the Athenians think of the Delphic oracle? -- What did historians and philosophers say about the Delphic oracle? -- How and why did the Athenians consult the Delphic oracle? -- What did the Athenians ask the Delphic oracle? -- Why did the Athenian (and other Greek cities) go to war? -- Conclusion: divination and democracy.

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PUB Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2005.
SER Politics and society in twentieth-century America.
CON Contents: The making of a grassroots conservative -- Ideology and politics in 1952 -- Anticommunism: a young woman's crusade -- The Republican right under attack -- The Goldwater campaign -- The establishment purges Schlafly -- Confronting the Soviets in a nuclear age -- Nixon betrays the right -- The ERA battle revives the right -- The triumph of the right -- Ideology and power in a divided nation.

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PUB New York : Cambridge University Press, c2005.
SER Cambridge studies in comparative politics.
CON Contents: Some concepts and their application to Russia -- Symptoms of the failure of democracy -- The Russian condition in global perspective -- The structural problem: grease and glitter -- The policy problem: economic statism -- The institutional problem: superpresidentialism -- Can democracy get back on track?.

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PUB Washington, D.C. : Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, c2005.
CON Contents: After September 11, an unexpected chance -- Central Asia : the first ten years of independence -- The geopolitics of Central Asia prior to September 11 -- Meeting social and economic burdens -- Failures of political institution building create the challenge of succession -- Changing geopolitics : less has changed than one might think -- What to expect from the future : dealing with common problems.

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SER SUNY series in American constitutionalism.
CON Contents: Bushed and Gored : a brief review of initial literature / John C. Green -- The politics of constitutional choices in light of Bush v. Gore (2000) / Christopher P. Banks -- Bush v. Gore and the distortion of common law remedies / Tracy A. Thomas -- Bush v. Gore and equal protection : a unique case? / Joyce A. Baugh -- Political equality after Bush v. Gore : a first amendment approach to voting rights / Daniel P. Tokaji -- Bush v. Gore's place in the Rehnquist court's federalism oeuvr / Ann Althouse -- Governing after Bush v. Gore : the challenges of competitive partisanship / Charles O. Jones -- Who needs a mandate? The election 2000 hullabaloo and the Bush administration's governing agenda / Brian J. Gerber and David B. Cohen -- Election 2000 and the future of electoral administration : gauging the impact of Bush v. Gore on state-level electoral reform / Donald Edward Greco -- Election 2000 and its impact on campaign strategy / Andrew E. Busch -- The impact of Bush v. Gore and election 2000 on the judicial selection process / John Anthony Maltese -- Testing the limits of democracy : pragmatic legitimacy and the election of 2000 / John W. Wells -- Reliving groundhog day? The 2004 presidential election and the legacy of Bush v. Gore / David B. Cohen and Christopher P. Banks.

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SER Jaguar books on Latin America series.
CON Contents: The undemocratic culture -- Three deviant regimes -- National dictators -- Liberal oligarchies -- The masses enter politics -- Corporatism -- Tyranny and succession -- The Marxists -- Counter-revolutionaries -- The prospects for democracy.

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CON Contents: Bad government, good governance: civil society versus social movements -- From popular rebellion to "normal capitalism" in Argentina -- Lula and the dynamics of a neoliberal regime -- Social movements and state power in Ecuador -- The politics of adjustment, reform and revolution in Bolivia -- Social movements and the state: political power dynamics in Latin America.

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SER Contemporary world issues.

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CON Contents: Toward a political science of citizenship -- National electoral processes -- The American metropolis -- Associational life and the nonprofit and philanthropic sector -- Conclusion: Assessing our political science of citizenship.

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CON Contents: Introduction : toward an understanding of Latinos/as in the United States -- The origins of Latinos/as in the United States : an encounter with the history of U.S.-Latin American relations -- Discrimination and Latinos/as in the United States -- Latinos/as and the U.S. justice system : both present and absent in the system -- A tale of two cities : Latinos/as in Los Angeles and New York -- A culture-based approach to working with Latino/a communities : a case study -- International human rights standards and Latino/a communities in the United States -- Conclusion : the quest for justice.

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PUB Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield, c2005.
CON Contents: Introduction: a human rights approach to the needs of children / Linda C. Majka and Mark Ensalaco -- The right of the child to development / Mark Ensalaco, University of Dayton -- Transforming visions into reality: the convention on the rights of the child / Jill Marie Gerschutz and Margaret P. Karns -- Strengthening the framework for enforcing children's rights: an integrated approach / Ursula Kilkelly -- The problem of sexual trafficking in postcommunist Europe / Jaro Bilocerkowycz -- Three prints in the dirt: child soldiers and human rights / Mary B. Geske with Mark Ensalaco -- Children's rights and the tenuousness of local coalitions: a case study in Nicaragua / Richard Maclure and Melvin Sotelo -- Protecting children on the margins: social justice and community building / Laura M. Leming and Bro. Raymond L. Fitz -- Child farm workers in United States agriculture / Linda C. Majka and Theo J. Majka -- Human rights and juvenile justice in the United States / Rosemary C. Sarri and Jeffrey J. Shook -- The challenges of human rights education and the impact on children's rights / Joyce Apsel -- Conclusion: some progress, many challenges / Mark Ensalaco.

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PUB Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., c2005.
CON Contents: Introduction -- Responsibility and modern virtue -- Responsibility and politics -- Responsibility and foreign affairs -- Law and responsibility -- Political responsibility of the media -- Liberal responsibility -- Responsibility and biotechnology -- Locke's doctrine of responsible action.

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TIT Five days in Philadelphia : the amazing "We want Wilkie!" convention of 1940 and how it freed FDR to save the Western World. - 1st ed.
PUB New York : Public Affairs, c2005.
CON Contents: 1: Danger looms -- "World of tomorrow" -- "A stunning combination of intellect and homely warmth" -- The hurricane of events -- 2: The greatest convention -- "Just the next president of the United States" -- Monday, June 24, 1940 -- Tuesday, June 25, 1940 -- Wednesday, June 26, 1940 -- Thursday, June 27, 1940 -- Friday, June 28, 1940 -- 3: "Saving freedom at a moment of great peril" -- "I still don't want to run" -- "The convention is bleeding to death" -- The deal and the muster -- "Sail on O ship of state!".

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PUB Boulder, Colo. : Lynne Rienner Publishers, c2006.
CON Contents: The puzzling reemergence of partisanship -- The great transition -- The consequences of change -- Changing party compositions and voter response -- Split-outcomes in House districts -- The rise and decline of split-ticket voting and party defections -- Changes in party identification -- The future of partisanship -- Appendix A: The role of closeness of elections -- Appendix B: Data by House districts -- Appendix C: Measurement error and partisanship.

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TIT Campaigning for hearts and minds : how emotional appeals in political ads work.
PUB Chicago, Ill. : University of Chicago Press, 2006.
SER Studies in communication, media, and public opinion.
CON Contents: Appealing to hopes and fears -- The art and science of campaigning -- The political psychology of emotional appeals -- Emotion and the motivational power of campaign ads -- Emotion and the persuasive power of campaign ads -- Emotional appeals in ad campaigns -- Hearts and minds : rethinking the role of emotion in political life.

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TIT Reagan's victory : the presidential election of 1980 and the rise of the right.
PUB Lawrence, Kan. : University Press of Kansas, c2005.
SER American presidential elections series.
CON Contents: Crisis of confidence -- The candidates : a crowded field -- The race for the nominations : the defeat of the liberals, the victory of the sunbelt -- The general election : the Gipper wins one -- Congressional and state elections : a Republican tide -- The return of confidence and the transformation of American politics.

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CON Contents: Trust and international relations -- Fear and the origins of the Cold War -- European cooperation and the rebirth of Germany -- Reassurance and the end of the Cold War -- Trust and mistrust in the post-Cold War era.

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CON Contents: Truman and the Hiroshima bomb -- Eisenhower and arms control -- Kennedy, Johnson, and southeast Asia -- Nixon, Ford, and the era of détente -- Carter and the Panama Canal treaties -- Reagan and the Iran-contra Affair -- George H.W. Bush and the Invasion of Panama -- Clinton and Northern Ireland -- George W. Bush and 9/11.

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SER US foreign policy and conflict in the Islamic world.

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PUB New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2005.
CON Contents: Old paradigms don't just fade away: Why are we (still) in the Middle East? -- Tilting the Middle East kaleidoscope: The rising costs of American intervention from the cold war to the Iraq War -- Breaking up is hard to do: America's fixation with the Middle East's "rival twins" -- It's interests--not cultures, stupid!: The Euro-American rift over the Middle East -- Exacting the "Suez revenge": Can Europe challenge U.S. hegemony in the Middle East? -- Replacing the Middle East paradigm: A pax Americana--or a northern alliance?.

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SER US foreign policy and conflict in the Islamic world.
CON Contents: The legacy of the past -- US Iraq policy and September 11 -- The doctrine of preemption -- Diplomacy and brinksmanship -- A coalition of the willing -- Operation Iraqi Freedom -- Rebuilding and reconstruction -- The future of US Iraq policy.

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SER History of political economy ; annual supplement to v. 33.

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SER Studies on contemporary China.
CON Contents: Introduction: Setting the stage -- Labour policy and progress: overview -- The urban labour market -- Increasing wage inequality -- The spatial behaviour of wages -- Rural migrants in urban enterprises -- Redundancies, unemployment, and migration -- Immobility and segmentation of labour -- The rural labour market -- Rural labour allocation -- The imperfect labour market -- Information, social networks, and the labour market -- Conclusion.

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TIT Chocolate on trial : slavery, politics, and the ethics of business. - 1st ed.
PUB Athens, Ohio : Ohio University Press, c2005.
CON Contents: Henry W. Nevinson and modern slavery -- The firm of Cadbury and the world of slave labor -- Portugal and West Africa -- Evidence amassed -- Joseph Burtt's report -- Careful steps and concern-or dragging feet and hypocrisy? -- Defending reputations -- Cadbury Bros., Ltd. v. the Standard Newspaper, Ltd -- The verdict -- Humanitarians, the foreign office, and Portugal, 1910-1914 -- The aftermath.

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CON Contents: Introduction: women and their work -- Women's work in its social setting -- Studying working women -- Providing services -- Domestic and personal services -- Financial services and real estate -- Making and selling goods -- General features of women's work as producers and sellers -- Drink water -- The food trades and innkeeping -- Women's participation in the skilled consumers.

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PUB New York : Fordham University Press, 2005.
CON Contents: From downtown tenements to midtown lofts: the shifting geography of an urban industry / Nancy L. Green -- The globalization of New York's garment industry / Florence Palpacuer -- The geographical movement of Chinese garment shops: a late twentieth century tale of the New York garment industry / Xiaolan Bao -- Cockroach capitalists: Jewish contractors at the turn of the twentieth century / Daniel Soyer -- Tailors and troublemakers: Jewish militancy in the New York garment industry, 1889-1910 / Hadassa Kosak -- Culture of work: Italian immigrant women homeworkers in the New York City garment industry, 1890-1914 / Nancy C. Carnevale -- On Dominicans in New York City's garment industry / Ramona Hernández -- Expanding spheres: men and women in the late twentieth-century garment industry / Margaret M. Chin -- "Social responsibility on a global level": the National Consumers League, fair labor, and worker rights at century's end / Eileen Boris.

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TIT From resource scarcity to ecological security : exploring new limits to growth.
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CON Contents: From limits to growth to ecological security / Dennis Pirages -- The future is not what it used to be : world population trends / Robert Engelman ... [et al.] -- Reflections on an aging global population / Paul J. Runci and Chester L. Cooper -- Global water prospects / Ken Conca -- Food policy : underfed or overfed? / Marc J. Cohen -- Energy, security, and cooperation over the next quarter century / Heather Conley and Warren Phillips -- Renewable-energy technologies / Gary Cook and Eldon Boes -- Future socioeconomic and political challenges of global climate change / Matthias Ruth -- Global climate change : policy challenges, policy responses / Jacob Park -- Forest degradation, the timber trade, and tropical-region plantations / Patricia Marchak -- Biodiversity and ecological security / David W. Inouye -- Twenty-nine days : responding to a finite world / Ken Cousins.

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NOT Updates: The Gaia atlas of planet management / general editor, Norman Myers. Sydney ; New York : Doubleday, 1994. Rev. and updated ed.

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PUB London ; Sterling, Va. : Earthscan, 2005.
CON Contents: Introduction: the promise of renewable power / Volkmar Lauber -- Oil depletion / Werner Zittel and Jörg Schindler -- Global climate change and renewable energy: exploring the links / Ian H. Rowlands -- Renewable energy for developing countries: challenges and opportunities / Giulio Volpi -- Danish wind power policies from 1976 to 2004: a survey of policy making and techno-economic innovation / Kristian Hvidtfelt Nielsen -- Germany: from a modest feed-in law to a framework for transition / Staffan Jacobsson and Volkmar Lauber -- The UK renewables obligation / Peter M. Connor -- The design and impacts of the Texas Renewables Portfolio Standard / Ole Langniss and Ryan Wiser -- European Union policy towards renewable power / Volkmar Lauber -- Comparing support for renewable power / David Elliott -- Renewable energy: political prices or political quantities / Frede Hvelplund -- Tradeable certificate systems and feed-in tariffs: expectation versus performance / Volkmar Lauber.

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TIT Deep water : the epic struggle over dams, displaced people, and the environment. - 1st ed.
PUB New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2005.
CON Contents: pt. 1. India : to struggle is to live -- pt. 2. Southern Africa : one good dam -- pt. 3. Australia : a healthy, working river.

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PUB Lawrence, Kan. : University Press of Kansas, c2005.
CON Contents: Introduction: What is Indian gaming? -- Indian gaming and tribal sovereignty -- Indian gaming as legal compromise -- Indian gaming as political compromise -- Is anyone winning? -- Stories of compromise : from the Pequots to the Plains -- Indian gaming in context -- Conclusion: Compromise among sovereigns.

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TIT The WTO and sustainable development.
PUB Tokyo ; New York : United Nations University, c2005.
CON Contents: Introduction and overview -- Institutional considerations -- Trade liberalization, market access, and sustainable development -- Discrimination, WTO rules and sustainable development -- WTO agreements and standards -- MEAs, the WTO, and sustainable development -- Biotechnology, sustainable development, and the WTO -- Trade in services and sustainable development -- Special and differential treatment and sustainable economic development : substance and process -- Changing importance and perceptions of the WTO -- World trade and environment organizations -- Coherence and sustainable development.

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CON Contents: Unit 1. Animals, tame and wild -- Unit 2. Communities -- Unit 3. Changes -- Unit 4. Treasures -- Unit 5. Great ideas. Contents: Reader titles: Baby robins / Ann de Bernard -- Butterflies / Susan Jones Leeming -- Visit to a butterfly greenhouse / Molly Fleck -- Animals grow and change / Bonita Ferraro -- Finding a dinosaur named Sue / Beth Lewis -- Dinosaur herds / Tim Glazer -- New park / Ellen Leigh -- Marla's idea / Rosa Lester -- Just like me / Mary Katherine Tate -- Your amazing body / Lana Rios -- Explore the galaxy / Eve Beck -- Mack the cat / Chi Chung -- Sam the duck / Alan Levine -- What animals do you see? / Linda B Ross -- Look at that cat / Jessica Quilty. Contents: Additional parts: Practice book 1.1, teacher's manual -- Practice book 1.2, teacher's manual -- Kindergarten review -- Welcome to first grade -- Leveled reader teaching guide sampler -- Books, books, books -- Fresh reads for differentiated test practice -- Assessment sampler -- Ten important sentences -- ELL and transition handbook -- ELL teaching guide -- Spelling practice book -- Grammar and writing practice book -- Transparency sampler -- Grammar & writing book -- ELL poster -- Technology sampler (CD-ROM).

Curr 372.4 S431r2 CD-ROM v.1-24
AUT Afflerbach, Peter.
TIT Reading street. - Teacher's sample ed.
PUB Glenview, Ill. : Pearson Scott Foresman, c2007.
CON Contents: Unit 1. Exploration -- Unit 2. Working together -- Unit 3. Creative ideas -- Unit 4. Our changing world -- Unit 5. Responsibility -- Unit 6. Traditions. Contents: Reader titles: Webs and other catchers / Hope Ting -- Casting nets / Jessica Quilty -- Insect or arachnid / Kristin Cashore -- Animal helpers / Marianne Lenihan. Contents: Additional parts: Books, books, books -- Assessment sampler -- Fresh roads for differentiated test practice -- Graphic organizer book -- Grammar and writing praactice book -- Grammar & writing book -- Ten important sentences -- ELL teaching guide -- ELL and transition handbook -- Practice book 2.1, teacher's manual -- Practice book 2.2, teacher's manual -- Transparency sampler -- Spelling practice book -- ELL poster -- Technology sampler (CD-ROM).

Curr 372.4 S431r3 v.1-27
AUT Afflerbach, Peter.
TIT Reading street. - Teacher's sample ed.
PUB Glenview, Ill. : Pearson Scott Foresman, c2007.
CON Contents: Unit 1. Dollars and sense -- Unit 2. Smart solutions -- Unit 3. People and nature -- Unit 4. One of a kind -- Unit 5. Cultures -- Unit 6. Freedom. Contents: Reader titles: From volcanoes to islands / Rosa Visquel -- Do animals have a sixth sense? / Marianne Lenihan -- Mount St. Helens / Isabel Sendao -- Earth movement / Carol Talley. Contents: Additional parts: Practice book 3.1, teacher's manual -- Practice book 3.2, teacher's manual -- Books, books, books -- Fresh roads for differentiated test practice -- Assessment sampler -- ELL and transition handbook -- ELL teaching guide -- ELL poster -- Ten important sentences -- Grammar and writing practice book -- Transparency sampler -- Graphic organizer book -- Spelling practice book -- Grammer & writing book -- Technology sampler (CD-ROM).

Curr 372.4 S431r4 CD-ROM v.1-22
AUT Afflerbach, Peter.
TIT Reading street.
PUB Glenview, Ill. : Pearson Scott Foresman, c2007.
CON Contents: Unit 1. This land is your land -- Unit 2. Work and play -- Unit 3. Patterns in nature -- Unit 4. Puzzles and mysteries -- Unit 5. Adventures by land, air, and water -- Unit 6. Reaching for goals. Contents: Sensational seasons / Ben Scott -- Maple tree / Kathleen Cox -- Tracking our class garden / Rena Korb. Contents: Additional parts: Grammar and writing practice book -- Grammar & writing book -- Transparency sampler -- Graphic organizer book -- Spelling practice book -- Ten important sentences -- ELL and transition handbook -- ELL teaching guide -- Practice book, teacher's manual -- Assessment sampler -- Fresh roads for differentiated test practices -- Books, books, books -- ELL poster -- Technology sampler (CD-ROM).

Curr 372.4 S431r5 Success CD Tech CD v.1-24
AUT Afflerbach, Peter.
TIT Reading street.
PUB Glenview, Ill. : Pearson Scott Foresman, c2007.
CON Contents: Unit 1. Meeting challenges -- Unit 2. Doing the right thing -- Unit 3. Inventors and artists -- Unit 4. Adapting -- Unit 5. Adventurers -- Unit 6. Unexpected. Contents: Reader titles: Hollywood:special effects / L. L. Owens -- Very special effects: computers in filmmaking / Stephanie Wilder -- Art of makeup: going behind the mask / Kathleen Cox -- VActors: virtual actors on the screen / Annette Pry. Contents: Additional parts: Grammar and writing practice book -- Grammar & writing book -- Transparency sampler -- Graphic organizer book -- Spelling practice book -- Ten important sentences -- ELL and transition handbook -- ELL teaching guide -- Practice book, teacher's manual -- Assessment sampler -- Fresh roads for differentiated test practices -- Books, books, books -- ELL poster -- Success tracker (CD-ROM) -- Technology sampler (CD-ROM).

Curr 372.4 S431rK Puppet

Curr 372.4 S431rK v.1-32
AUT Afflerbach, Peter.
TIT Reading street. - Teacher's sample ed.
PUB Glenview, Ill. : Pearson Scott Foresman, c2007.
CON Contents: Unit 1. All together now -- Unit 2. Animals live here -- Unit 3. Watch me change -- Unit 4. Let's explore -- Unit 5. Going places -- Unit 6. Building our homes. Contents: Reader titles: We can fan / Nikki Latham -- Pop! pop! pop! / Christina Miller -- Tap! rap! bam! / Ravi Fraps --Chameleons / Jim Lobes -- At bat / Jessica Quilty -- Baby panda / Jessica Quilty -- Tim and Sam / Joei Shavitz -- Fawn / Keiko Hashimoto -- Pandas nap / Donna Maria Cilia. Contents: Additional parts: AlphaBuddy bear puppet -- 6 practice books, teacher's manual -- ELL poster -- Readers' theater anthology -- Sing with me/talk with me poster -- Books, books, books -- Early reading intervention program sampler -- Technology sampler (1 CD-ROM) -- Assessment sampler -- Guide on the side -- ELL and transition handbook -- Phonics packet (Phonics activity mat -- 9 letter tiles -- 2 finger tracing cards -- 3 picture cards -- Phonics songs and rhymes chart -- 2 alphabet cards -- Patterns

Curr 372.4 T7841 v.1-26
AUT Bear, Donald R.
TIT Macmillan McGraw-Hill treasures : a reading/language arts program. - Teacher's ed.
PUB New York : Macmillan McGraw-Hill, c2007.
CON Contents: Unit 1. All about us -- Unit 2. Outside my door -- Unit 3. Let's connect -- Unit 4. Nature watch -- Unit 5. Adventures all around -- Unit 6. Let's discover. Contents: v.1. Teacher's ed., Unit 1 -- v.2. Student ed., pt.1, c.1 -- v.3. Student ed., pt.1, c.2 -- v.4. Practice book A -- v.5. Practice book B -- v.6. Practice book O -- v.7. Grammar practice book -- v.8. Spelling practice book -- v.9. Teacher's resource book -- v.10 Interactive read-along anthology with plays -- v.11. Home-school connection -- v.12. Cat can jump / Yoki Hira -- v.13. Can you? / Paul Dan -- v.14. I can! / Paul Dan -- v.15. The red hen helps / Chloe Bank -- v.16. The farm / Sara Tom -- v.17. Food from the farm / Sara Tom -- v.18. Trees help / Angela Rios -- v.19. Look at Chameleon / Cynthia Rothman -- v.20. Assessment packet -- v.21. Transparency packet -- v.22. Phonics packet -- v.23. Retelling packet -- v.24. Instructional navigator CD-ROM -- v.25. Technology sampler CD-ROM -- v.26. Stopwatch.

Curr 372.4 T7842 v.1-19
AUT Bear, Donald R.
TIT Macmillan McGraw-Hill treasures : a reading/language arts program. - Teacher's ed.
PUB New York : Macmillan McGraw-Hill, c2007.
CON Contents: Unit 1. Relationships -- Unit 2. Growth and change -- Unit 3. Better together -- Unit 4. Land, sea, sky -- Unit 5. Discoveries -- Unit 6. Expressions. Contents: v.1. Practice book A -- v.2. Practice book B -- v.3. Practice book O -- v.4. Grammar practice book -- v.5. Spelling practice book -- v.6. Teacher's resource book -- v.7. Interactive read-along anthology with plats -- v.8. Home-school connection -- v.9. City garden / Albert Ruiz -- v.10. Garden park / Janet Stutley -- v.11 Over the fence / Sally Murphy -- v.12. A special garden / Janet Stutley -- v.13. Assessment packet -- v.14. Treansparency packet -- v.15. Phonics packet -- v.16. Retelling packet -- v.17. Instructional navigator CD-ROM -- v.18. Technology sampler CD-ROM -- v.19 Stopwatch.

Curr 372.4 T7843 v.1-21
AUT Bear, Donald R.
TIT Macmillan McGraw-Hill treasures : a reading/language arts program. - Teacher's ed.
PUB New York : Macmillan McGraw-Hill, c2007.
CON Contents: Unit 1. Our world -- Unit 2. Investigations -- Unit 3. Discoveries -- Unit 4. Determination -- Unit 5. Challenges -- Unit 6. Achievements. Contents: v.1. Teacher's ed., unit 1 -- v.2. Student ed., pt.1 -- v.3. Student ed., pt.2 -- v.4. Practice book A -- v.5. Practice book B -- v.6. Practice book C -- v.7. Grammar practice book -- v.8. Spelling practice book -- v.9. Teacher's resource book -- v.10. Interactice read-along anthology with plays -- v.11 Workstation flipchart -- v.12. Home-school connection -- v.13. The e-mail pals / Ellen Dreyer -- v.14. Dear Ghana / Ellen Dreyer -- v.15. Faraway home / Ellen Dreyer -- v.16. Letters to Africa / Ellen Dreyer -- v.17. Assessment packet -- v.18. Transparency packet -- v.19. Instructional navigator CD-ROM -- v.20. Technology sampler CD-ROM -- v.21. Stopwatch.

Curr 372.4 T7844 v.1-28
AUT Bear, Donald R.
TIT Macmillan McGraw-Hill treasures : a reading/language arts program. - Teacher's ed.
PUB New York : Macmillan McGraw-Hill, c2007.
CON Contents: Unit 1. Let's explore -- Unit 2. Take a stand -- Unit 3. Making a difference -- Unit 4. Viewpoints -- Unit 5. Relationships -- Unit 6. Discovery. Contents: v.1. Teacher's ed., unit 1, c.1 -- v.2. Teacher's ed., unit 1, c.2 -- v.3. Teacher's ed., unit 1 c.3 -- v.4. Student ed., c.1 -- v.5. Student ed., c.2 -- v.6. Student ed., c.3 -- v.7. Practice book A -- v.8. Practice book B -- v.9. Practice book O -- v.10. Grammar practice book -- v.11. Spelling practice book -- v.12. Teacher's resource book -- v.13. Interactive read-along anthology with plays -- v.14. Work station flip chart -- v.15. Home-school connection -- v.16. The secret code / Julian Fleisher -- v.17. Saving Larry / Julian Fleasher -- v.18. X marks the spot / Julian Fleisher -- v.19 Harriet Tubman / Robert O'Brien -- v.20. Coretta Scott King / Robert O'Brien -- v.21. Coretta Scott King / Robert O'Brien -- v.22. Fighting for rights / Ann M. Rossi -- v.23. Jamal's surprises / Julian Fleisher -- v.24. Assessment packet -- v.25. Transparency packet -- v.26. Instructional navigator CD-ROM -- v.27. Technology sampler CD-ROM -- v.28. Stopwatch.

Curr 372.4 T7845 v.1-19 Puppe
AUT Bear, Donald R.
TIT Macmillan McGraw-Hill treasures : a reading/language arts program. - Teacher's ed.
PUB New York : Macmillan McGraw-Hill, c2007.
CON Contents: Unit 1. Challenges -- Unit 1. Discoveries -- Unit 3. Turning points -- Unit 4. Experiences -- Unit 5. Achievements -- Unit 6. Great ideas. Contents: v.1. Student ed. -- v.2. Practice book A -- v.3. Practice book B -- v.4. Practice book O -- v.5. Grammar practice book -- v.6. Spelling practice book -- v.7. Teacher's resource book -- v.8. Interactive read-along anthology with plays -- v.9. Work station flipchart -- v.10. Home-school connection -- v.11. The habits of rabbits / Julia Schaffer -- v.12. The elephant in the room / Julia Schaffer -- v.13. Black bearr's backyard / Julia Shaffer -- v.14. Elephants in Africa / Julia Schaffer -- v.15. Assessment packet -- v.16. Transparency packet -- v.17. Instructional navigator CD-ROM -- v.18. Technology sampler CD-ROM -- v.19. Stopwatch.

Curr 372.4 T784K v.1-17
AUT Bear, Donald R.
TIT Macmillan McGraw-Hill treasures : a reading/language arts program. - Teacher's ed.
PUB New York : Macmillan McGraw-Hill, c2007.
CON Contents: Unit 1. Families -- Unit 2. Friends -- Unit 3. Transportation -- Unit 4. Food -- Unit 5. Animals -- Unit 6. Neighborhood -- Unit 7. Weather -- Unit 8. Plants -- Unit 9. Amazing creatures -- Unit 10. I know a lot!. Contents: v.1. Teacher's ed., Unit 1 -- v.2. Practice book -- v.3. Activity book, We are special -- v.4. Activity book, Families -- v.5. Activity book, Families -- v.6. Activity book, Friends -- v.7. Activity book, Transportation -- v.8. Activity book, Food -- v.9. Activity book, Animals -- v.10. Activity book, Neighborhood -- v.11. Activity book, Weather -- v.12. Activity book, Plants -- v.13. Activity book, Amazing creatures -- v.14. Activity book, I Know Alot -- v.15. Teacher's resource book -- v.16. Interactive read-aloud anthology with plays -- v.17. Home-School connection -- v.18. Duck on a bike / David Shannon -- v.19. Tiger can see / Jan Shen -- v.20. Bear goes to town / Reed Pace -- v.21. Tig can see / Jan Shen -- v.22. How they go / Bonnie McKenna -- v.23. Assessment packet -- v.24. Phonics packet -- v.25. Retweeing packet -- v.26. Instructional navigator CD-ROM -- v.27. Puppet.

372.41 G248s, 2005
AUT Gaskins, Irene West.
TIT Success with struggling readers : the Benchmark School approach.
PUB New York : Guilford Press, c2005.
CON Contents: Searching for answers to the why and how of struggling readers -- Introduction to Benchmark's interactive learning model and person variables -- Exploring the strengths and challenges of struggling readers : personality -- Exploring the strengths and challenges of struggling readers : intelligence, physical development, and health -- The context for learning : teacher knowledge, classroom culture, and instruction -- The context for learning : sociocultural, task, and text variables -- Learning principles about the interaction of variables, explicit instruction, and social activity -- Learning principles that guide classroom instruction : developmental, motivational, and accountability issues -- Learning principles to share with students -- Strategies for reading words : teaching phonemic awareness, decoding, and fluency -- Activities that reinforce word detective practices -- Comprehension strategies -- Explicit explanations of comprehension strategies for grades 1-8 -- Rationale for teaching concepts, essential understandings, and knowledge structures -- Afterword : five major insights from 45 years of teaching struggling readers.

372.6 L287D, 2005
AUT Denham, Kristin E. ; Lobeck, Anne C- et al.
TIT Language in the schools : integrating linguistic knowledge into K-12 teaching.
PUB Mahwah, N.J. : L. Erlbaum Associates, 2005.

372.6 L334m, 2005
AUT Larson, Joanne ; Marsh, Jackie.
TIT Making literacy real : theories and practices for learning and teaching.
PUB London ; Thousand Oaks, Calif. : SAGE, 2005.
CON Contents: Orienting perspectives -- New literacy studies -- Critical literacy -- Literacy and new technologies -- Sociocultural-historical theory -- Understanding how the frameworks work together -- Implications for teach education and literacy research.

Curr 372.7 S431m1 v.1-5
AUT Charles, Randall I.
TIT Scott Foresman - Addison Wesley mathematics.
PUB Glenview, Ill. : Scott Foresman, c2005.
CON Contents: Student text -- Teacher's edition, v.1 (chapters 1-3) -- Teacher's edition, v.2 (chapters 4-6) -- Teacher's edition, v.3 (chapters 7-9) -- Teacher's edition, v.4 (chapters 10-12).

Curr 372.7 S431m2 v.1-5
AUT Charles, Randall I..
TIT Scott Foresman - Addison Wesley mathematics.
PUB Glenview, Ill. : Scott Foresman, c2005.
CON Contents: Student text -- Teacher's edition, v.1 (chapters 1-3) -- Teacher's edition, v.2 (chapters 4-6) -- Teacher's edition, v.3 (chapters 7-9) -- Teacher's edition, v.4 (chapters 10-12).

Curr 372.7 S431m3 v.1-6
AUT Charles, Randall I.
TIT Scott Foresman - Addison Wesley mathematics.
PUB Glenview, Ill. : Scott Foresman, c2005.
CON Contents: Student text -- Teacher's edition, v.1 (chapters 1-3) -- Teacher's edition, v.2 (chapters 4-6) -- Teacher's edition, v.3 (chapters 7-9) -- Teacher's edition, v.4 (chapters 10-12) -- Problem of the day.

Curr 372.7 S431m4 v.1-5
AUT Charles, Randall I.
TIT Scott Foresman - Addison Wesley mathematics.
PUB Glenview, Ill. : Scott Foresman, c2005.
CON Contents: Student text -- Teacher's edition, v.1 (chapters 1-3) -- Teacher's edition, v.2 (chapters 4-6) -- Teacher's edition, v.3 (chapters 7-9) -- Teacher's edition, v.4 (chapters 10-12). Contents: Leveled readers: Who was Amelia Earhart? / Kate Boehm Jerome -- Original adventures of Hank the cowdog / John R. Erickson -- Kid who invented the popsicle / Don L. Wulffson -- Hoop stars / S.A. Kramer -- Land Armstrong / Kristin Armstrong -- Dinosaur detectives / Peter Chrisp -- Will you sign here, John Hancock / Jean Fritz -- Negor leagues / Laura Driscoll -- King's chessboard / David Birch.

Curr 372.7 S431m5 v.1-6
AUT Charles, Randall I.
TIT Scott Foresman - Addison Wesley mathematics.
PUB Glenview, Ill. : Scott Foresman, c2005.
CON Contents: Student text -- Teacher's edition, v.1 (chapters 1-3) -- Teacher's edition, v.2 (chapters 4-6) -- Teacher's edition, v.3 (chapters 7-9) -- Teacher's edition, v.4 (chapters 10-12) -- Problem of the day.

Curr 372.7 S431m6 v.1-5
AUT Charles, Randall I.
TIT Scott Foresman - Addison Wesley mathematics.
PUB Glenview, Ill. : Scott Foresman, c2005.
CON Contents: Student text -- Teacher's edition, v.1 (chapters 1-3) -- Teacher's edition, v.2 (chapters 4-6) -- Teacher's edition, v.3 (chapters 7-9) -- Teacher's edition, v.4 (chapters 10-12).

Curr 372.7 S431mk v.1-5
AUT Charles, Randall I.
TIT Scott Foresman - Addison Wesley mathematics.
PUB Glenview, Ill. : Scott Foresman, c2005.
CON Contents: Student text -- Teacher's edition, v.1 (chapters 1-3) -- Teacher's edition, v.2 (chapters 4-6) -- Teacher's edition, v.3 (chapters 7-9) -- Teacher's edition, v.4 (chapters 10-12). Contents: Readers: Turtles / Jodi Huelin -- How big is big? / Harriet Ziefert -- House that Jack built / Jeanette Winter -- 1,2,3 to the zoo / Eric Carle -- Bears at the beach / Niki Yektai -- Miss Bindergarten celebrates the 100th day of kindergarten / Joseph Slate -- 10 minutes till bedtime / Peggy Rathmann -- Today is Monday / Eric Carle -- Dog's colorful day / Emma Dodd.

375.001 W655u2, 2006
AUT Wiggins, Grant P. ; McTighe, Jay.
TIT Understanding by design. - Expanded 2nd ed.
PUB Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson Education, Inc., 2006.
CON Contents: Backward design -- Understanding understanding -- Gaining clarity on our goals -- The six facets of understanding -- Essential questions : doorways to understanding -- Crafting understandings -- Thinking like an assessor -- Criteria and validity -- Planning for learning -- Teaching for understanding -- The design process -- The big picture : UBD as curriculum framework -- "Yes, but--".

Ref 378.03 I61F, 2006 v.1-2
TIT International handbook of higher education.
PUB Dordrecht : Springer, 2006.
SER The Kluwer international handbooks of education series ; v. 18.
CON Contents: v. 1. Global themes and contemporary challenges -- v. 2. Regions and countries.

378.072 G144m, 2005
AUT Gaither, Gerald H.
TIT Minority retention : what works?.
PUB San Francisco, Calif. : Jossey-Bass, c2005.
CON Contents: Minority student retention: resources for practitioners / Alan Seidman -- Student engagement at minority-serving institutions: emerging lessons from the BEAMS Project / Brian K. Bridges ... [et al.] -- Retention and student success at minority-serving institutions / Jamie P. Merisotis, Kirstin McCarthy -- Evaluating the outcomes of developmental education / Hunter R. Boylan, Barbara S. Bonham, Gamba Nwachi Tafari -- Chancellor's vision: establishing an institutional culture of student success / Willis B. McLeod, Jon M. Young -- University college model: a learning-centered approach to retention and remediation / Lettie Raab, Anthony J. Adam -- Retention in higher education: a selective resource guide / Anthony J. Adam, Gerald H. Gaither.

378.072 V649e, 2005
AUT Vidal García, Javier ; Weerts, David J.
TIT Enhancing alumni research : European and American perspectives.
PUB San Francisco, Calif. : Jossey-Bass, c2005.

378.104 K44r, 2006
AUT Kezar, Adrianna J ; Carducci, Rozana ; Contreras-McGavin, Melissa.
TIT Rethinking the "L" word in higher education : the revolution in research on leadership.
PUB San Francisco, Calif. : Jossey-Bass, c2006.
CON Contents: The revolution in leadership -- A world apart: new paradigms of leadership -- A world anew: the latest theories of leadership -- Revolutionary concepts of leadership -- Higher education leadership in the new world -- Revolutionary leadership concepts in higher education -- Practical implications for the leadership revolution -- Framing leadership research in a new era -- Notes -- Appendix: three case studies.

378.12 B877d, 2003
AUT Brown, David G.
TIT Developing faculty to use technology : programs and strategies to enhance teaching.
PUB Bolton, Mass. : Anker, 2003.
CON Contents: Philosophy -- Communication -- Staffing and support strategies -- Teaching environments -- Model programs -- Assessment of student programs -- Assessing the effect of technology on learning.

378.17 U48s, 2005
AUT Umbach, Paul D.
TIT Survey research : emerging issues.
PUB San Francisco, Calif. : Jossey-Bass, c2005.
CON Contents: Survey research policies: an emerging issue for higher education / Stephen B. Porter -- Institutional review boards and institutional researchers / John. M. Kennedy -- Missing data and institutional research / Robert G. Croninger, Karen M. Douglas -- Weighting and adjusting for design effects in secondary dat analyses / Scott L. Thomas, Ronald H. Heck, Karen W. Bauer -- Self-reported data in institutional research: review and recommendations / Robert M. Gonyea -- Getting back to the basics of survey research / Paul D. Umbach.

378.198 D375m2, 2004
AUT Dembo, Myron H.
TIT Motivation and learning strategies for college success : a self-management approach. - 2nd ed.
PUB Mahwah, NJ : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2004.

378.3 W687a, 2005
AUT Wilkinson, Rupert.
TIT Aiding students, buying students : financial aid in America. - 1st ed.
PUB Nashville, Tenn. : Vanderbilt University Press, 2005.
CON Contents: Prologue. A gift goes awry -- pt. I. The American way of student aid -- 1. Setting the record straight -- 2. Aid in history : who got it, what shaped it -- 3. Enter Uncle Sam -- pt. II. The way of elite colleges -- 4. The roots of student aid -- 5. Merit and "self-help" -- 6. Seeking equity and order -- 7. Choosing the best -- 8. New strategies -- 9. Containing the market -- pt. III. Reforming the system -- Appendixes -- 1. The case of the charitable price fixers : U.S. v. Brown University et al. -- 2. Research strategy and limits -- 3. Interviews and archive research by state and institution -- 4. Watch your language : a glossary of financial aid.

379.15 H859b, 2005
AUT Howell, William G.
TIT Besieged : school boards and the future of education politics.
PUB Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, c2005.

Ref 381.14 E56K, 2006 v.1-2
AUT Khosrowpour, Mehdi, 1951- ; Khosrowpour, Mehdi, 1951-.
TIT Encyclopedia of e-commerce, e-government, and mobile commerce.
PUB Hershey, Pa. : Idea Group Reference, c2006.

384.54 M123n, 2005
AUT McCauley, Michael P.
TIT NPR : the trials and triumphs of National Public Radio.
PUB New York : Columbia University Press, c2005.
CON Contents: A lyceum of the airwaves -- The very first brush strokes -- The price of fame -- Phoenix rising -- A civilized voice in a new media environment.

391.0094 M286d, 2005
AUT Mansel, Philip.
TIT Dressed to rule : royal and court costume from Louis XIV to Elizabeth II.
PUB New Haven, Conn. : Yale University Press, c2005.
CON Contents: Introduction -- Splendour -- Service -- Identity -- Revolutions -- The age of gold -- Empires.

391.0098 L357R, 2005
AUT Root, Regina A ; Root, Regina A.
TIT The Latin American fashion reader. English ed.
PUB Oxford, U.K. ; New York : Berg, 2005.
CON Contents: Visualizing difference : the rhetoric of clothing in colonial Spanish America / Mariselle Meléndez -- Fashioning independence : gender, dress and social space in postcolonial Argentina / Regina A. Root -- The traveler's eye : Chinas poblanas and European-inspired costume in postcolonial Mexico / Kimberly Randall -- Far Eastern influences in Latin American fashions / Araceli Tinajero -- Ixcacles : Maguey-fiber sandals in modern Mexico / Pamela Scheinman -- "Why do gringos like black?" Mourning, tourism, and changing fashions in Peru / Blenda Femenías -- Dressed to kill : the embroidered fashion industry of the Sakaka of highland Bolivia / Elayne Zorn -- Representations of tradition in Latin American boundary textile art / Elyse Demaray, Melody Keim-Shenk, and Mary A. Littrell -- Ponchos of the river plate : nostalgia for Eden / Ruth Corcuera -- Mappin stores : adding an English touch to the São Paulo fashion scene / Rita Andrade -- As she walks to the sea : a semiology of Rio de Janeiro / Nizia Villaça -- "Every girl had a fan which she kept always in motion" : Puerto Rican women's dress at a time of social and cultural transition / Dilia López Gydosh and Marsha A. Dickson -- Guayaberismo and the essence of cool / Marilyn Miller -- Transvestite pedagogy : Jacqueline and Cuban culture / James Pancrazio -- Frida and Evita : Latin American icons for export / María Claudia André -- Fashioning United States Salvadoranness : unveiling the faces of Christy Turlington and Rosa López / Claudia M. Milian Arias -- Scattered bodies, unfashionable flesh / Fabricio Forastelli.

391.6 K97t, 2005
AUT Kuwahara, Makiko.
TIT Tattoo : an anthropology. - English ed.
PUB Oxford ; New York : Berg, 2005.
CON Contents: 1. Introduction. The corporeality of tattooing and identities -- Ideology and the body -- Ideological shifts of Tahitian tattoo history -- The temporality of tattooing -- The spatiality of tattooing -- Methodology of the study of the body -- The structure of the book -- 1. Discontinuity and displacement : place and history of tattooing -- Recovering Ma'ohi skin, renaissance of contemporary tattooing -- Tattooing from the late eighteenth century to the early nineteenth century -- Conclusion -- 2. Practice and form -- Practice of tattooing -- Form of tattoos -- Categories of tattoo form -- Conclusion -- 3. Marking Taure'are'a : social relationships and tattooing -- Gender, ethnic and age differences in Tahitian society -- Tattooists in Tahiti -- Tahitian tattoo world -- Creation and transformation of tattooing -- Conclusion -- 4. Exchanges in Taputapuatea : localization and globalization -- Tatau i Taputapuatea -- Tahitian and non-Tahitian interest in other tattooing -- The ownership and transmission of tattooing -- Friendship bonds in the Tahitian tattoo world -- Exchange in Taputapuatea -- Non-Polynesian tattooing : the case of Michel Raapoto -- Four ownerships of tattoo -- Conclusion -- 5. Dancing and tattooing at festivals : Tahitian, Polynesian and Marquesan identities -- Festivals and images of islands -- Heiva -- Festival of Pacific Arts -- Marquesan Art Festival -- Conclusion -- 6. Inscribing the past, present and future : in Nuutania prison -- The road to Nuutania prison -- Le centre pénitentiaire de Nuutania -- Prison life and tattooing -- The inmate tattooists -- The spatiality of prison tattooing -- Body in the past, present and future -- Conclusion -- Glossary.

391.6 T459t, 2005
AUT Thomas, Nicholas ; Cole, Anna ; Douglas, Bronwen.
TIT Tattoo : bodies, art, and exchange in the Pacific and the West.
PUB Durham, N.C. : Duke University Press, 2005.
CON Contents: Introduction / Nicholas Thomas -- Cureous figures : European voyagers and tatau/tattoo in Polynesia, 1595-1800 / Bronwen Douglas -- Speckled bodies : Russian voyagers and nuku hivans / Elena Govor -- Marks of transgression : the tattooing of Europeans in the Pacific Islands / Joanna White -- Christian skins : tatau and the evangelisation of the Society Islands and Samoa / Anne D'Alleva -- Governing tattoo : reflections on a colonial trial / Anna Cole -- The temptation of Brother Anthony : decolonization and the tattooing of Tony Fomison / Peter Brunt -- Samoan tatau as global practice / Sean Mallon -- Multiple skins : space, time, and tattooing in Tahiti / Makiko Kuwahara -- Wearing moko : Maori facial marking in today's world / Linda Waimarie Nikora, Mohi Rua & Ngahuia Te Awekotuku -- Beyond the modern primitive / Cyril Siorat -- Epilogue.

394 O12c, 2005
AUT Obeyesekere, Gananath.
TIT Cannibal talk : the man-eating myth and human sacrifice in the South Seas.
PUB Berkeley, Calif. : University of California Press, c2005.
CON Contents: Anthropology and the man-eating myth -- "British cannibals" : dialogical misunderstandings in the South Seas -- Concerning violence : a backward journey into Maori anthropophagy -- Savage indignation : cannibalism and the parodic -- The later fate of heads : cannibalism, decapitation, and capitalism -- Cannibal feasts in nineteenth century Fiji : seamen's yarns and the ethnographic imagination -- Narratives of the self : Chevalier Peter Dillon's cannibal adventures -- On quartering and cannibalism and the discourses of savagism -- Conclusion.

PaDutch 398.06 P415pu, v.27
AUT Weaver, William Woys.
TIT Pennsylvania Dutch country cooking. - 1st ed.
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400 Languages

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500 Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics

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600 Applied Science, Business

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CON Contents: Disease and medicine before 1500 -- Early modern Europe -- Disease and social order: the enlightenment and its legacy -- The world beyond Europe -- Disease in an age of commerce and industry -- The individual and the state -- Disease, war and modernity -- Health for all? affluence, poverty and disease since 1945.

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PUB Baton Rouge, La. : Louisiana State University Press, c2005.
CON Contents: The end of the road -- The lady from the Gulf -- Coming home -- Friends for life -- Sisters -- Alone in the woods -- They walk among us -- Tattoos and other body alterations -- Precious Doe -- Unidentified homicide victim -- Mardi Gras man -- Unexpected cargo -- Imaging resources, cold cases, and the IDA database -- Under siege -- Space shuttle Columbia.

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PUB Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, 2006.
CON Contents: The epidemiology of SARS / Megan Murray -- The role of the World Health Organization in combating SARS, focusing on the efforts in China / Alan Schnur -- SARS and China's health-care response: better to be both red and expert! / Joan Kaufman -- Is SARS China's Chernobyl or much ado about nothing? / Tony Saich -- SARS and China's economy / Thomas G. Rawski -- SARS in Beijing: the unraveling of a cover-up / Erik Eckholm -- Psychological responses to SARS in Hong Kong-report from the front line / Dominic T.S. Lee, Yun Kwok Wing -- Making light of the dark side: SARS jokes and humor in China / Hong Zhang -- SARS and the problem of social stigma / Arthur Kleinman, Sing Lee -- SARS and the consequences for globalization / James L. Watson.

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CON Contents: Poisons : old art, new science -- Bodily functions : what chemicals do to us and what we do to them -- Keep taking the medicine : there are no safe drugs, only safe ways of using them -- Blood, sweat, and tears : pesticides -- First the cats died : environmental contaminants -- Natural born killers : poisonous chemicals designed by nature -- The mad hatter and a bad case of acne : industrial chemicals -- Under the sink and in the garden shed : household poisons -- Rasputin's revenge : chemicals used to kill -- Ginger Jake and Spanish oil : toxic food constituents and contaminants -- Butter yellow and Scheele's green : food additives -- A risky business : assessment of chemical hazards and risks.

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CON Contents: Forbidden meats. -- Political meat. -- The birth of the consumer. -- The vigilant consumer. -- The phobia of new plants. -- Bread on trial. -- Silent fears. -- The pâté and the garden. -- Hungarian cattle disease. -- From the epizootic to the epidemic. -- The politics of precaution. -- The dangers of imperfect metals. -- Health conflicts. -- Bourgeois serenity. -- English cattle disease. -- The poisoners of Chicago.

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PUB New York : Norton, 2005.
CON Contents: Trauma and meaning -- I: Brain mechanisms and trauma -- The brain/mind/body continuum -- How the brain helps us to survive -- Trauma as imprisonment of the mind -- Genes, experience, and behavior -- II: The trauma spectrum -- Preverbal trauma -- The spectrum of societal trauma: from neglect to violence -- The trauma of illness and its treatment -- III: Trauma in health and disease -- Somatic dissociation: conversion hysteria, stigmata, and reflex sympathetic dystrophy -- Diseases of stress and trauma -- Healing trauma and the power of the human spirit -- Understanding your life.

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CON Contents: The nature and experience of depression and its treatment -- Emotion in human functioning and depression -- Depression : a dialectical constructivist view -- Principles of working with emotion in depression -- The course of treatment -- The therapeutic relationship -- Case formulation for depression -- Bonding, awareness, and collaboration -- Methods for increasing awareness -- Evocation and arousal of emotion -- Evoking emotion: two-chair dialogue and hopelessness -- Evoking blocked emotion : two-chair enactments and unfinished business dialogues -- Transformation : the construction of alternatives -- Reflection and the creation of new meaning.

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CON Contents: The biology and genetics of cells and organisms -- The nature of cancer -- Tumor viruses -- Cellular oncogenes -- Growth factors and their receptors -- Cytoplasmic signaling circuitry programs many of the traits of cancer -- Tumor suppressor genes -- pRb and control of the cell cycle clock -- p53 and apoptosis: master guardian and executioner -- Eternal life: cell immortalization and tumorigenesis -- Multistep tumorigenesis -- Maintenance of genomic integrity and the development of cancer -- Dialogue replaces monologue: heterotypic interactions and the biology of angiogenesis -- Moving out: invasion and metastasis -- Crowd control: tumor immunology and immunotherapy -- The rational treatment of cancer.

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PUB Baltimore, Md. : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2005.
CON Contents: A boy and his flying machine -- Starting line -- Ignition -- Acceleration -- Full throttle -- Shifting gears -- Takeoff -- Learning curve -- A matter of luck -- Climax -- Homecoming -- Domestic front -- Frustrations -- Comeback -- Apex -- Pivot -- Call to duty -- Pacific mission -- New mandate -- Anticipating victory -- Turbulence and descent -- End game -- In the arena.

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TIT One billion customers : lessons from the front lines of doing business in China.
PUB New York : Free Press, c2006.
CON Contents: Introduction : A startup and a turnaround -- The grand bargain -- Same bed, different dreams -- Eating the Emperor's grain -- Dancing with the dinosaurs -- Caught in the crossfire -- The truth is not absolute -- The best-laid plans -- Managing the future.

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TIT Leveraging the new human capital : adaptive strategies, results achieved, and stories of transformation.
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TIT Challenging the performance movement : accountability, complexity, and democratic values.
PUB Washington, D.C. : Georgetown University Press, c2006.
CON Contents: The ubiquitous nature of performance -- The performance mindset -- One size fits all -- Demeaning professionals : throwing out the baby with the bathwater? -- Competing values : can the performance movement deal with equity? -- The reality of fragmentation : power and authority in the U.S. political system -- Intergovernmental relationships : power and authority in the U.S. political system -- Information, interests, and ideology -- Competing values in a global context : performance activities in the World Bank -- Conflicting patterns of assumptions : where do we go from here?.

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PUB Chicago, Ill. : Dearborn Trade Pub., c2005.
CON Contents: The Values of A Nation -- The Value of Values -- The Power of Icons: Mr. Potato Head -- Understanding the Ages -- Getting To Know The Value Populations -- The Patriots An Overview -- The Patriots History Creating Values -- The Patriots Cultural Expressions of the Era -- The Performers An Overview -- The Performers History Creating Values -- The Performers Cultural Expressions of the Era -- The Techticians An Overview -- The Techticians History Creating Values -- The Techticians Cultural Expressions of the Era -- The Believers An Overview -- The Believers History Creating Values -- The Believers Cultural Expressions of the Era -- The Transformers An Overview -- The Transformers History Creating Values -- The Transformers Cultural Expressions of the Era -- "Who's Next? -- Marketing to Value Populations -- Core Customer Migration -- Reaching an Audience -- Social Cause Marketing -- An Industry Overview -- Opening New Avenues -- Attitudes at Work -- Attracting Trends -- The Age of Meaning.

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TIT Blogwild! : a guide for small business blogging.
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CON Contents: How did we get here? The history of production -- The container: the reservoir -- What's in the container? The prize -- Yours, mine, or theirs? Ownership -- Getting there: drilling -- What have we found? Logging, testing, and completing -- Behavior: hydrocarbon activity in the reservoir -- Here it comes: production -- Making it marketable: field processing -- Fixing things: remedial operations and workovers -- Who's involved? The players -- What should we do? Strategy.

681.412 Z81a, 2005
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TIT An acre of glass : a history and forecast of the telescope.
PUB Baltimore, Md. : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2005.
CON Contents: The first three hundred years -- The age of Hale -- New windows on the universe -- The rise of the great centers -- The Hubble Space Telescope -- A mirror in many pieces -- Spinning glass -- A profusion of telescopes -- Beating the seeing -- The astronomer's microscope -- Toward the ever-receding horizon -- The future in space.

700 Art, Music, Sports

704.9432 L765f
AUT Lippincott, Louise ; Blühm, Andreas.
TIT Fierce friends : artists and animals, 1750-1900.
PUB London ; New York : Merrell ; Amsterdam ; in association with Van Gogh Museum : Pittsburgh, PA ; in association with Carnegie Museum of Art , 2005.

Ref 709 H741a, 2004 v.1-2
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CON Contents: v. 1. From the early civilizations to the sixteenth century -- v. 2. From the sixteenth to the twentieth century.

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TIT May Stevens.
PUB San Francisco, Calif. : Pomegranate, 2005.
CON Contents: Writing on water / Phyllis Rose -- May Stevens: in conversation -- May Stevens: the dialectics of representation, the praxis of painting.

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TIT Quonset hut : metal living for a modern age. - 1st ed.
PUB New York : Princeton Architectural Press, c2005.
CON Contents: The hut that shaped a nation / Julie Decker and Chris Chiei -- How the hut came to be / Chris Chiei -- Quonsets, Alaska, and World War II / Steven Haycox -- War, design, and weapons of mass construction / Brian Carter -- After the war : Quonset huts and their integration into daily American life / Tom Vanderbilt -- The huts that wouldn't go away : Alaska adopts the hut / Chris Chiei -- Quonsets today : concluding thoughts / Julie Decker and Chris Chiei.

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CON Contents: The problem of television and the child viewer -- The preschool moment -- "A new bloom on the wasteland" -- The CTW model -- The itty bitty little kiddy show -- "Hope for a more substantive future" -- "The verdict on Sesame Street" -- The many faces of Sesame Street.

800 Literature

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CON Contents: The language of global business is international English -- Principles of simplicity -- Principles of clarity -- Reducing burdens -- Writing for translation -- Principles of correspondence -- Principles of cultural adaptation -- Appendixes : 1. Projects for students of international English -- 2. Sentences that need editing -- 3. Instructional / technical passages that overburden the reader -- 4. A portfolio of bad news letters -- 5. An internationalized website checklist.

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CON Contents: Introduction -- Soldier's heart : the vocabulary of injury and the American Civil War -- Emotional equity? : William Dean Howells and the divorce novel -- Things not named : Willa Cather's lost men, criminal conversations, and emotional auras -- On personal quantity : psychic injury in Henry James's The golden bowl -- The science of affect : professionals reading and the case of Ethan Frome.

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CON Contents: Frank Norris's place in American cultural history -- Antecedents -- The Chicago years, 1870-85 -- The city by the bay -- From out of the blue -- The Académie Julian -- Starting over -- The short-story writer in the making at Berkeley -- The nascent Zolaist at Harvard College -- Adventuring upon life -- The Jameson raid -- The Wave journalist -- Writing prose fiction for The Wave -- The novelist at last at work -- New York City at last -- The rocking-chair war -- With Norris at El Caney -- From El Caney to San Juan Heights to Santiago -- A quickening pace -- "The wheat stuff is piling up B. I. G." -- Professional advances and personal commitments -- The enfant terrible no more -- "Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein" -- Farewell to Gotham -- Crepuscule.

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CON Contents: The problem of George S. Schuyler -- The ten commandments -- The right to laugh -- Debunking Blackness -- The rising tide of color -- The Black Mencken -- Hokum and beyond -- Black no more.

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CON Contents: Rootedness-the history of private life -- Reconstructing past presents -- Portraits of the South: Zora Neale Hurston's politics of place -- A place between home and horror -- Sex and color in Eatonville, Florida -- A transient world of labor -- Patronage: anatomy of a predicament.

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PUB Urbana, Ill. : University of Illinois Press, 2005.
CON Contents: Selling the American new woman as Gibson Girl -- Margaret Murray Washington, Pauline Hopkins, and the new Negro woman -- Incorporating the new woman in Edith Wharton's The custom of the country -- Sui Sin Far and the wisdom of the new -- Mary Johnston, Ellen Glasgow, and the evolutionary logic of progressive reform -- Willa Cather and the fluid mechanics of the new woman.

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CON Contents: The life of Alice Walker -- Literary contexts -- The third life of Grange Copeland (1970) -- Meridian (1976) -- The color purple (1982) -- The temple of my familiar (1989) -- Possessing the secret of joy (1992) -- By the light of my father's smile (1998) -- The way forward is with a broken heart (2000) -- Now is the time to open your heart : a novel (2004).

813.54 U66te, Popular reading
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TIT Terrorist. - 1st ed.
PUB New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2006.
CON Contents: The hunter -- The cultivator -- Thread and cloth -- The new rhythms of work -- Sea and shore -- The lumberjack -- Take this hammer! -- The cowboy -- The miner -- The prisoner -- The labor movement and songs of work -- Music and the modern worker -- The calling.

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CON Contents: History, culture, discourse : America's racial formation -- Burying the dead : the pain of memory in Beloved -- Bearing witness : the recent fiction of Ernest Gaines -- Troubling the water : subversive women's voices in Dessa Rose and Mama Day -- A short history of desire : Jazz and Bailey's Cafe -- The color of desire : folk history in the fiction of Raymond Andrews -- Postmodern slavery and the transcendence of desire : the novels of Charles Johnson -- Family secrets : reinventions of history in The Chaneysville incident -- Family troubles : history as subversion in Two wings to veil my face and Divine days -- Lost generations : John Edgar Wideman's Homewood narratives -- Apocalyptic visions and false prophets : the end(s) of history in Wideman, Johnson, and Morrison.

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SER Columbia guides to literature since 1945.

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CON Contents: Transatlantic hunts, 1600-1790 -- The young poet, 1791-1807 -- 'Examiner' hunt, 1807-1812 -- Prison years, 1812-1815 -- At the vale of health, 1816-1817 -- In the warm South, 1817-1822.

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CON Contents: A usable history -- The place(s) of women in Shakespeare's world : historical fact and feminist interpretation -- Our canon, ourselves -- Boys will be girls -- The lady's reeking breath -- Shakespeare's timeless women.

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CON Contents: Harold Pinter and the tradition of political theater -- Early plays and retroactive readings : The birthday party, The dumb waiter, and The hothouse -- Pinter against the (new) right : Precisely, One for the road, and Mountain language -- Pinter and the permanence of power : Party time, Celebration, Press conference, and The new world order -- Pinter at the movies : The comfort of strangers and Victory -- Pinter and the politics of fascism : Reunion, Taking sides, and The Trojan War will not take place -- Ashes to ashes : morality and politics after the Holocaust.

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CON Contents: Science fiction and the contested terrain of popular culture -- I: Presumption of prejudice; Science fiction's contested terrain, 1926-1949 -- The genesis of the mythology -- Present at the creation -- Weird sisters -- Female fandom -- Women without names -- The usual suspects -- Anecdotes and antidotes -- Haven in a heartless world -- Ebony and ivory -- Femalien empathy -- Feminist futures -- History and mythistory -- II: The crest of the first wave' Science fiction's female counter-culture, 1950-1960 -- Ecce femina -- Alone against tomorrow -- Across the great divide -- A counter-culture of tending and befriending -- III: Hidden from history; The ebbing of first wave women's science fiction, 1961=1965 -- Into time's abyss -- The persistence of myth.

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CON Contents: Private violence in the public eye: the early writings of Charles Dickens -- Domestic violence and middle-class manliness: Dombey and Son -- From regency violence to Victorian feminism: the tenant of Wildfell Hall -- The abused woman and the community: "Janet's Repentance" -- Strange revelations: the divorce court, the newspaper, and the woman in white -- The private eye and the public gaze: he knew he was right -- Marital violence and the new woman: the wing of Azrael -- Are women protected? Sherlock Holmes and the violent home.

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CON Contents: Beginning : The voyage out (1915) -- Into the night : Night and day (1919) -- Our press arrived on Tuesday : Monday or Tuesday (1921) -- In search of Jacob : Jacob's room (1922) -- A woman connects : The common reader (1925) -- What a lark! What a plunge! : Mrs. Dalloway (1925) -- Writing itself : To the lighthouse (1927) -- The secret of life is ... : Orlando (1928) -- To the women of the future : A room of one's own (1929) -- Into deep waters : The waves (1931) -- The years of The years : The second common reader (1932), Flush (1933), The years (1937) -- Attacking Hitler in England : Three guineas (1938) -- Life writing : Roger Fry (1940), A sketch of the past -- The last of England : Between the acts (1941).

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CON Contents: Individuality and rebellion -- The author of The robbers -- Dramatist in Mannheim -- Friendship -- The historian -- Wiemar and Jena -- The classical poet -- In Berlin -- The end of an epoch.

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CON Contents: Introduction -- Why Aztlan? -- Landscapes, cultural, and natural -- Before Aztlan -- The great Anasazi migration -- The shaping of the midlands -- Building Aztlan in the north -- The casas grandes world -- Sonora and the trading connection -- A multiplicity of tongues -- The new order -- Aftermath.

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Juvenile Materials

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CON Contents: Women of the Middle East -- Growing up -- School days -- Religion and tradition -- Becoming a wife -- Married life -- Family and home : women's world -- Veiling -- -- Women's health -- Women at work -- Women in the arts and athletics -- Women in public life -- Is there a Middle Eastern women's movement? -- A woman's later years -- Afghanistan : the extremes of oppression -- Looking toward tomorrow.

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TIT The bossy gallito = El gallo de bodas ; a traditional Cuban folktale.
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SER Mighty machines.

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J-Fic F576w
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TIT Who am I without him? : short stories about girls and the boys in their lives. - 1st ed.
PUB New York : Jump at the Sun/Hyperion Books for Children, c2004.
CON Contents: So I ain't no good girl -- The ugly one -- Wanted: a thug -- I know a stupid boy when I see one -- Mookie in love -- Don't be disrepecting me -- I like white boys -- Jacob's rules -- Hunting for boys -- A letter to my daughter.

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CON Contents: In line: a story from Egypt -- Hand of Fatima: a story from Lebanon -- Faces: a story from Syria -- The plan: a story from a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon -- Santa Claus in Baghdad: a story from Iraq.

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CON Contents: Heidi -- Dette -- Hello -- Soof -- Shh -- Tea -- Out -- More -- Back soon -- Go -- Good -- Again -- Blue -- Pretty -- Now -- Hot -- Kiss -- Bad -- No -- Uh-oh -- Ow -- Done -- So be it.

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Non Print/Media Materials

Software 025.06 L666ß2, 2004
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TIT The lawyer's guide to fact finding on the Internet. - 2nd ed.
PUB Chicago, Ill. : ABA Law Practice Management Section, c2004.

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PUB Amsterdam ; Boston, Mass. : Elsevier/Academic Press, c2005.

Software 616.994 W423b, 2007
AUT Weinberg, Robert A.
TIT The biology of cancer.
PUB New York : Garland Science, c2007.
CON Contents: The biology and genetics of cells and organisms -- The nature of cancer -- Tumor viruses -- Cellular oncogenes -- Growth factors and their receptors -- Cytoplasmic signaling circuitry programs many of the traits of cancer -- Tumor suppressor genes -- pRb and control of the cell cycle clock -- p53 and apoptosis: master guardian and executioner -- Eternal life: cell immortalization and tumorigenesis -- Multistep tumorigenesis -- Maintenance of genomic integrity and the development of cancer -- Dialogue replaces monologue: heterotypic interactions and the biology of angiogenesis -- Moving out: invasion and metastasis -- Crowd control: tumor immunology and immunotherapy -- The rational treatment of cancer.

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TIT International business accounting.
PUB Livonia, Mich. : Madonna College, 1990.

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AUT Livingston-Isenhour, Tamara Elena ; Garcia, Thomas George Caracas.
TIT Choro : a social history of a Brazilian popular music.
PUB Bloomington, Ind. : Indiana University Press, c2005.
CON Contents: Race, class, and nineteenth-century popular music : the modinha, the lundu, and the maxixe -- The roda de choro : heart and soul of choro -- From the plantation to the city : the rise and development of early choro in Rio de Janeiro (1870-1920) -- From the terno to the regional : the professionalization of choro -- The velha guarda in the new Brazil : choro in the 1950s and 1960s -- The choro revival -- Contemporary choro -- Choro and the Brazilian classical tradition.

DVD 791.4372 B324
AUT Huston, Anjelica ; Leigh, Jennifer Jason ; Eldard, Ron.
TIT Bastard out of Carolina.
PUB [New York] : Fox Lorber : Distributed by WinStar, c1999.
NOT A videocassette release of the 1996 motion picture. - Based on the novel by Dorothy Allison.

DVD 791.4372 B414M
AUT McGehee, Scott ; Siegel, David ; Gere, Richard.
TIT Bee season.
PUB Beverly Hills, Calif. : 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2006].
NOT Special features: Side A: Full screen feature; cutting room floor featurette; "The essence of 'Bee season'" featurette; Searchlight trailer; "In her shoes" and "Little Manhattan" trailers; theatrical trailer ; Side B: Widescreen feature; feature commentary by directors Scott McGehee and Daivd Siegel ; feature commentary by producer Albert Berger and screenwriter Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal; 6 deleted scenes with optional commentary by Scott McGehee and David Siegel; making of featurette; Searchlight trailer; "In her shoes" and "Little Manhattan" trailers.

DVD 791.4372 B448
AUT Linson, Art ; Getchell, Robert ; Caton-Jones, Michael.
TIT This boy's life (Motion picture) This boy's life a true story.
PUB Burbank, Calif. : Warner Home Video, c2003.
NOT Originally produced as a motion picture in 1993. - Based on the book by Tobias Wolff. - Special features: widescreen (16x9) and full screen (2.35:1) presentations.

DVD 791.4372 G676
AUT Pasolini, Pier Paolo.
TIT The gospel according to St. Matthew. - Widescreen ed.
PUB [Chatsworth, Calif.] : Water Bearer Films, c c2003.
NOT Videodisc release of a 1964 motion picture. - Italian with English subtitles; letterbox format.

DVD 791.4372 L318M
AUT Baldwin, Declan ; Kaufman, Moisés ; Ricci, Christina.
TIT The Laramie project.
PUB [United States] : HBO Home Video, c2002.
NOT Based on the play by Moisés Kaufman. - Widescreen and full screen versions, Dolby surround. - Special features: two featurettes about the making of the film.

CD 822.33 S527, R, S
AUT Shakespeare, William ; Bevington, David M ; Gaines, Barbara.
TIT Romeo and Juliet.
PUB Naperville, Ill. : Sourcebooks MediaFusion, c2005.

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