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New Materials—January 2006
If you need more information about an item or wish to check on the availability of anything the library owns, please check our online catalog. The online catalog lists books on order as well as those already received.

The list below contains the author (AUT ), title (TIT ), publication information (PUB), contents (CON), notes (NOT) and series (SER) if available.

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000 General, Computer, Libraries
100 Philosophy, Psychology
200 Religion
300 Sociology, Economics, Politics, Law, Education
400 Languages
500 Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics
600 Applied Science, Business
700 Art, Music, Sports
800 Literature
900 History, Geography
Juvenile Materials
Non Print/Media Materials

000 General, Computer, Libraries

003.857 G846d
AUT Gribbin, John R.
TIT Deep simplicity : bringing order to chaos and complexity. - 1st U.S. ed.
PUB New York : Random House, c2004.

Ref 025.06 P124s, 2004
AUT Padró, Fernando Francisco.
TIT Statistical handbook on the social safety net.
PUB Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2004.
SER Oryx statistical handbooks.

070.433 P324r
AUT Paul, Christopher ; Kim, James J.
TIT Reporters on the battlefield : the embedded press system in historical context.
PUB Santa Monica, Calif. : RAND, c2004.
CON Contents: Introduction -- The relationship between the press and the military: a starting point -- History of relations between the press and the military -- Systems for press access and measures for evaluating outcomes -- Preliminary evaluations of the embedded press and other systems for organizing press-military relations -- The future of embedded press.

070.442 L218d
AUT Lamb, Chris.
TIT Drawn to extremes : the use and abuse of editorial cartoons.
PUB New York : Columbia University Press, c2004.
CON Contents: "You should have been in the World Trade Center" -- "President Bush has been reading Doonesbury and Taking it much too seriously" -- "No honest man need fear cartoons" -- "McCarthyism" -- "Second-class citizens of the editorial page" -- "We certainly don't want to make people uncomfortable now, do we?" -- "That's not a definition of libel: that's a job description" -- "Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable".

070.5 G362k
AUT Gerber, Robin.
TIT Katharine Graham : the leadership journey of an American icon.
PUB New York : Portfolio, 2005.


100 Philosophy, Psychology

115 Y81w
AUT Yourgrau, Palle.
TIT A world without time : the forgotten legacy of Gödel and Einstein. - 1st ed.
PUB New York : Basic Books, c2005.
CON Contents: A conspiracy of silence -- A German bias for metaphysics -- Vienna: logical circles -- A spy in the house of logic -- It's hard to leave Vienna -- Amid the demigods -- The scandal of big "T" and little "t" -- Twilight of the gods -- In what sense is Gödel (or anyone else) a philosopher?.

153.13 D756w
AUT Draaisma, D.
TIT Why life speeds up as you get older : how memory shapes our past.
PUB Cambridge, U.K. ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2004.
CON Contents: 'Memory is like a dog that lies down where it pleases' -- Flashes in the dark: first memories -- Smell and memory -- Yesterday's record -- The inner flashbulb -- 'Why do we remember forwards and not backwards?' -- The absolute memories of Funes and Sherashevsky -- The advantages of a defect: the savant syndrome -- The memory of a grandmaster: a conversation with Ton Sijbrands --Trauma and memory: the Demjanjuk case -- Richard and Anna Wagner: forty-five years of married life -- 'In oval mirrors we drive around': on experiencing a sense of de;jà vu -- Reminiscences -- Why life speeds up as you get older -- Forgetting -- 'I saw my life flash before my eyes like a film' -- From memory - Portrait with Sill Life.

155.2 C448p
AUT Chamorro-Premuzic, Tomas ; Furnham, Adrian.
TIT Personality and intellectual competence.
PUB Mahwah, N.J. : L. Erlbaum Associates, 2005.
CON Contents: Overview: predicting future achievement -- Personality traits -- Intellectual ability -- The personality-intelligence interface -- Personality and intelligence as predictors of academic and work performance -- Self-concepts and subjectively assessed intelligence (SAI) -- Individual differences and real-life outcomes -- Overall summary and conclusions.

155.413 Y78S
AUT Schneider, Wolfgang ; Schumann-Hengsteler, Ruth ; Sodian, Beate.
TIT Young children's cognitive development : interrelationships among executive functioning, working memory, verbal ability, and theory of mind.
PUB Mahwah, N.J. : L. Erlbaum Associates, c2005.
CON Contents: Working memory and its relevance for cognitive development / John Towse and Nelson Cowan -- From rag(bag)s to riches : measuring the developing central executive / Christof Zoelch, Katja Seitz, and Ruth Schumann-Hengsteler -- Hot and cool aspects of executive function : relations in early development / Philip D. Zelazo, Li Qu, and Ulrich Müller -- Theory of mind, the case for conceptual development / Beate Sodian -- On the specificity of the relation between executive function and children's theories of mind / Louis J. Moses, Stephanie M. Carlson, and Mark A. Sabbagh -- The evolution of theory of mind : big brains, social complexity, and inhibition / David F. Bjorklund, Christopher A. Cormier, and Justin S. Rosenberg -- The developmental relation of theory of mind and executive functions : a study of advanced theory of mind abilities in children with ADHD / Beate Sodian and Christian Hülsken -- What fMRI can tell us about the ToM-EF connection : false beliefs, working memory, and inhibition / Winfried Kain and Josef Perner -- Theory of mind, working memory, and verbal ability in preschool children : the proposal of a relay race model of the developmental dependencies / Marcus Hasselhorn, Claudia Mähler, and Dietmar Grube -- Theory of mind, language, and executive functions in autism : a longitudinal perspective / Helen Tager-Flusberg and Robert M. Joseph -- Interrelationships among theory of mind, executive control, language development, and working memory in young children : a longitudinal analysis / Wolfgang Schneider, Kathrin Lockl, and Olivia Fernandez -- Executive functions, working memory, verbal ability, and theory of mind : does it all come together? / Klaus Oberauer.

155.5 C678s
AUT Cohen-Sandler, Roni.
TIT Stressed-out girls : helping them thrive in the age of pressure.
PUB New York : Viking, 2005.

158.7 S587o
AUT Silverthorne, Colin P.
TIT Organizational psychology in cross-cultural perspective.
PUB New York : New York University Press, c2005.
CON Contents: Introduction -- Foundations of organization and culture -- Culture and organizations -- Organizational and national culture -- Leadership in organizations -- Leadership in other cultures -- Work motivation -- Managerial values and skills -- The impact of cultural values on problem solving, teams, gender, stress, and ethics -- Job satisfaction and organizational commitment -- Conflict and power -- Communication and negotiation -- Personnel psychology and human resource management -- Some final thoughts.

170 A647e
AUT Appiah, Anthony.
TIT The ethics of identity.
PUB Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2005.
CON Contents: The ethics of individuality -- Autonomy and its critics -- The demands of identity -- The trouble with culture -- Soul making -- Rooted cosmopolitanism.

174.4 B786m
AUT Bowie, Norman E. ; Werhane, Patricia Hogue.
TIT Management ethics.
PUB Malden, Mass. : Blackwell Pub., 2005.
SER Foundations of business ethics. ; 5.
CON Contents: My station and its duties : the function of being a manager -- Stockholder management or stakeholder management -- The ethical treatment of employees -- The ethical treatment of customers -- Supply chain management and other issues -- Corporate social responsibility -- Moral imagination, stakeholder theory and systems thinking : one approach to management decision-making -- Leadership.

174.96 M978e
AUT Murphy, Patrick E.
TIT Ethical marketing.
PUB Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson Prentice Hall, c2005.
SER Basic ethics in action.
CON Contents: Ethical reasoning and marketing decisions -- Ethics in researching and segmenting markets -- Product management ethics -- Ethical issues in distribution channels and pricing -- Ethics in advertising and on the Internet -- Personal selling ethics -- Implementing and auditing ethical marketing.

193 N677wh
AUT Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm.
TIT Why I am so wise.
PUB New York : Penguin Books, 2005.
SER Great ideas.
CON Contents: Ecce Homo: How one becomes what one is -- Why I am so wise -- Why I am so clever -- Why I write such good books -- Why I am destiny -- Twilight of the idols: Or how to philosophize with a hammer -- Maxims and arrows -- The four great errors -- The hammer speaks.

198.9 G231s
AUT Garff, Joakim.
TIT Søren Kierkegaard : a biography.
PUB Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2005.

200 Religion

200.19 K59a
AUT Kirkpatrick, Lee A.
TIT Attachment, evolution, and the psychology of religion.
PUB New York : Guilford Press, c2005.
CON Contents: Introduction to attachment theory -- God as an attachment figure -- More on religion as an attachment process: some extensions and limitations -- Individual differences in attachment and religion: the correspondence hypothesis -- God as a substitute attachment figure: The compensation hypothesis -- Attachment in context: introduction to evolutionary psychology -- Attachment theory in modern evolutionary perspective -- Religion: adaptation or evolutionary by-product -- Beyond attachment: religion and other evolved psychological mechanisms -- The cognitive origins of religious belief -- Beyond genes: learning, rationality, and culture -- Toward an evolutionary psychology of religion.

200.96 I81r
AUT Isichei, Elizabeth Allo.
TIT The religious traditions of Africa : a history.
PUB Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2004.

201 B859h
AUT Brisson, Luc.
TIT How philosophers saved myths : allegorical interpretation and classical mythology.
PUB Chicago, Ill. : University of Chicago Press, 2004.

201 M388w
AUT Marty, Martin E.
TIT When faiths collide.
PUB Malden, Mass. : Blackwell Pub., 2005.
SER Blackwell manifestos.
CON Contents: Religious strangers as menaces -- "Belongers" versus strangers -- When faith communities conflict -- The pluralist polity -- Living with the pluralist polity -- The risk of hospitality -- Theological integrity in responses.

201.7 C533a
AUT Chidester, David.
TIT Authentic fakes : religion and American popular culture.
PUB Berkeley, Calif. : University of California Press, 2005.
CON Contents: Introduction -- Planet Hollywood -- Popular religion -- Plastic religion -- Embodied religion -- Sacrificial religion -- Monetary religion -- Global religion -- Transatlantic religion -- Shamanic religion -- Virtual religion -- Planet America.

201.7 O97r
AUT Owens, Erik C ; Carlson, John D. ; Elshtain, Eric P.
TIT Religion and the death penalty : a call for reckoning.
PUB Grand Rapids, Mich. : W.B. Eerdmans, 2004.
SER Eerdmans religion, ethics, and
PUBic life series.

201.7 Q9B
AUT Badaracco, Claire.
TIT Quoting God : how media shape ideas about religion and culture.
PUB Waco, Tex. : Baylor University Press, c2005.
CON Contents: Introduction: Quotation and the life of
PUBic texts / Claire Hoertz Badaracco -- Journalism and the religious imagination / John Schmalzbauer -- God talk in the
PUBic square / C. Welton Gaddy -- The first amendment and the Falun Gong / Paul Moses -- A framework for understanding fundamentalism / Rebecca Moore -- Biblical prophecy and foreign policy / Paul S. Boyer -- Last words : death and
PUBic self-expression / John P. Ferré -- Collective memory, national identity : victims and victimizers in Japan / Richard A. Gardner -- Appalachian regional identity in national media / Howard Dorgan -- The Virgin of Guadalupe as cultural icon / Virgilio Elizondo -- Reporting complexity : science and religion / Jame Schaefer -- Vatican opinion on modern communication / Paul Soukup -- Conclusion: A relationship of overlapping conversations / Gustav Niebuhr.

205 B632S
AUT Schweiker, William.
TIT The Blackwell companion to religious ethics.
PUB Malden, Mass. : Blackwell Pub., 2005.
SER Blackwell companions to religion.
CON Contents: Part I: Moral inquiry. Reflection. Moral theories / Robin W. Lovin ; Moral truth / Maria Antonaccio ; Agents and moral formation / Thomas W. Ogletree ; Ideas of ethical excellence / Lee Yearley ; Practical reasoning and moral casuistry / Albert R. Jonsen ; Authority and religious experience / Darrell J. Fasching -- Transmission. Text and canon / Michael Fishbane ; Practices / Francis X. Clooney ; Ritual / Francisca Cho ; Saints and exemplars / Lamin Sanneh ; Law and religion / Winnifred Fallers Sullivan -- Comparison. Norms, values and metaphysics / Franklin I. Gamwell ; Cosmology / Frank E. Reynolds and Jonathan W. Schofer ; Culture and moral pluralism / Bruce Grelle ; History of religions / Donald K. Swearer ; Comparison in religious ethics / Sumner B. Twiss -- Part II: Moral traditions. Jewish ethics. Jewish ethics? / Hilary Putnam ; Foundations of Jewish ethics / Ronald M. Green ; Ethics differentiated from the law / Shaul Magid ; From law to ethics . . . and back / Nancy Levene -- Christian ethics. Christian ethics? / Gene Outka ; Origins of Christian ethics / Jef Van Gerwen ; Differentiation in Christian ethics / Vigen Guroian ; Trajectories in Christian ethics / Jean Porter -- Islamic Ethics. Muslim ethics? / Ebrahim Moosa ; Origins of Islamic ethics: foundations and constructions / A. Kevin Reinhart ; Islamic ethics: differentiations / Abdulaziz Sachedina ; Muslim ethical trajectories in the contemporary period / Frederick Mathewson Denny -- Buddhist ethics. Buddhist ethics? / John Ross Carter ; Origins of Buddhist ethics / Damien Keown ; Cultural differentiations in Buddhist ethics / Thomas P. Kasulis ; Buddhist ethics: trajectories / Charles Hallisey -- Indian/Hindu ethics. Hindu ethics? / Roy W. Perrett ; Origins of Hindu ethics / Anne E. Monius ; Differentiations in Hindu ethics / Maria Heim ; Trajectories of Hindu ethics / Joseph Prabhu -- Chinese ethics. Chinese ethics? / Eske Møllgaard ; Origins of Chinese ethics / Philip J. Ivanhoe ; Differentiations in Chinese ethics / Mark Csikszentmihalyi ; Trajectories of Chinese religious ethics / Mark Berkson -- African ethics. African ethics? / Barry Hallen ; Origins of African ethics / Segun Gbadegesin ; Differentiations in African ethics / Bénézet Bujo ; Trajectories in African ethics / Laura Grillo -- Part III: Moral issues. Systems. Economics / Max L. Stackhouse ; Technology / Gerald P. McKenny ; Ecology / William French ; Nations / Jean Bethke Elshtain ; Global dynamics / Sallie B. King ; Religious membership / Robin Gill -- Persons. Human rights / Simeon O. Ilesanmi ; Future generations / Svend Andersen ; Health / Katherine K. Young ; Body culture / Regina Ammicht-Quinn ; Religion and religious war / John Kelsay ; Moral development / Don S. Browning ; Indigenous peoples / Vine Deloria, Jr.

230.09 C178B
AUT Bagchi, David V. N. ; Steinmetz, David Curtis.
TIT The Cambridge companion to Reformation theology.
PUB Cambridge, U.K. ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2004.
SER Cambridge companions to religion.

248.3 M822o
AUT Moore, James P.
TIT One nation under God : the history of prayer in Americar. - 1st ed.
PUB New York : Doubleday : c2005.
CON Contents: The inhabitants, explorers, and settlers -- The preachers -- The visionaries -- The developers -- The dreamers -- The pathfinders -- The soldiers -- The healers -- The opportunists -- The idealists -- The innovators -- The defenders -- The rebuilders -- The new pioneers -- The contemporaries -- The innocents.

267.4 M491h
AUT Medina, Lara.
TIT Las Hermanas : Chicana/Latina religious-political activism in the U.S. Catholic Church.
PUB Philadelphia, Pa. : Temple University Press, 2004.

270.1 G986i
AUT Guy, Laurie.
TIT Introducing early Christianity : a topical survey of its life, beliefs, and practices.
PUB Downers Grove, Ill. : InterVarsity Press, c2004.
CON Contents: If Paul could see us now : four centuries of dramatic change -- Second-generation Christianity : the churches of the Apostolic Fathers -- Suffering and dying for God : persecution and martyrdom -- Getting organized : ministry and structure -- Getting recognized : Emperor Constantine's revolution -- Radical discipleship : asceticism and monasticism -- Women in the early church : liberated or confined? -- The emerging shape of worship : Eucharist and liturgy -- Getting in and staying in : baptism and penance -- Exploring the paths : the development of early Christian doctrine -- Mapping the mind of the church : orthodoxy defined.

Ref 287.03 H673y2, 2005
AUT Yrigoyen, Charles ; Warrick, Susan E.
TIT Historical dictionary of Methodism. - 2nd ed.
PUB Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press, c2005.
SER Historical dictionaries of religions, philosophies, and movements. ; no. 57.
CON Contents: Acronyms -- Chronology -- A brief history of Methodism -- Dictionary.

291.17 P481m v. 1,2
AUT Peters, F. E.
TIT The monotheists : Jews, Christians, and Muslims in conflict and competition.
PUB Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2003.

294.3 O52d
AUT Olson, Carl.
TIT The different paths of Buddhism : a narrative-historical introduction.
PUB New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press, c2005.
CON Contents: I: Origins and historical development -- Crows and monks: introduction -- The elephant and the Buddha -- 2: Theravida philosophy and practice -- The narrative path of the Buddha -- Ethical and political implications of Buddhist narratives -- The tale of beggars and donors -- The feminine narrative in Buddhism -- Stories from Buddhists villages -- 3: Major Mahayana movements and schools -- The Bodhisattva's path to perfection -- Secret narratives: philosophies of emptiness -- Devotional voices of the pure land -- Tales of Lamas: Tibetan Buddhism -- The no-narrative of seated meditation: Zen -- New narratives: recent paths of reform and revival.

294.3 S294h
AUT Schaeffer, Kurtis R.
TIT Himalayan hermitess : the life of a Tibetan Buddhist nun.
PUB New York : Oxford University Press, 2004.
CON Contents: Pt.1. The Buddhist Himalaya of Orgyan Chokyi. The religious world of the hermitess ; The life of the hermitess ; Sorrow and joy ; Women, men, suffering ; Religious practice. -- Pt.2. The life of Orgyan Chokyi. -- Appendix: Characters in the life of Orgyan Chokyi.

296.3 M514j
AUT Meir, Asher.
TIT The Jewish ethicist : everyday ethics for business and life.
PUB [Jersey City, N.J.] : KTAV ; Jerusalem, Israel : In Association with Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem, c2005.

300 Sociology, Economics, Politics, Law, Education

302 S779m, 2005
AUT Stafford, Laura.
TIT Maintaining long-distance and cross-residential relationships.
PUB Mahwah, N.J. : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2005.
SER LEA's communication series.
CON Contents: Rationale, definitions, and assumptions -- Theoretical orientations -- Long-distance dating relationships -- Adult romantic relationships -- Young children and parents -- Across generations: adult children, parents, and grandparents -- Peer relationships: siblings and friends -- Computer-mediated LDRs -- Propositions, implications. limitations, and lacunae -- Toward an expanded vision of relational maintenance.

302.23 C277w, 2005
AUT Carilli, Theresa ; Campbell, Jane.
TIT Women and the media : diverse perspectives.
PUB Lanham, Md. : University Press of America, c2005.
CON Contents: The male gaze in India's television commercials / Abhik Roy -- The Israeli womb : images of gendered nationalism in the Israeli press / Orly Shachar -- Lesbians in film : an examination of intimate danger / Catherine Gillotti -- Hegemony and sexual commodification of women in the Japanese media / Kimiko Akita -- Gender, class, and suffering in the Argentinean telenovela Milagros : an Italian perspective / Giovanna Del Negro -- Images of gender in Super Bowl advertising : a content analysis / Barbara King -- Locating italianita in Nancy Savoca's True love and Penny Marshall's Riding in cars with boys / Theresa Carilli -- Embodying deviance : representing women and drugs in the 1990s / Michele T. Berger -- Men change, women stay the same : images in ads targeted at young and mature adults / Tom Reichert -- Safety and restriction : the construction of black women's sexuality in Essence magazine / Gloria Gadsden -- Press coverage and awareness of gender equality issues in Japan / Shinichi Saito and Reiko Ishiyama -- Women in propaganda posters in post-liberation China : portrayals of insidious oppression / Xin-An Lu and Linda Y. Devenish -- Butterflies and boobs : ecofeminism complicity (or how to manufacture an environmental pin up girl) / Tina Richardson and Audrey Vanderford -- Performing politics : media aesthetics for women in political campaigns / Lori Montalbano-Phelps -- Million moms, MADD mothers, and feminists : media coverage of women activists / Angela High-Pippert -- A life's work : preserving and transcending immigrant culture / Linda Brigance -- Joan Ganz Cooney : the Children Television's Workshop / Margaret Finucane -- Frances Benjamin Johnston : mother of photojournalism / Cynthia Lont -- Recontextualizing the "change" : rhetorical and performative constructions of menopause in Cybil / Dacia Charlesworth.

302.23 M129s, 2004
AUT McCombs, Maxwell E.
TIT Setting the agenda : the mass media and
PUBic opinion.
PUB Cambridge, U.K. : Polity ; Malden, Mass. : Blackwell Pub., 2004.
CON Contents: Influencing
PUBic opinion -- Reality and the news -- How agenda-setting works -- Why agenda-setting occurs -- The pictures in our heads -- Attribute agenda-setting and framing -- Shaping the media agenda -- Consequences of agenda-setting -- Mass communication and society.

302.23 W981m, 2005
AUT Wykes, Maggie ; Gunter, Barrie.
TIT The media and body image : if looks could kill.
PUB London ; Thousand Oaks, Calif. : SAGE, 2005.

302.3 D155d, 2005
AUT Fisher, Roger ; Shapiro, Daniel.
TIT Beyond reason : using emotions as you negotiate.
PUB New York : Viking, 2005.
CON Contents: The big picture: Emotions are powerful, always present, and hard to handle -- Address the concern, not the emotion -- Take the initiative: Express appreciation -- Build affiliation: turn an adversary into a colleague -- Respect autonomy -- Acknowledge status -- Choose a fulfilling role -- On strong negative emotions -- Be prepared on process, substance, and emotion -- On using these ideas in the real world / Jamil Mahuad, former President of Ecuador -- Seven elements of negotiation.

302.3 F535b, 2005
AUT Damasio, Antonio R.
TIT Descartes' error : emotion, reason, and the human brain.
PUB New York : Penguin Books, 2005.

302.34 D923c, 2004
AUT Dunn, Judy.
TIT Children's friendships : the beginnings of intimacy.
PUB Malden, Mass. : Blackwell, 2004.
SER Understanding children's worlds.
CON Contents: Friends matter -- Beginnings -- Friends within a social world: The early school years -- Differences in children's friendships: links with social understanding -- With a little help from my friends -- Intrigues, bullying, rejection and loneliness -- Girls, boys and friendship -- Parents and friends -- Siblings and friends -- Implications.

302.54 C678w, 2005
AUT Cohen, Leah Hager.
TIT Without apology : girls, women, and the desire to fight. - 1st ed.
PUB New York : Random House, c2005.
CON Contents: pt. 1. Heart -- 1. Speed bag -- 2. Hand wraps -- 3. Time clock -- pt. 2. Damage -- 4. Blows -- 5. Feints -- 6. Reach -- pt. 3. Muscle -- 7. Good times -- 8. Breakheart -- 9. The ring.

303.38 A512N4, 2005
AUT New Strategist
PUBications, Inc.
TIT American attitudes : what Americans think about the issues that shape their lives. - 4th ed.
PUB Ithaca, N.Y. : New Strategist
PUBications, c2005.

303.38 C539p, 2004 v.1,2,3,4
AUT Chin, Jean Lau.
TIT The psychology of prejudice and discrimination.
PUB Westport, Conn. : Praeger
PUBishers, 2004.
SER Praeger perspectives Race and ethnicity in psychology. 1543-2203.
CON Contents: v. 1. Racisim in America -- v. 2. Ethnicity and multiracial identity -- v. 3. Bias based on gender and sexual orientation -- v. 4. Disability, religion, physique, and other traits.

303.38 M145s, 2002
AUT McGarty, Craig ; Yzerbyt, Vincent ; Spears, Russell.
TIT Stereotypes as explanations : the formation of meaningful beliefs about social groups.
PUB London ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2002.
CON Contents: Social, cultural, and cognitive factors in stereotype formation / Craig McGarty, Vincent Y. Yzerbyt and Russell Spears -- Stereotype formation as category formation / Craig McGarty -- Subjective essentialism and the emergence of stereotypes / Vincent Y. Yzerbyt and Steve Rocher -- The role of theories in the formation of stereotype content / Patricia M. Brown and John C. Turner -- Illusory correlation and stereotype formation: making sense of group differences and cognitive biases / Marite Bernsden, Russell Spears, Joop van der Pligt and Craig McGarty -- Dependence and the formation of stereotyped beliefs about groups: from interpersonal to intergroup perception / Olivier Corneille and Vincent Y. Yzerbyt -- Four degrees of stereotype formation: differentiation by any means necessary / Russell Spears -- From personal pictures in the head to collective tools in the world: how shared stereotypes allow groups to represent and change social reality / S. Alexander Haslam ... [et al.] -- Conclusion: stereotypes are selective, variable and contested explanations / Craig McGarty, Russell Spears and Vincent Y. Yzerbyt.

303.4094 O96F, 2004
AUT Forrester, Sibelan E. S. ; Zaborowska, Magdalena J ; Gapova, Elena.
TIT Over the wall/after the fall : post-communist cultures through an East-West gaze.
PUB Bloomington, Ind. : Indiana University Press, c2004.
CON Contents: How I found Eastern Europe : televisual geography, travel sites, and museum installations / Andaluna Borcila -- The nation in between ; or, why intellectuals do things with words / Elena Gapova -- Prenzlauer Berg connections : the trajectory of East German samizdat culture from socialism to capitalism / Lisa Whitmore -- Reading transparent "constructions of history" ; or, Three passages through (in)visible Warsaw / Magdalena Zaborowska -- Can Prague learn from L.A.? Frank Gehry's Netherlands National Building in Prague / David Houston -- Heteroglossia and linguistic neocolonialism : English teaching in post-1989 Poland / Bill Johnston -- Projections of desire : Robert D. Kaplan's Balkan ghosts and the crisis of self-definition / Anca Rosu -- Shifting a cultural paradigm : between the mystique and the marketing of Polish theatre / Halina Filipowicz -- "Hurrah, I'm still alive!" East German products demonstrating East German identities / Rainer Gries -- Cryptographic art of Bratislava : configurations of absence in postcommunist installation art / Paul Krainak -- "Move over Madonna" : gender, representation, and the "mystery" of Bulgarian voices / Carol Silverman -- Bearings of West for the Lviv Bohema / Mark Andryczyk -- "Don't get pricked!" representation and the politics of sexuality in the Czech Re
PUBic / Vra Sokolová -- From big brother to big burger (and what's the grand narrative got to do with it?) / "Benni Goodman".

303.482 S819k, 2005
AUT Steinberg, David I.
TIT Korean attitudes toward the United States : changing dynamics.
PUB Armonk, N.Y. : M.E. Sharpe, c2005.
CON Contents: Anti-American sentiment in the Korean context / David I. Steinberg -- Anti-Americanism in the age of American unipolarity / G. John Ikenberry -- Pacific co-prosperity? the San Francisco system and its implications in comparative perspective / Kent E. Calder -- Anti-Americanism in Japan / Brad Glosserman -- A Japanese perspective on anti-Americanism / Yoichi Funabashi -- Unilateralism and its discontents: the passing of the Cold War alliance and changing
PUBic opinion in the Re
PUBic of Korea / Meredith Woo-Cumings -- Anti-Americanism in Korea and Germany: comparative perspectives / Ronald Meinardus -- The structural basis of 'anti-Americanism' in the Re
PUBic of Korea / Bruce Cumings -- Anti-Americanism and the U.S. role in inter-Korean relations / Victor D. Cha -- Between banmi (anti-Americanism) and sungmi (worship of the United States): dynamics of changing U.S. images in South Korea / Chung-in Moon -- Revamping the Korean-American alliance: new political forces, paradigms, and roles and missions / Chung Min Lee -- Brothers versus friends: inter-Korean reconciliation and emerging anti-Americanism in South Korea / Kim Sung-han -- The U.S.-Korean status of forces agreement as a source of continuing Korean anti-American attitudes / James V. Feinerman -- Anti-Americanism, Korean style / Hahm Chaibong -- Citizen power in Korean-American relations / Katharine H.S. Moon -- Perception of American people, society, and influence: psychological, social, and cultural analysis of anti-American sentiments in South Korea / Uichol Kim and Young-Shin Park -- Changing perceptions in U.S.-Korean relations and the rise of anti-Americanism / William Watts -- The tipping point: Kwangju, May 1980 / William M. Drennan -- Anti-Americanism or 'anti-baseism': U.S.-South Korean relations through changing generations / Brent (Won-ki) Choi -- Industry and national identity: globalizing Korean auto manufacture / Dennis L. McNamara -- Anti-American sentiment in Korea and its importance: a guide for the perplexed? / David I. Steinberg.

303.625 C951d, 2005
AUT Crotty, William J.
TIT Democratic development & political terrorism : the global perspective.
PUB Boston, Mass. : Northeastern University Press, c2005.
SER Northeastern series on democratization and political development.
CON Contents: Democratization and political terrorism / William Crotty -- Towards a theoretical explanation of political extremism / Amílcar Antonio Barreto -- The view from America : presidential policy, elections, and the Congress / John S. Jackson III and Chris Barr -- Who rules the Middle East agenda? / Irene Gendzier -- Women, political violence, and democratization / Karla J. Cunningham -- Prospects for democracy in Islamic countries / Rein Taagepera -- Political violence and terrorism in Islamdom / James W. Roberts -- Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia : recruiting grounds for terrorism? / Irm Haleem -- Promoting democracy and fighting terrorism : a contradiction? / Abdullah Al-Faqih -- Repression, fundamentalism, and terrorism in the Middle East / Mehran Kamrava -- Interpreting political Islam's challenge to Southeast Asia : international terrorism, nationalism, and rational choice / Lawrence C. Reardon -- Inoculation against terrorism in China : what's in the dosage? / Suzanne Ogden -- Political terrorism and democratic and economic development in Indonesia / Dan G. Cox -- Perspectives on terrorism and African democratic state formation / John W. Harbeson -- Resilient authoritarianism, uncertain democratization, and jihadism in Algeria / Yahia H. Zoubir -- A tragedy of errors : thwarted democratization and Islamist violence in Algeria / Mohammed M. Hafez -- Human rights treaties and their influence on democratization : Ghana, Uganda, and Zambia / Iris Mwanza -- European counterterrorism lessons for U.S. policy / Lada Parizkova -- The impact of September 11th on terrorism and peace processes in Northern Ireland / David E. Schmitt -- Political violence and organized crime in Serbia : the impact on democratization / Lenard J. Cohen -- State-building and the final status in Kosovo / Richard P. Farkas -- Democratization and political terrorism in Latin America / Susan L. Macek and Howard J. Wiarda -- Central America and political terrorism / Jack Spence -- Colombia : democracy under duress / Steven Taylor -- International terrorism : causes and consequences for a democratic society / William Crotty.

303.625 H232i, 2004
AUT Hamzeh, Ahmad Nizar.
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CON Contents: Illegal Korea -- International terms of engagement -- The vocabulary of power -- Voices of dissent -- Mission législatrice -- Coda : a knowledgeable empire.

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TIT The American Constitution and the debate over originalism.
PUB Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2005.
CON Contents: The politics of originalism -- The concept of a living Constitution -- Interpretivism and originalism -- The paradox of originalism -- The problem of objectivity -- The epistemology of Constitutional discourse (I) -- The epistemology of Constitutional discourse (II) -- The ontology of Constitutional discourse (I) -- The ontology of Constitutional discourse (II) -- Conclusion: The political character of Constitutional discourse.

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TIT International environmental disputes : a reference handbook.
PUB Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, c2006.
SER Contemporary world issues.
CON Contents: International environmental law in context -- Problems, controversies, and solutions -- Special issues for the united states -- Chronology -- Biographical sketches -- Treaties, cases, reports, and other documents -- Directory of organizations, associations, and agencies -- Selected print and nonprint resources.

344.73 L366f, 2004
AUT Lau, Peter, F.
TIT From the grassroots to the Supreme Court : Brown v. Board of Education and American democracy.
PUB Durham, N.C. : Duke University Press, 2004.
SER Constitutional conflicts.
CON Contents: Plessy and the early challenges to the doctrine of 'separate, but equal' / Blair L. M. Kelley -- Tapestries of resistance: episodes of school segregation and desegregation in the western United States / Vicki L. Ruiz -- Within the shadow of Jim Crow: black struggles for education and liberation in North Carolina / Raymond Gavins -- 'Liberating lifescripts': Prince Edward County, South Carolina, Brown, and the struggle for democracy and equality in America / Peter F. Lau -- A civil rights vanguard: black attorneys and the NAACP in Virginia / Larissa M. Smith -- Prelude to Brown: education and the struggle for racial justice during the NAACP's formative decades, 1909-1934 / Patricia Sullivan -- J. Waties Waring and the making of liberal jurisprudence in postwar America / Christopher W. Schmidt -- Brown v. Board of Education: law or politics? / Michael J. Klarman -- The impact of lawyer-client disengagement on the NAACP's campaign to implement Brown v. Board of Education in Atlanta / Tomiko Brown-Nagin -- 'The new negro ain't scared no more!': black women's activism in North Carolina and the meaning of Brown / Christina Greene -- The rural-urban matrix in the 1950s South: rethinking racial justice struggles in Memphis / Laurie B. Greene -- New York, Puerto Ricans, and the dilemmas of integration / Madeleine E. López -- 'Stretching out': living and remembering Brown, 1945-1970 / Waldo E. Martin Jr. -- The Supreme Court's two principles of equality: from Brown to 2003 / Mark V. Tushnet -- Brown v. Board of Education and its impact on black education in America / Davison M. Douglas -- Brown and historical memory / Peter F. Lau.

345.73 S834u, 2004
AUT Stephens, Otis H. ; Glenn, Richard A A.
TIT Unreasonable searches and seizures : rights and liberties under the law.
PUB Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, c2006.
SER America's freedoms.
CON Contents: Pt. 1. Introduction. The Fourth Amendment in a dynamic society -- Probable cause and the warrant requirement -- Warrantless searches -- Investigatory detention -- Pt. 2 Origins. Introduction -- English background of search and seizure law -- Colonial background: the Writs of Assistance case -- Revolutionary background of search and seizure law -- The framing and adoption of the Fourth Amendment -- Early constitutional development of search and seizure law -- Pt. 3. Twentieth Century Issues. Introduction -- The search and seizure clause -- The warrant clause -- Exceptions to the warrant requirement -- Electronic surveillance -- The exclusionary rule -- Pt. 4. The Twenty-first Century Issues. Introducton -- September 11, 2001: potential impact on the Fourth Amendment -- The warrant clause -- Exceptions to the warrant requirement -- Electronic surveillance -- Pt. 5. Key Cases, Concepts, Persons, Laws, Terms. -- Pt. 6. Documents. Origins: General customs warrant (1749) -- Writ of assistance (1761) -- James Otis's Speech against Writs of assistance (1761) -- Exceptions to the warrant requirement: Terry v. Ohio (1968) -- City of Indianapolis v. Edmond (2000) -- Illinois v. Caballes (2005) -- Board of Education of Pottawatomie County v. Earls (2002) -- Electronic surveillance: Olmstead v. United States (1928) -- Katz v. United States (1967) -- United States v. United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan (1972) -- Kyllo v. United States (2001) -- The exclusionary rule: Weeks v. United States (1914) -- Mapp v. Ohio (1961) -- United States v. Leon (1984) -- Present day warrants and warrant-related materials: Pennsylvania application for search warrant and authorization -- Pennsylvania affidavit of probable cause -- Pennsylvania receipt/inventory of seized property -- Pennsylvania return of service and inventory -- Federal government application and affidavit for search warrant -- Federal government application and affidavit for seizure warrant.

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TIT The United States Supreme Court.
PUB Bronx, N.Y. : H. W. Wilson, 2005.
SER Reference shelf. ; v. 77, no. 5.

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TIT John F. Kennedy and the missile gap.
PUB DeKalb, Ill. : Northern Illinois University Press, c2004.

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TIT Health care policy and politics A to Z. - 2nd ed.
PUB Washington, D.C. : CQ Press, c2003.

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TIT --And a time to die : how American hospitals shape the end of life.
PUB New York : Scribner, c2005.
CON Contents: Introduction -- pt. I. The predicament : death becomes a new kind of problem -- Death and hospital culture -- Death in life : the "person" and the experience of dying -- pt. II. The hospital system : time and the power of the pathway -- Transforming time : from deathwatch to billable treatments -- Moving things along : The heroic intervention pathway ; The paradox of resuscitation: approach/avoidance on the heroic pathway ; The revolving door pathway -- Waiting : Obstructing the order of things ; "Let's wait and see": the indeterminate condition of old age ; Agreement and anticipation: watchful waiting -- pt. III. The politics and rhetoric of the patient's condition : "suffering," "dignity," and the "quality of life" -- Death by design -- Life support -- Hidden places : the zone of indistinction as a way of life : The specialized unit: routines without pathways, life with no end ; The shadow side of "death with dignity" -- Culture in the making.

362.29 S634p, 2004
AUT Sloan, Frank A.
TIT The price of smoking.
PUB Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2004.
CON Contents: Tabulating the cost of smoking -- Approaches for assessing the cost of smoking -- What we know and don't know about the cost of smoking -- Effects of smoking on mortality -- How much does smoking increase outlays for personal health care? -- Effects of smoking on social security -- Private pensions: do the cross-subsidies mirror those for social security? -- Do nonsmokers cross-subsidize smokers in the market for life insurance? -- Effects of smoking on morbidity, disability, and work loss -- Health effects of smoking on others -- Summing up.

362.292 L796s, 2004
AUT Lobdell, Jared.
TIT This strange illness : alcoholism and Bill W.
PUB New York : Aldine de Gruyter, c2004.
CON Contents: Alcoholism and treatment for alcoholism from early times to the repeal of prohibition -- This strange illness of mind, body, and spirit -- A scientific note: typologies, heredities, and the adjacent possible -- Mind: the psychology of alcoholism -- Body: the biogenetics and biochemistry of alcoholism -- Theology of alcoholism, sobriety, and Alcoholics Anonymous -- The twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous -- The twelve traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous -- Paradigm regained: suggestions from our scientific research program.

362.292 T258T, 2002
AUT Torr, James D.
TIT Teens and alcohol.
PUB San Diego, Calif. : Greenhaven Press, c2002.
SER Current controversies.

362.76 S387n, 2005
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TIT Not monsters : analyzing the stories of child molesters.
PUB Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield, c2005.
CON Contents: The impact of child sexual abuse -- "Truth" and the social construction of child sexual abuse -- Tony, the actor -- Red, the martyr -- Billy, the monstrous child -- Darrell, the altar boy -- Abe, the family man -- Greg, the victim -- Ben, the defeated soldier -- Matthew, the lost boy -- Rick, the user -- Making sense of the senseless.

363.23 H723c, 2004
AUT Holbert, Steve ; Rose, Lisa.
TIT The color of guilt & innocence : racial profiling and police practices in America.
PUB San Ramon, Calif. : Page Marque Press, c2004.
CON Contents: Preface -- Part I. How did we get here? -- 1. Racial profiling and the pretext traffic stop -- 2. Monsters in the closet -- Fear and racism -- Taming the primal fear system -- Predicting fear and racism -- 3. Patterns of racial injustice : stepping into the shoes -- A look back -- 4. Back to the dinosaurs -- The war on drugs -- The war on crime -- The war on terrorism -- Racial profiling : a help or hindrance? -- Flying the unfriendly skies -- The changing face of terrorism -- Racial profiling in immigration enforcement -- The American way -- Looking ahead to the rising cost of travel -- Coming full circle -- Part II. Is Jim Crow alive and well in America? -- 5. In the shadow of the badge -- "Rogue" cops -- The "code of silence" -- Internal affairs divisions : who's policing the police? -- Politics versus progress -- 6. One perspective : civil rights groups lead the fight to end racial profiling in America -- Response to the government's war on drugs -- Concerns about police response to racial profiling accusations -- The underlying problem -- Racism -- The underlying social costs -- Civil rights groups' proposals for change -- 7. Truth in numbers -- A
PUBic perception -- Officer statistics -- The facts about force -- Battle of the sexes -- Dollars and "sense" -- How much is too much? -- Federal prosecution data -- Civil remedies -- Finding a middle ground -- Part III. Do you want crime to prevail? -- 8. Law enforcement perspective : cops speak out -- A crime is a crime -- Quality of life policing -- Political emphasis on the crime rate -- Does crime determine color? -- Don't shoot the messenger -- The two extremes -- Playing it safe -- Weapons for change -- 9. An equation for success, an inside look at Phoenix police chief Harold Hurtt and the Phoenix Police Department -- Background -- Recruiting new officers -- Training -- Community policing -- Uncovering the real issue -- Affirmative action -- Racial profiling versus criminal profiling -- Data collection -- Officer accountability and discipline -- Marketing the police -- 10. Scales of justice -- Legal background -- Selective enforcement -- Selective prosecution -- Consent doctrine -- Exclusionary rule -- Part IV. What's the score? -- 11. Data collection and analysis -- The collection process -- Data analysis -- Establishing a benchmark -- Assigning a risk factor -- "Blind" stops -- Who initiated the stop? -- Statistical significance -- A look inside four data collection programs -- San Jose, California -- San Diego, California -- North Carolina -- New Jersey -- Lessons learned -- 12. Call to action -- A national campaign -- Part V. We are all Americas -- 13. Coming together for a solution -- Problem identification -- Solutions : part A -- Solutions : part B -- 14. Reflections -- Appendix : resources -- Index -- Order form.

363.37 P997t, 2004
AUT Pyne, Stephen J.
TIT Tending fire : coping with America's wildland fires.
PUB Washington, D.C. : Island Press, c2004.
CON Contents: Prologue. Seeing meaning in the flames -- 1. Why fire? -- Fire's narrative -- An imperial narrative -- America's narrative -- Rhythms and reasons -- 2. Torch and shovel : the means of fire management -- Option 1. Let burn -- Option 2. Suppress -- Option 3. Prescribe burn -- Option 4. Change combustibility -- The elements compounded -- 3. Sparks and embers : ideas in the wind -- The big fire -- Firestop II and Firestart I -- Fire in the mind -- Fire as community -- 4. Flash points : fire scenarios for the future -- The fires this time and next -- The not-quite vestal fire on the no-long virgin land -- The big burn -- Epilogue. Imaging fire -- Appendix. Fire's American century : by the numbers.

363.7285 M528g, 2005
AUT Melosi, Martin V.
TIT Garbage in the cities : refuse, reform, and the environment. - Rev. ed.
PUB Pittsburgh, Pa. : University of Pittsburgh Press, c2005.
SER History of the urban environment.
CON Contents: Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Refuse Problem in the Late Nineteenth Century -- The "Apostle of Cleanliness" and the Origins of Refuse Management -- Refuse as an Engineering Problem: Sanitary Engineers and Municipal Reform -- Refuse as an Aesthetic Problem: Voluntary Citizens' Organizations and Sanitation -- Street-Cleaning Practices in the Early Twentieth Century -- Collection and Disposal Practices in the Early Twentieth Century -- Solid Waste as Pollution in Twentieth-Century America -- The Garbage Crisis in the Late Twentieth Century.

364.1092 O31s, 2005
AUT O'Faolain, Nuala.
TIT The story of Chicago May.
PUB New York : Riverhead Books, 2005.
CON Contents: I: 1890 to 1893 -- 1. From Edenmore to the new world -- 2. Nebraska to Chicago -- II: 1893 to 1900 -- 4. The tenderloin of Manhattan -- III: 1900 to 1907 -- 5. The Paris heist -- 6. Escapes and homecomings -- 7. London -- IV: 1907 to 1917 -- 8. Aylesbury -- V: 1917 to 1929 -- 9. Downward to Detroit -- 10. Moving toward love.

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TIT In cold blood : a true account of a multiple murder and its consequences. - Random House, Inc., 2002 ed.
PUB New York : Random House, 2002.

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AUT Reddington, Frances P ; Kreisel, Betsy Wright.
TIT Sexual assault : the victims, the perpetrators, and the criminal justice system.
PUB Durham, N.C. : Carolina Academic Press, c2005.
CON Contents: An overview of sexual assault and sexual assault myths -- Sexual assault definitions -- Drug-facilitated sexual assault in private and professional relationships : a legal perspective -- Victim response to sexual assault -- The impact of HIV/AIDS on rape survivors -- The ripple effect : secondary sexual assault survivors -- Sexual abuse of males -- Sexual abuse of men in prisons -- Labeling theory as an etiological paradigm for prison rape -- A violation of trust and professional ethics : sexual abuse of women prisoners by correctional staff -- Sexual abuse of children -- Reading incest : interpreting signs of victimization and family dysfunction in one survivor's account -- Rapists -- A brief history of rape law and rape law reform in the United States -- Police and victims of sexual assault -- Prosecution of sex crimes -- Sex offender treatment : an overview -- Sex offender laws : some legislative responses.

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TIT A general history of the pyrates.
PUB Mineola, N.Y. : Dover
PUBications, 1999.

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TIT Corporate scandals : the many faces of greed : the great heist, financial bubbles and the absence of virtue. - 1st ed.
PUB St. Paul, Minn. : Paragon House, 2005.

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AUT San Miguel, Guadalupe.
TIT Contested policy : the rise and fall of federal bilingual education in the United States, 1960-2001.
PUB Denton, Tex. : University of North Texas Press, c2004.
SER Al filo. ; no. 1.
CON Contents: Origins of federal bilingual education policy -- The expansion of bilingual education, 1968-1978 -- Retrenchment and redefinition, 1980-1988 -- The final push, 1990s.

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AUT Rofes, Eric E. ; Stulberg, Lisa M.
TIT The emancipatory promise of charter schools : toward a progressive politics of school choice.
PUB Albany, N.Y. : State University of New York Press, c2004.

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AUT Egan, Kieran.
TIT An imaginative approach to teaching. - 1st ed.
PUB San Francisco, Calif. : Jossey-Bass, c2005.
CON Contents: Introduction : imagination underfoot -- A tool kit for learning : story, metaphor, binary opposites, rhyme, rhythm, and pattern, jokes and humor, mental imagery, gossip, play, mystery, embryonic tools of literacy -- A tool kit for literacy : sense of reality, extremes of experience and limits of reality, association with heroes, sense of wonder, collectuins and hobbies, knowledge and human meaning, narrative understanding, revolt and idealism, changing the context, literate eye, embryonic tools of theoretic thinking -- A tool kit for theoretic thinking : sense of abstract reality, sense of agency, grasp of general ideas and their anomalies, search for authority and truth, meta-narrative understanding -- Conclusion : imagination every day -- Appendix A. Mythic framework -- Appendix B. Romantic framework -- Appendix C. Philosophic framework.

371.9 D746t, 2005
AUT Downing, June.
TIT Teaching literacy to students with significant disabilities : strategies for the K-12 inclusive classroom.
PUB Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Corwin Press, c2005.
CON Contents: Literacy and a free appropriate
PUBic education -- Literacy and communication -- Planning literacy activities -- Teaching literacy skills -- Evaluating progress: next steps -- The future for literacy access and instruction.

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TIT A guide to high school success for students with disabilities.
PUB Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2004.

371.93 H236R, 2004
AUT Rutherford, Robert Bruce ; Quinn, Mary M ; Mathur, Sarup R.
TIT Handbook of research in emotional and behavioral disorders.
PUB New York : Guilford Press, c2004.
CON Contents: Overview of foundations, assessment, characteristics, interventions, and methodology in emotional and behavioral disorders research -- PART I: FOUNDATIONS OF RESEARCH: Introduction -- Historical to contemporary perspectives on the field of emotional and behavioral disorders -- Classification and definition of emotional and behavioral disorders -- Cultural and linguistic competency and disproportionate representation -- Linking prevention research with policy: examining the costs and outcomes of the failure to prevent emotional and behavioral disorders -- How research informs practice in the field of emotional and behavioral disorders -- PART II: ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION: Introduction -- Assessment and evaluation of students' behavior and intervention outcomes: the utility of rating scale methods -- Functional behavioral assessment -- Psychiatric and psychological assessment of emotional and behavioral disorders during school mental health consultation -- Curriculum-based measurement of students with emotional and behavioral disorders: assessment for data-based decision making -- Early identification and prevention of emotional and behavioral disorders -- Accountability and assessment for students with emotional and behavioral disorders -- PART III: CHARACTERISTICS OF EMOTIONAL AND BEHAVIORAL DISORDERS: Introduction -- Externalizing behaviors of aggression and violence and the school context -- Internalizing behavior problems in children and adolescents -- Youth delinquency: prevention and intervention -- Research issues in autism spectrum disorders -- PART IV: INTERVENTION AND TREATMENT RESEARCH: Introduction -- Early intervention in emotional and behavioral disorders -- Psychopharmacology in the treatment of emotional and behavioral disorders -- The school-to-community transition of adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders -- Teaching alternative behaviors to students with emoitonal and behavioral disorders -- Informed practice in teaching self-control to children with emotional and behavioral disorders -- Instruction and classroom management: prevention and intervention research -- Social skills training and teaching social behavior in students with emotional and behavior disorders -- Academic instruction and tutoring interventions for students with emotional and behavioral disorders: 1990 to the present -- Schoolwide systems of behavior support: maximizing student success in schools -- Collaboration with other agencies: wraparound and systems of care for children and youth with emotional and behavioral disorders -- PART V: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: Introduction -- Applied behavior analysis and the education and treatment of students with emotional and behavioral disorders -- Experimental research designs in the study of children and youth with emotional and behavioral disorders -- Qualitative research and its contribution to the knowledge of emotional and behavioral disorders -- Data collection in research and applications involving...

371.94 C647h, 2005
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TIT Handbook of emotional & behavioural difficulties.
PUB London ; Thousand Oaks, Calif. : SAGE, 2005.

371.95 C156t, 2005
AUT Callard-Szulgit, Rosemary.
TIT Teaching the gifted in an inclusion classroom : activities that work.
PUB Lanham, Md. : ScarecrowEducation, 2005.
CON Contents: Accelerated reader -- Angels in action -- Brainstorming -- Bringing Shakespeare's meter alive -- The Callard-Szulgit star of excellence -- Cloze -- Creative problems solving (CPS) -- Diversity of life -- Finding Forrester -- Fostering brilliance -- Four popular questions with commonsense solutions -- Future problem-solving program -- Hearing the song without right or wrong -- I am poems -- The international Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program -- Let's get real: National academic competition -- Little man Tate -- Lunch bunch -- Math question of the day, or "MQ of D" -- Mindbenders -- Modifying a thesis: watching one idea evolve into something else -- National Geographic Bee -- Newbery and Caldecott Award-winning books -- Place-value games -- The President's fitness challenge -- Project success enrichment -- Reading counts: Book talk -- School-related studies (SRS) -- Scripps National Spelling Bee -- Speak to me about being gifted -- SQ3R -- The stock market game -- Survivor in English 7 -- Tiny worlds -- Web quests and the gifted.

374.22 R777r, 2005
AUT Rooney, Kathleen.
TIT Reading with Oprah : the book club that changed America.
PUB Fayetteville, Ark. : University of Arkansas Press, 2005.
CON Contents: Preface, end of story? -- The stories of Oprah : Oprah's book club and American literary culture -- Jonathan Franzen versus Oprah Winfrey : disses, disinvitations, and disingenuousness -- Raise your hand if you haven't done all the reading : the novels of OBC -- Formatted to fit your screen : the flattening effects of television on the books of OBC -- Is this it? : the end of Oprah's book club as we know it -- Everything old is new again : Oprah's book club returns with the classics.

378.121 D751r, 2005
AUT Downs, Donald Alexander.
TIT Restoring free speech and liberty on campus.
PUB Oakland, Calif. : Independent Institute ; Cambridge, U.K. ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2005.
SER Independent studies in political economy.
CON Contents: The return of the proprietary university : the new politics of free speech and civil liberty -- The rise of ideologies against free speech and liberty -- Columbia's sexual misconduct policy : civil liberty versus solidarity -- Berkeley and the rise of the anti-free speech movement -- Undue process at Penn -- Renewal : the rise of the free speech movement at Wisconsin -- Abolition in the Wisconsin faculty senate and its aftermath -- Civil liberty and political strategy on campus.

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TIT Educating citizens : international perspectives on civic values and school choice.
PUB Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, c2004.

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TIT Many children left behind : how the No Child Left Behind Act is damaging our children and our schools.
PUB Boston, Mass. : Beacon Press, c2004.

379.73 H418a, 2004
AUT Hayes, William.
TIT Are we still a nation at risk two decades later?.
PUB Lanham, Md. : ScarecrowEducation, 2004.
CON Contents: The beginning -- The commission -- The report -- The others -- The critics -- The standards -- The tests -- The teachers -- The administrators -- The boards -- The parents -- The students -- The money -- The choice -- The law -- The present -- The future.

382.917 L473, 2005
AUT Lederman, Daniel ; Maloney, William F. ; Serven, Luis.
TIT Lessons from NAFTA for Latin America and the Caribbean.
PUB Palo Alto, Calif. : Stanford Economics and Finance ; Washington, DC : World Bank, c2005.
SER Latin American development forum.
CON Contents: Lessons from NAFTA for Latin American and Caribbean countries -- NAFTA and convergence in North America : high expectations, big events, little time -- Macroeconomic dynamics after NAFTA : synchronization, volatility, and macroeconomic policy coordination -- NAFTA's remaining trade barriers -- Factor markets -- Innovation in Mexico : NAFTA is not enough -- NAFTA and the trade flows of nonmember countries -- The impact of NAFTA on foreign investment in third countries.

384.54 T772W, 2005
AUT Winn, J. Emmett ; Brinson, Susan L.
TIT Transmitting the past : historical and cultural perspectives on broadcasting.
PUB Tuscaloosa, Ala. : University of Alabama Press, c2005.

394.264 H168d, 2004
AUT Haley, Shawn D ; Fukuda, Curt.
TIT The Day of the Dead : when two worlds meet in Oaxaca.
PUB New York ; Oxford : Berghahn Books, 2004.
CON Contents: The day of the dead -- Oaxaca and its people -- Funerals and death -- The day of the dead markets -- Preparation -- November first: a private affair -- November second: Panteones and
PUBic festivities -- The roots of the day of the dead -- The future of the day of the dead.

Ref 394.269 C555i, 2004
AUT Christianson, Stephen G ; Messina, Lynn ; Peloso, Jennifer.
TIT The international book of days.
PUB New York : H.W. Wilson, 2004.

400 Languages

422 L695w
AUT Liberman, Anatoly.
TIT Word origins-- and how we know them : etymology for everyone.
PUB Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2005.
CON Contents: The object of etymology -- The thing and the sign -- Sound imitative words -- Sound symbolism -- Folk etymology -- Words based on reduplication -- Infixation -- Disguised compounds -- Suffixes, prefixes, misdivision, and blends -- Words and names -- Coinages by known individuals -- Borrowed words -- A retrospect: the methods of etymology -- Sound laws -- Change of meaning in language history -- The origin of the earliest words and ancient roots -- The state of English etymology.

428.07 G822d
AUT Gregory, Gayle ; Kuzmich, Lin.
TIT Differentiated literacy strategies : for student growth and achievement in grades 7-12.
PUB Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Corwin Press, c2005.
CON Contents: Introduction: Multiple competencies in literacy. -- Accelerating literacy learning. -- Creating a climate for literacy learning. -- Knowing the adolescent literacy learner. -- Functional literacy. -- Content area literacy. -- Technological literacy. -- Innovative literacy. -- Managing instruction in the differentiated literacy classroom.

428.4 J58a
AUT Jetton, Tamara L ; Dole, Janice A.
TIT Adolescent literacy research and practice.
PUB New York : Guilford Press, 2004.
SER Solving problems in the teaching of literacy.
CON Contents: Teaching content domains through literacy -- Teaching adolescents with literacy difficulties -- Critical issues in adolescent literacy -- Reflections on theory and current practice.

500 Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics

510.71 R762s, 2004
AUT Romberg, Thomas A.
TIT Standards-based mathematics assessment in middle school : rethinking classroom practice.
PUB New York : Teachers College Press, c2004.
SER Ways of knowing in science and mathematics series.
CON Contents: Monitoring student progress / Jan de Lange and Thomas A. Romberg -- Instructional innovation and changing assessments / M. Elizabeth Graue and Stephanie Z. Smith -- Expanding classroom practices / Mary C. Schafer -- Practices in transition : a case study of classroom assessment / Marvin E. Smith -- Developing assessment problems on percentage / Marja van den Heuvel-Panhuizen -- Analysis of an end-of-unit test / Monica Wijers -- The design of open-open assessment tasks / Els Feijis and Jan de Lange -- Investigations as thought-revealing assessment problems / Martin van Reeuwijk and Monica Wijers -- Making instructional decisions : assessment to inform the teacher / Martin van Reeuwijk -- Enriching assessment opportunities through classroom discourse / David C. Webb -- Collaborative partnership : staff development that works / Ann Frederickson and Michael Ford -- Retracing a path to assessing for understanding / Teresa Her and David C. Webb -- Classroom assessment as a basis for teacher change / David C. Webb...[et al.].

510.92 C767d, 2005
AUT Conway, Flo ; Siegelman, Jim.
TIT Dark hero of the information age : in search of Norbert Wiener, the father of cybernetics.
PUB New York : Basic Books, c2005.
CON Contents: Prologue: Time past, time present -- Pt. 1: The elephant's child. The most remarkable boy in the world -- Young Wiener -- The Wunderkind and the Frau-Professor -- Weak currents, light computers -- Wienerwalks -- Birth of a science. -- Pt. 2: In the court of cybernetics. The knights of circular causality -- Breakfast at Macy's -- The big bang : cybernetics -- Wienerwalks II -- Breach and betrayal. -- Pt. 3: Aftermath. A scientist rebels -- A government reacts -- Wienerwalks III -- Homage to the elephant's child : The 'satiable soul of Norbert Wiener -- Childhood's end. -- Epilogue: Time future: surviving the global society.

512.73 D537f, 2005
AUT Diamond, Fred ; Shurman, Jerry Michael.
TIT A first course in modular forms.
PUB New York : Springer, 2005.
SER Graduate texts in mathematics. ; 228.
CON Contents: Modular forms, elliptic curves, and modular curves -- Modular curves as Riemann surfaces -- Dimension formulas -- Eisenstein series -- Hecke operators -- Jacobians and Abelian varieties -- Modular curves as algebraic curves -- The Eichler-Shimura relation and L-functions -- Galois representations.

515.352 S789i, 2005
AUT Stanoyevitch, Alexander.
TIT Introduction to numerical ordinary and partial differential equations using MATLAB.
PUB Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Interscience, c2005.
SER Pure and applied mathematics.

520.92 M685c, 2005
AUT Mitton, Simon.
TIT Conflict in the cosmos : Fred Hoyle's life in science.
PUB Washington, D.C. : Joseph Henry Press, c2005.
CON Contents: An end--and a beginning -- To the frontiers of the universe : training for cosmology -- The star makers -- Hoyle's secret war -- The nature of the universe -- Lives of the stars -- Clash of titans -- Origin of the chemical elements -- Matters of gravity -- Mountains to climb -- The watershed -- Stones, bones, bugs, and accidents.

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TIT Deep sky observer's guide.
PUB Richmond Hill, Ont. : Firefly Books, 2005.

530.092 B618a, 2005
AUT Bird, Kai ; Sherwin, Martin J.
TIT American Prometheus : the triumph and tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer. - 1st ed.
PUB New York : A.A. Knopf, 2005.
CON Contents: I: "He received every new idea as perfectly beautiful" -- "His separate prison" -- "I am having a pretty bad time" -- "I find the work hard. Thank God, & almost pleasant" -- "I am Oppenheimer" -- "Oppie" -- "The nim nim boys" -- II: "In 1936 my interests began to change" -- "[Frank] clipped it out and sent it in" -- "More and more surely" -- "I'm going to marry a friend of yours, Steve" -- "We were pulling the new deal to the left" -- "The coordinator of rapid rupture" -- "The Chevalier affair" -- III: "He'd become very patriotic" -- "Too much secrecy" -- "Oppenheimer is telling the truth..." -- "Suicide, motive unknown" -- "Would you like to adopt her? '' "Bohr was God, and Oppie was his prophet" -- "The impact of the gadget on civilization" -- "Now we're all sons-of-bitches" -- IV: "Those poor little people" -- "I feel I have blood on my hands" -- "People could destroy New York" -- "Oppie had a rash and is not immune" -- "An intellectual hotel" -- "He couldn't understand why he did it" -- "I am sure that is why she threw things at him" -- "He never let on what his opinion was" -- "Dark words about Oppie" -- "Scientist X" -- "The beast in the jungle" -- V: "It looks pretty bad, doesn't it?" -- "I fear that this whole thing is a piece of idiocy" -- "A manifestation of hysteria" -- "A black mark on the Escutcheon of our country" -- "I can still feel the warm blood on my hands" -- "It was really like a never-never-land" -- "It should have been done the day after trinity" -- "There's only one Robert".

530.1 P417r, 2005
AUT Penrose, Roger.
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SER [Science essentials].
CON Contents: Building a brain -- Maturing a brain -- Developing behaviors -- Teaching older dogs new tricks -- Controversy: new neurons; genes, and behavior -- Is aging of the brain a disease? -- Conclusions (and speculations).

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CON Contents: The political context for women of color organizing -- African American women seed a movement -- The National Black Women's Health Project (NBWHP) -- African American Women Evolving (AAWE) -- Reproductive rights and wrongs in native America: genocide and reproductive rights -- Mother's Milk Project -- Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center -- Organizing by Asian and Pacific Islander women -- Asians and Pacific Islanders for Reproductive Justice (APIRH) -- The National Asian Women's Health Organization (NAWHO) -- "We will no longer be silent or invisible": Latinas organizing for reproductive justice -- The Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR) -- The National Latina Health Organization (NLHO).

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CON Contents: Pharmacology and our human future -- Hormone therapy and the new medical paradigm enhancements : where are the limits? -- Testosterone as therapy and myth -- "Psychic steroids" : Prozac as a performance-enhancing drug -- Back to the future : the sex hormone market from organotherapy to "andro" -- The aphrodisiac that failed : why testosterone did not become a mass sex therapy -- What they did to women : the origins of sex therapy -- Sex before kinsey : what doctors and patients did not know -- Hormones and the state : sex and marital stability -- Patriarchal sex therapy : curing "frigidity" with hormones -- Reorienting male desire : curing homosexuals with sex hormones -- Aphrodisia for the masses? -- The secret life of testosterone therapy -- The mainstreaming of testosterone -- Celebrating testosterone -- Hormone therapy and the discovery of sexual deficiency -- Preserving the feminine essence : estrogen and menopause -- Does the male menopause exist? -- "Outlaw" biomedical innovations : hormone therapy and beyond -- Hormone therapy and cosmetic procedures : the new medical ethos -- Offshore entrepreneurial medicine : from embryos to cloning -- Medical populism and outlaw medicine : fertility techniques and medical marijuana -- Hormone therapists and hormone evangelists -- Hormone therapy for athletes : doping as social transgression -- Introduction -- Doping before steroids : clean amateurs and doped professionals -- The sports physician as hormone therapist -- The entrepreneurial physician -- Medical ethics -- The doctor-athlete relationship -- The patient as athlete, the athlete as patient --
PUBic responses to doping -- A war against drugs? -- The politics of hormone doping in sport -- International doping control before reform -- Sportive nationalism and doping -- International doping control after reform -- A war on drugs? -- Athletes and the doping of everyday life -- Athletic doping and the human future -- Epilogue, testosterone as a way of life.

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CON Contents: Disordered eating categories and their application to athletes -- Prevalence of disordered eating among athletes -- Etiology of disordered eating in athletes -- Disordered eating in male athletes -- Effects of disordered eating on performance -- Effects of disordered eating on health -- Preventing disordered eating in athletes -- Identifying disordered eating in athletes -- Treatment considerations for athletes with disordered eating -- Managing athletes with disordered eating -- Successful eating disorder screening, prevention, and treatment programs for athletes.

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SER Health reference series.

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TIT Brain disorders sourcebook : basic consumer health information about acquired and traumatic brain injuries, infections of the brain, epilepsy and seizure disorders, cerebral palsy, and degenerative neurological disorders, including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), dementias, multiple sclerosis, and more; along with information on the brain's structure and function, treatment and rehabilitation options, reports on current research initiatives, a glossary of terms related to brain disorders and injuries, and a directory of sources for further help and information. - 2nd ed.
PUB Detroit, Mich. : Omnigraphics, c2005.
SER Health reference series.
CON Contents: Anatomy of the brain -- Neurons, brain chemistry, and neurotransmission -- Tests used in diagnosing brain disorders -- Recent brain research -- Brain death -- Stroke -- Brain aneurysms -- Brain tumors -- Infections of the brain -- Traumatic brain injuries -- Epilepsy -- Nonepileptic seizures -- First aid for seizures -- Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) -- Dementias: hope through research -- Huntington disease -- Multiple sclerosis (MS) -- Parkinson disease -- Cerebral palsy -- Headache -- Hydrocephalus -- Narcolepsy.

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CON Contents: Viruses -- Bacteria -- Fungi -- Protozoa.

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CON Contents: The smallest passengers on Noah's ark -- Heirloom infections: microbes before the advent of humans -- Humans as hunters: animal origins of bioterrorism -- Humans as farmers: microbes move into the home -- Humans as villagers: microbes in the promised land -- Humans as traders: microbes get passports -- Humans as pet-keepers: microbes move into the bedroom -- Humans as diners: mad cows and sane chickens -- Microbes from the modern food chain: lessons from SARS, influenza, and bird flu -- The coming plagues: lessons from AIDS, West Nile virus, and Lyme disease -- A four-footed viewof history.

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CON Contents: "We realized we were onto something" : naming FAS -- "Conceived in gin" : historical sightings of alcohol and pregnancy -- "A clinically observable abnormality" : framing FAS -- "Not quite like other children" : FAS, science, and medicine -- "According to the Surgeon General" : warning women against drinking -- "Tempest in a cocktail glass" : pregnancy policing and the media -- The Thorp case : Jim Beam on trial -- "An argument that goes back to the womb" : adoptions, courtrooms, and FAS today.

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TIT Birthing fathers : the transformation of men in American rites of birth.
PUB New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press, c2005.
CON Contents: American fathers and hospital childbirth -- Couvade in society and history -- Standing vigil: fathers in the waiting room, 1920-1970 -- Birthing revolution: men to the barricades -- Birthing classes: training men to birth -- Men's experience of birth -- Fathers, birth, and society.

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CON Contents: Introduction : different ways of understanding young children and trauma -- Rainbows of tears, souls full of hope : cultural issues related to young children and trauma / Marva L. Lewis, Chandra Ghosh Ippen -- Trauma and attachment : the case for disrupted attachment disorder / Sarah Hinshaw-Fuselier, Sherryl Scott Heller, Victoria T. Parton, Lara Robinson, Neil W. Boris -- "Hidden trauma" in infancy : attachment, fearful arousal, and early dysfunction of the stress response system / Michelle R. Schuder, Karlen Lyons-Ruth -- Introduction : what are we assessing for, and why? -- Assessment and treatment of young children exposed to traumatic events / Alicia F. Lieberman, Patricia Van Horn -- Diagnostic and treatment issues in cases of childhood trauma / Stacy A. Klapper, Nancy S. Plummer, Robert J. Harmon -- Relationship assessment for young traumatized children / Julie A. Larrieu, Shana M. Bellow -- Identification, assessment, and intervention for young traumatized children within a pediatric setting / Betsy McAlister Groves, Marilyn Augustyn -- Traumatized young children : assessment and treatment processes / Theodore J. Gaensbauer -- Introduction : collaborations for young traumatized chilren with juvenile courts, law enforcement, and child welfare -- Healing the child in juvenile court / Joy D. Osofsky, Cindy Lederman -- Partnerships for young children in court : how judges shape collaborations serving traumatized children / Patricia Van Horn, Donna J. Hitchens -- Working with traumatized infants and toddlers in the child welfare system / Anna T. Smyke, Valerie Wajda-Johnston, Charles H. Zeanah, Jr. -- How law enforcement and mental health professionals can partner to help traumatized children / Joy D. Osofsky, Jill Hayes Hammer, Nancy Freeman, J. Michael Rovaris -- How research informs clinical work with traumatized young children / Michelle Bosquet -- Perspectives on work with traumatized young children : how to deal with the feelings emerging from trauma work / Joy D. Osofsky.

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SER Understanding science & technology series.
CON Contents: First ideas and some history -- Mathematical methods of information transmission: why sinusoids? -- Information sources: what is out there to be sent? -- Transmission methods: How is information sent? -- Information theory and coding: what did Shannon promise? -- Cryptology: FUBSWRORJB?? -- Communication networks: let's get connected.

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SER Wildlife monographs. ; no.160.

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PUB Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland, 2005.
CON Contents: 1. America builds an industry -- 2. America's wide-open market -- 3. The rise of Japan -- 4. Toyota--first on shore -- 5. "A legend in its time"--Toyota's rise to the top -- 6. Datsun's debut--Los Angeles, 1958 -- 7. Lost and found--from Datsun to Nissan -- 8. Honda's American dream -- 9. Honda's American dream--part two -- 10. Mazda makes its mark -- 11. Subaru and Suzuki stake their claim -- 12. Isuzu and Mitsubishi--captive no more -- 13. Advantage Japan--environment, embargo and excellence -- 14. This yacht is sinking--Detroit flounders -- 15. If you can't beat 'em ... Japanese/American tie-ins -- 16. The new American automotive community -- 17. American labor--Japanese-style -- 18. The return of the unequal treaties--U.S.-Japan trade -- 19. The road ahead--from conquest to concept.

Albrightiana Faculty 629.2 S993
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CON Contents: The seeds of time. Introduction / Ghillean Prance ; The hunter-gatherers / Ivan Crowe ; Origins and spread of agriculture / David R. Harris. -- The migration of plants. Introduction / Ghillean Prance ; Gathering food from the wild / Andrea Pieroni ; Grains / Mark Nesbitt ; Roots and tubers / Helen Sanderson ; Fruits / Charles Clement ; Herbs and vegetables / Jane Renfrew and Helen Sanderson ; Nuts, seeds, and pulses / Georgina Pearman ; Spices / Barbara Pickersgill ; Caffeine, alcohol, and sweeteners / Hans T. Beck ; Psychoactive plants / Richard Rudgley ; Plants as medicines / Michael Heinrich, Andrea Pieroni, and Paul Bremner ; Fragrant plants / Sue Minter ; Ornamentals / Peter Barnes ; Natural fibers and dyes / Frances A. Wood and George A.F. Roberts ; Wood / Tony Russell ; Materials / Daphne Hakuno. -- Today and tomorrow. Introduction / Ghillean Prance ; Age of industrialization and agro-industry / Andrew Jacobson ; Invasives / Vernon Heywood ; Conservation of wild plants / David R. Given and Nigel Maxted ; Conservation of crop genetic resources / Nigel Maxted and David R. Given. -- Plant names.

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TIT Insights from insects : what bad bugs can teach us.
PUB Amherst, N.Y. : Prometheus Books, 2005.
CON Contents: The most dangerous insects : mosquitoes -- Evolution in action : house fly -- What Darwin wished he knew : Drosophila -- Natural selection outflanks farmers : corn rootworms -- How a species becomes two species : fruit flies -- Guaranteeing descendants : the numbers game : aphids -- Guaranteeing descendants : the role of parental care : tsetse fly -- Surviving winter as a sleeping egg : evergreen bagworm -- Escaping predators by deception : black swallowtail butterfly -- Why insects are such picky eaters : cabbage white butterfly -- "Nutritional wisdom" : corn earworm -- Invaders from abroad : gypsy moth -- An American saves the French wine industry : grape phylloxera -- An insecticide "creates" new pests : codling moth -- From low- to high-tech controls : European corn borer -- The demise of DDT : Japanese beetle -- Their passing from the agricultural scene : chinch bug -- Synchrony with the seasons : Hessian fly -- An insect to control another insect : cottony cushion scale -- Extermination by subverting the sex act : screwworm fly -- Epilogue.

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CON Contents: Introduction and conceptual framework -- Diversity legislation goes global -- Discrimination, equality and fairness in employment -- Global demographic trends -- Socio-economic transitions : the new realities of the global workforce -- Defining diversity in a global context -- Vive la difference? theoretical perspectives on diversity and exclusion in the workplace -- Culture and communication in the global workplace -- Interpersonal relationships in a global work context -- Diversity management : paradigms, rational and key elements -- Managing the globalized workforce diversity : an overview of the inclusive workplace model -- The inclusive workplace : level I -- The inclusive workplace : level II -- The inclusive workplace : level III -- The inclusive workplace : level IV -- Putting the pieces together : toward a worldwide inclusive workplace.

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TIT Why some companies emerge stronger and better from a crisis : 7 essential lessons for surviving disaster.
PUB New York : American Management Association, c2005.
CON Contents: The crisis society: the rise of the abnormal -- Challenge 1--Right heart (emotional IQ): deny denial; grieve before a crisis occurs -- Challenge 2--Right thinking (creative IQ): be a responsible troublemaker -- Challenge 3--Right social and political skills (social and political IQ): be patiently impatient -- Challenge 4--Right integration (integrative IQ): embrace fuzziness -- Challenge 5--Right technical skills (technical IQ): think like a sociopath, act like a saint -- Challenge 6--Right transfer (aesthetic IQ): down with the old; design and implement new organizations -- Challenge 7--Right soul (spiritual IQ): spirituality is The ultimate competitive advantage -- When a whole society is in crisis, all of the challenges apply -- A tale of two companies -- Major crisis at a glance -- A brief primer on crisis management -- A theory of complex problem-formation and problem-solving inquiry systems.

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TIT Managing a company in an activist world : the leadership challenge of corporate citizenship.
PUB Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2005.
CON Contents: With apologies to James Carvelle-- : "it's the behavior, stupid" -- The case for change -- The faces of activism -- Step one : you start with a vision--a social vision -- Step two : abandon the command and control style of managing external affairs -- Step three : use the CACDIC strategy -- Step four : who are our external stakeholders and what do they value? -- Step five : what are the characteristics of our relationships? -- Preparing managers for the new, new thing -- The stakeholder relations plan -- The site community strategy : a responsibility of the facility manager -- The community strategy, continued -- The societal strategy--the CEO's reponsibility.

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TIT Corporations and the
PUBic interest : guiding the invisible hand. - 1st ed.
PUB San Francisco, Calif.: Berrett-Koehler
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CON Contents: In whose interest? The markets, government, and the
PUBic -- The current dilemma -- What is long-term wealth? -- Guiding the corporation -- Transforming the marketplace -- The first step: data and disclosure -- The second step: analysis and debate -- The last step: consequences in the marketplace -- Government's role and the road ahead.

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CON Contents: The marketing Maelstrom -- 1. Notes from the underground: thirty-six hours at a marketing conference -- 2. A consumer in the family: the nag factor and other nightmares -- 3. Branded babies: from cradle to consumer -- 4. Endangered species: play and creativity -- 5. Students for sale: who profits from marketing in schools? -- 6. Through thick and thin: the weighty problem of food marketing -- 7. Peace-keeping battle stations and smackdown!: selling kids on violence -- 8. From Barbie and Ken to Britney, the Bratz, and beyond: sex as commodity -- 9. Marketing, media, and the First Amendment: what's best for children? -- 10. Joe Camel is dead, but whassup with those Budweiser frogs?: hooking kids on alcohol and tobacco -- 11. If values are right, what's left: life lessons from marketing -- 12. Ending the marketing Maelstrom: you're not alone.

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TIT Biodiesel : growing a new energy economy.
PUB White River Junction, Vt. : Chelsea Green Pub., c2005.
CON Contents: Biodiesel basics -- Biodiesel around the world -- Biodiesel in the United States -- Biodiesel in the future.

700 Art, Music, Sports

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SER Rutgers depth of field series.
CON Contents: Introduction : On visualizing the Holocaust / Barbie Zelizer -- In plain sight / Liliane Weissberg -- Of mice and mimesis : reading Spiegelman with Adorno / Andreas Huyssen -- Deadly historians : Boltanski's intervention in Holocaust historiography / Ernst van Alphen -- Lost in translation : Clement Greenberg, Anselm Kiefer, and the subject of history / Lisa Saltzman -- The man in the glass box : watching the Eichmann trial on American television / Jeffrey Shandler -- Tele-suffering and testimony in the dot com era / Geoffrey Hartman -- Schindler's list is not shoah : second commandment, popular modernism, and
PUBic memory / Miriam Bratu Hansen -- Hybrid victims : second-generation Israelis screen the Holocaust / Yosefa Loshitzky -- Daniel Libeskind's Jewish museum in Berlin : the uncanny arts of memorial architecture / James E. Young -- "From shore to shore" : the Holocaust, clandestine immigration, and Israeli heritage museums / Tamar Katriel -- Surviving images : Holocaust photographs and the work of postmemory / Marianne Hirsch -- Gender and atrocity : women in Holocaust photographs / Barbie Zelizer -- The shrunken head of Buchenwald : icons of atrocity at Nuremberg / Lawrence Douglas -- The tattooed Jew / Dora Apel -- Clicking on Hitler : the virtual Holocaust @home / Anna Reading -- Analogs of loss : Vera Frenkel's Body missing ( / Elizabeth Legge.

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PUB Manchester ; New York : Manchester University Press ; New York : Distributed exclusively in the USA by Palgrave, 2004.
SER Critical perspectives in art history.
CON Contents: Discourses -- Cubism, the avant-garde and the liberal Re
PUBic -- Languages of classicism -- Changing perspectives: modernolatry and simultaneity -- 'High' and 'low' -- The cubist movement: from consolidation to dissolution -- Reading -- Building high modernism: the 'analytic-synthetic' paradigm -- Other criteria -- Other stories: cubism and 'new art history'.

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CON Contents: Religion -- Grupo antillano -- Angola -- Portraits -- The idealized women of Santiago -- Contemporary artists.

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CON Contents: First encounters -- Eyeing the other -- The image of empire -- Making art -- Idols and altars -- A divine splendour -- Town and country -- The renaissance abroad.

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TIT Cruauté & utopie. English. Cruelty & utopia : cities and landscapes of Latin America. - English ed.
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TIT The Andy Warhol show.
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CON Contents: The art of communication / Gianni Mercurio -- Speaking for an era / Daniela Morera -- Testimoniances -- Collaborations. Reflections on/and experiences with Basquiat, Clemente and Warhol / Bruno Bischofberger -- Opening the Warhol word hoard / Victor Bockris -- The underlying subject of advertising / Ronald Feldman -- Andy Warhol / Glenn O'Brien -- No sign is the sign of the times -- Andy Warhol, dramatic realist and genius of the avant-garde / Demetrio Paparoni -- Famous not for fifteen minutes -- You either need money or style -- I left all the pimples out -- The best business is art -- Show off -- I like talkers better than beauties -- All about it -- Collaboration -- Vanishing -- Biographies -- Andy Warhol / Domenico Quaranta -- Photographers' biographies / Flaminia Allvin, Alice d'Amelia.

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TIT Michelangelo's "Last Judgment".
PUB Cambridge, U.K. ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2005.
SER Masterpieces of Western painting.
CON Contents: Introduction / Marcia B. Hall -- "Nothing else happening": Michelangelo between Rome and Florence / William E. Wallace -- The historical and religious circumstances of the Last Judgment / Thomas F. Mayer -- Michelangelo's Last Judgment as resurrection of the body: the hidden clue / Marcia B. Hall -- Painting, criticism, and Michelangelo's Last Judgment in the age of the counter-reformation / Melinda Schlitt -- A ceremonial ensemble: Michelangelo's Last Judgment and the Cappella Paolina Frescoes / Margaret A. Kuntz.

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TIT Stieglitz : a beginning light.
PUB New Haven, Conn. : Yale University Press, c2004.
CON Contents: The nineteenth century -- The twentieth century -- Photographic processes: a brief explanation -- Camera work -- Exhibition schedule of the little galleries of the photo-secession.

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TIT A history of baroque music.
PUB Bloomington, Ind. : Indiana University Press, c2004.
CON Contents: The Baroque in the seventeenth century. The Renaissance in transition : origins of new musical concepts ; Baroque innovations in Italy to circa 1640 ; Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643) ; The Baroque in Italy from circa 1640 to circa 1700 ; Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713) and Alessandro Scarlatti (1660-1725) ; The Baroque in France ; Sacred music in northern and southern Europe and Austria in the seventeenth century ; Secular music in northern and southern Europe in the seventeenth century ; Heinrich Schütz (1585-1672) ; English music during the Stuart reign, the Commonwealth, and the Restoration ; Henry Purcell (1659-1695) ; Spain, Portugal, and Latin America / Rui Vieira Nery ; Baroque music in eastern Europe -- The Baroque in transition. Music in Italy ; Opera at Hamburg, Dresden, and Vienna ; George Frideric Handel (1685-1759) ; Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) ; Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767).

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SER American history through music.
CON Contents: Music and media : radio, sheet music, and recordings -- Popular hits and standards -- Music from Broadway and Hollywood -- The rise of swing and the triumph of big bands -- Roots music -- The classical tradition and the Federal Music Project -- Outstanding musical artists from the 1930s.

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TIT Folk music : a regional exploration.
PUB Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2005.
SER Greenwood guides to American roots music, 1551-0271.
CON Contents: Introduction -- Types of American folk music: ballads and songs -- Instruments and musical aspects -- Folk music of the Northeast -- Folk music of the Southeast -- Folk music of the Midwest and Great Lakes region -- Folk music of the far West -- Urban centers and folk music -- Biographical sketches.

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TIT Remembering Woodstock.
PUB Aldershot, Hampshire, England ; Burlington, Vt. : Ashgate, c2004.
SER Ashgate popular and folk music series.
CON Contents: The three Woodstocks and the live music scene / Dave Laing -- '1, 2, 3 what are we fighting 4?' Music, meaning and 'The Star Spangled Banner' / Sheila Whiteley -- 'This is your Woodstock' : popular memories and political myths / John Street -- 'Everybody's happy, everybody's free' : representation and nostalgia in the Woodstock film / Andy Bennett -- Reporting Woodstock : some contemporary press reflections on the festival / Simon Warner -- The contradictory aesthetics of Woodstock / Allan F. Moore -- 'Unsafe things like youth and jazz' : Beaulieu Jazz Festivals (1956-61), and the origins of pop festival culture in Britain / George McKay -- A
PUBic transition : acoustic and electric performances at the Woodstock festival / Dave Allen -- Still picking children from the trees? Reimagining Woodstock in twenty-first-century Australia / Gerry Bloustien.

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TIT Supremely American : popular song in the 20th century : styles and singers and what they said about America.
PUB Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press, 2005.
CON Contents: Preliminary considerations -- A closer look at the jazz age -- Swing time -- Change : different music cultures come to the fore -- White-American and British songs in a decade of turmoil -- Black-American music comes to the fore in the 1960s -- Out of the seventies -- The eighties and nineties -- A temporary ending.

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TIT Like a rolling stone : Bob Dylan at the crossroads. - 1st ed.
PUB New York :
PUBicAffairs, c2005.
CON Contents: The day Kennedy was shot -- Top 40 nation -- The man in the phone booth -- San Jose idol -- Once upon a time -- In the air -- On the air -- Three stages -- Democracy in America -- Swinging in London -- One more time.

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TIT Prophets of the hood : politics and poetics in hip hop.
PUB Durham, N.C. : Duke University Press, 2004.
CON Contents: Hip hop's mama : originalism and identity in the music -- My mic sound nice : art, community, and consciousness -- Stinging like Tabasco : structure and format in hip hop compositions -- The glorious outlaw : hip hop narratives, American law and the court of
PUBic opinion -- B-boys, players and preachers : reading masculinity -- The venus hip hop and the pink ghetto : negotiating spaces for women -- Bling bling-- and going pop : consumerism and co-optation in hip hop.

784.4973 S761dN (2 copies Popular reading & 1 copy Albrightiana Alumni)
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SER Cambridge film classics.

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CON Contents: A hard road (1944-1971) -- Some enchanted evening (1971-1973) -- A galaxy far, far away (1973-1977) -- Cliffhanging (1977-1989) -- Immaculate reality (1989-1997) -- Balance of the force (1997-1999) -- High definition (1999-2002) -- The big picture (2002-2005).

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TIT The "Jew" in cinema : from the golem to Don't touch my Holocaust.
PUB Bloomington, Ind. : Indiana University Press, c2005.
SER Helen and Martin Schwartz lectures in Jewish studies.
CON Contents: The "Jew" as perpetrator -- The "Jew" as victim -- The "Jew" as hero -- The "Jew" as anti-hero.

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TIT American plays and musicals on screen : 650 stage productions and their film and television adaptations.
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TIT American science fiction TV : Star Trek, Stargate, and beyond.
PUB Middletown, Conn. : Wesleyan University Press, 2005.
CON Contents: Introduction -- PT. 1. SCIENCE FICTION IN CONTEXT. Science fiction -- Histories: the American west, television and televisuality -- PT. 2. THE SERIES. Yesterday's Enterprise: representation, ideology and language in Star Trek -- The sacrifice of angels: military history and ideology -- Wormhole X-treme! Images of space and time -- Babylon 5: between the darkness and the light.

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AUT Guttmann, Allen.
TIT Sports : the first five millennia.
PUB Amherst, Mass. : University of Massachusetts Press, c2004.
CON Contents: Preliterate peoples -- Before the Greeks -- Greek athletic festivals -- Roman sports -- Traditional Asian sports -- European sports from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance -- "Made in England": the invention of modern sports -- Cricket follow the flag -- The Institutionalization of modern sports in the United States -- Latin American: the Ingleses versus the Norteamericanos -- Continental Europe: Imports and exports -- Technological sports -- Modern sports in Asia -- "Our former colonial masters: African sports -- Winter sports -- The modern Olympic games -- Resistance to modern sports -- The survival of traditional sports -- Instrumentalized sports -- Modern sports as a global phenomenon -- Coda: Postmodernism and les sports Californiens.

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TIT Football and fascism : the national game under Mussolini.
PUB Oxford ; New York : Berg, c2004.
CON Contents: 'Mens sana in corpore sano' -- Fascist football foundations -- Building the future -- Arpinati, Bologna, Calcio: the ABC to success -- Radical Florence: the cradle of Calcio -- Shooting for Italy: foreign bodies on foreign fields.

800 Literature

808.02 G618w
AUT Goldberg, Natalie.
TIT Writing down the bones : freeing the writer within. - 1st ed.
PUB Boston, Mass. : Shambhala ; [New York] : Distributed by Random House, 1986.
CON Contents: Writing is not a McDonald's hamburger -- Obsessions -- Original detail -- Power of detail -- Baking a cake -- Living twice -- Writers have good figures -- Listening -- Don't marry the fly -- Don't use writing to get love -- What are your deep dreams? -- Syntax -- Nervously sipping wine -- Don't tell, but show -- Be specific -- Big concentration -- Ordinary and extraordinary - Talk is the exercise ground -- Writing is a communal act -- One plus one equals a Mercedes-Benz -- Be an animal -- Make statements and answer questions -- Action of a sentence -- Writing in restaurants -- Writing studio -- Big topic: eroticism -- Tourist in your own town -- Write anyplace -- Go further -- Engendering compassion -- Doubt is torture -- Little sweet -- New moment -- Why do I write? -- Every Monday -- More about Mondays -- Spontaneous writing booths -- Sensation of space -- Large field to wander in - Goody-two-shoes nature -- No hindrances -- Meal you love -- Use loneliness -- Blue lipstick and a cigarette hanging out your mouth -- Going home -- Story circle -- Writing marathons -- Claim your writing -- Trust yourself -- Samurai -- Rereading and rewriting -- I don't want to die.

808.5 K33g
AUT Kendon, Adam.
TIT Gesture : visible action as utterance.
PUB Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2004.
CON Contents: The domain of gesture -- Visible action as gesture -- Western interest in gesture from classical antiquity to the eighteenth century -- Four contributions from the nineteenth century: Andrea de Jorio, Edward Tylor, Garrick Mallery and Wilhelm Wundt -- Gesture studies in the twentieth century: recession and return -- Classifying gestures -- Gesture units, gesture phrases and speech -- Deployments of gesture in the utterance -- Gesture and speech in semantic interaction -- Gesture and referential meaning -- On pointing -- Gestures of 'precision grip': topic, comment and question markers -- Two gestures families of the open hand -- Gesture without speech: the emergence of kinesic codes -- 'Gesture' and 'sign' on common ground -- Gesture, culture and the communication economy -- The status of gesture -- Transcription conventions -- The recordings.

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TIT Walt Whitman and the earth : a study in ecopoetics.
PUB Iowa City, Iowa : University of Iowa Press, 2004.
SER Iowa Whitman series.
CON Contents: Things of the earth -- The fall of the Redwood tree -- Global and local, nature and earth -- The island poet and the sacred shore -- Urbanization and war -- Life review.

811.38 W615m
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TIT Memoranda during the war.
PUB New York : Oxford University Press, 2004.
CON Contents: Introduction. Whitman at war / [by Peter Coviello] -- Memoranda during the war -- Notes / [by Walt Whitman] -- Editor's notes -- Appendix 1. Death of Abraham Lincoln -- Appendix 2. Selected poems. Vigil strange I kept on the field one night ; Whoever you are holding me now in hand ; When I heard at the close of the day ; Are you the new person drawn toward me? ; City of orgies ; To a stranger -- Appendix 3. Letter to the parents of Erastus Haskell.

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TIT The critical response to Kamau Brathwaite.
PUB Westport, Conn. : Praeger
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SER Critical responses in arts and letters. 1057-0993 ; no. 41.

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PUB Hanover, N.H. : Smith and Kraus, 2005.
SER Contemporary playwrights series.

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TIT What happened to Abraham? : reinventing the covenant in American Jewish fiction.
PUB Newark, Del. : University of Delaware Press, c2005.
CON Contents: The return of the covenant, or, Whose law is it, anyway? -- Biblical revisions and interruptions : Bernard Malamud's renaming of law and covenant -- Is it "good-for-the-Jews or no-good-for-the-Jews"? : Philip Roth's registry of Jewish consciousness -- Ancient acts of love and betrayal : Ethan Canin's "Batorsag and Szerelem" -- The orthodoxy unbound, or Moses in suburbia : Allegra Goodman's The family Markowitz -- The legacy of the disinherited : Thane Rosenbaum's Holocaust fiction.

813.09 D252r
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TIT Revolution and the word : the rise of the novel in America. - Expanded ed.
PUB New York : Oxford University Press, 2004.
CON Contents: Introduction : toward a history of texts -- The book in the new re
PUBic -- Ideology and genre -- Literacy, education, and the reader -- Commodity and communication : the first American novel -- Privileging the Feme covert : the sociology of sentimental fiction -- The Picaresque and the margins of political discourse -- Early American gothic : the limits of individualism -- Afterword : texts as histories.

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CON Contents: Childhood : a lifetime of material, 1908-33 -- First fiction : Bright center of heaven, 1933-34 -- Breakout novel : They came like swallows, 1934-38 -- Mature novelist I : The folded leaf, 1938-45 -- Mature novelist II : Time will darken it, 1945-48 -- Turning point : The New Yorker and The Chateau, 1948-61 -- The novelist as historian : Ancestors, 1961-71 -- Maxwell's New York, 1974-76 -- The masterwork : So long, see you tomorrow, 1972-80 -- Summing up: late short works, 1980-92.

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PUB Westport, Conn. : Praeger, c2005.
SER Critical responses in arts and letters. 1057-0993 ; no. 40.
CON Contents: Rabbit, run -- Rabbit redux -- Rabbit is rich -- Rabbit at rest -- Rabbit Angstrom -- "Rabbit remembered.".

813.54 G591q Popular reading
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PUB New York : Random House, c2006.

813.54 G737s Popular reading
AUT Grafton, Sue.
TIT S is for silence.
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AUT Krentz, Jayne Ann.
TIT All night long.
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813.54 P187s
AUT Panabaker, James.
TIT Shelby Foote and the art of history : two gates to the city. - 1st ed.
PUB Knoxville, Tenn. : University of Tennessee Press, c2004.
CON Contents: "The condition of the tournament" : Foote, Faulkner, and the matter of the South -- Jordan County : the South and the birth of the modern -- The aesthetics of limitation : event, memory, and narrative -- Writing the American Iliad : character in The Civil War -- Writing the American Iliad : narrative strategies in The Civil War -- Conclusion : "the painter's eye is not a lens, it trembles to caress the light.".

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TIT Sex wars. - 1st ed.
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813.5409 D983p
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TIT Productive postmodernism : consuming histories and cultural studies.
PUB Albany, N.Y. : State University of New York Press, c2002.
SER SUNY series in postmodern culture.
CON Contents: Troping history : modernist residue in Jameson's Pastiche and Hutcheon's Parody / John N. Duvall -- Postmodernism and history : complicitous critique and the political unconscious / Thomas Carmichael -- A mother (and a son, and a brother, and a wife, et. al.) in history : stories galore in Libra and the Warren Commission Report / Stacey Olster -- Donald Barthelme and the president of the United States / Michael Zeitlin -- "Postmodern blackness" : Toni Morrison's Beloved and the end of history / Kimberly Chabot Davis -- Historiographic metafiction and the celebration of differences : Ishmael Reed's Mumbo jumbo / W. Lawrence Hogue -- Troping the Renaissance : postmodern historiography and early modern history / Paul Budra -- Los Angeles, 2019 : two tales of a city / Kevin R. McNamara -- Postmodern casinos / Shelton Waldrep -- Postmodernism and Holocaust memory : productive tensions in the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum / Nancy J. Peterson -- "Acting from the midst of identities" : questions from Linda Hutcheon.

821.109 A523w
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TIT Writing the oral tradition : oral poetics and literate culture in medieval England.
PUB Notre Dame, Ind. : University of Notre Dame Press, c2004.
SER Poetics of orality and literacy.
CON Contents: The Medieval English Oral-Literate Nexus -- Anglo-Saxon Oral Poetics -- Post-Conquest Oral Poetics -- The Tradition in Flux: Fragmentation and Survival -- Continuations.

821.91 C178S
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TIT The Cambridge companion to W.H. Auden.
PUB Cambridge, U.K. ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2004.
SER Cambridge companions to literature.
CON Contents: Introduction / Stan Smith -- Auden's life and character / Richard Davenport-Hines -- Auden's England / Patrick Deane -- Auden in America / Nicholas Jenkins -- The European Auden / Edward Mendelson -- Auden's travel writings / Tim Youngs -- Auden's plays and dramatic writings: theatre, film and opera / Christopher Innes -- Auden's light and serio-comic verse / Stan Smith -- Auden's prose / A. E. Sharpe -- Auden's English: language and style / Peter Porter -- Auden and modern theory / John R. Boly -- Auden's politics: power, authority and the individual / John Lucas -- Auden, psychology and society / Rod Mengham -- Auden: love, sexuality, desire / Richard R. Bozorth -- Auden and religion / Gareth Reeves -- Auden's landscapes / Paola Marchetti -- Auden and ecology / Rainer Emig -- Auden and influence / Ian Sansom -- Bibliographic essay and review of Auden studies / Nadia Herman Colburn.

822.33 M132c
AUT McCrea, Scott.
TIT The case for Shakespeare : the end of the authorship question.
PUB Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2005.
CON Contents: Two Shakespeares -- The third man -- The vacuum -- Reasonable doubts -- Lawyer's fingers -- The courtier's tongue -- The sonneteer -- Footprints in the garden -- Suspects -- The accused -- Motive and means -- Have the body -- The logjam -- Grief and strife -- All conspiracy theories are alike.

822.4 C178H
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TIT The Cambridge companion to Aphra Behn.
PUB Cambridge, U.K. ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2004.
SER Cambridge companions to literature.
CON Contents: Aphra Behn: the documentary record / Mary Ann O'Donnell -- Behn, women, and society / Susan Staves -- Aphra Behn and the Restoration theatre / Derek Hughes -- The political poetry of Aphra Behn / Melinda S. Zook -- Behn's dramatic response to Restoration politics / Susan J. Owen -- Tragedy and tragicomedy / Janet Todd and Derek Hughes -- Behn and the unstable traditions of social comedy / Robert Markley -- The Cavalier myth in The Rover / Helen M. Burke -- 'The story of the heart': Love-letters between a noble-man and his sister / Ros Ballaster -- Oroonoko: reception, ideology, and narrative strategy / Laura J. Rosenthal -- 'Others', slaves, and colonists in Oroonoko / Joanna Lipking -- The short fiction (excluding Oroonoko) / Jacqueline Pearson -- Pastoral and lyric: Astrea in Arcadia / Jessica Munns -- Aphra Behn's French translations / Line Cottegnies.

823.89 M653tR
AUT Millgate, Michael.
TIT Thomas Hardy, a biography revisited.
PUB Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2004.
CON Contents: Hardys and hands -- Bockhampton -- Dorchester -- London -- The poor man and the lady -- St Juliot -- Far from the madding crowd -- Marriage -- Sturminster Newton -- The return of the native -- Illness -- Return to Dorchester -- Max Gate -- The woodlanders -- The writing of Tess -- The
PUBication of Tess -- Florence Henniker -- The making of Jude -- The
PUBication of Jude -- Keeping separate -- Pessimistic meliorist -- The dynasts -- After the visit -- A funeral -- A second marriage -- Life-writing -- Tea at Max Gate -- Plays and players -- Last things.

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TIT The magical worlds of Narnia : the symbols, myths, and fascinating facts behind The chronicles. - Berkley trade pbk. ed.
PUB New York : Berkley Books, 2005.

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TIT Brainwashing : the fictions of mind control : a study of novels and films since World War II.
PUB Kent, Ohio : Kent State University Press, 2004.
CON Contents: Precursors: Nineteen eighty-four in context -- Brainwashing defined and applied -- Dystopias, invasions, and takeovers -- The impact of Korea -- The Manchurian Candidate -- William Burroughs: Control technologies, viruses, and psychotronics -- Psychotherapy and social enforcement -- The control of violence -- The guinea pigs -- Cyberpunk and other revisions.

824.7 H431o
AUT Hazlitt, William.
TIT On the pleasure of hating.
PUB New York : Penguin Books, 2004.
SER Great ideas.
CON Contents: The fight -- The Indian jugglers -- On the spirit of monarchy -- What is the people? -- On reason and imagination -- On the pleasure of hating.

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SER Harvard University Press reference library.

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PUB New York : Cambridge University Press, 2004.
SER Cambridge companions to literature.
CON Contents: Gustave Flaubert, the hermit of Croisset / Timothy Unwin -- Flaubert's place in literary history / Michael Tilby -- Flaubert's early work / Timothy Unwin -- Flaubert's travel writings / Adrianne Tooke -- Flaubert's correspondence / Rosemary Lloyd -- History and its representation in Flaubert's work / Anne Green -- Death and the post mortem in Flaubert's works / Mary Orr -- The art of characterisation in Flaubert's fiction / Laurence M. Porter -- The stylistic achievements of Flaubert's fiction / Alison Finch -- The writing process: scenarios, sketches and rough drafts / Tony Williams -- Flaubert and the visual / Aimeé Israel-Pelletier -- The theatre in the work of Flaubert / Alan Raitt -- Flaubert's failure / Lawrence R. Schehr -- Flaubert, our contemporary / Mario Vargas Llosa (translated by John King).

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TIT Malraux : a life. - 1st American ed.
PUB New York : Knopf 2005.
CON Contents: Heroes and confectioners -- Adolescence of a leader -- The strange foreigner -- False thieves? -- A true revolutionary? -- A farewell to arms -- Exotic Parisian -- Asiatic paths -- Commercial traveler -- 1933 -- The Queen of Sheba -- Trotskyist tropism -- Soviet comrades -- Time to choose -- From Eisenstein to L'Humanité -- Stalinist temptation -- Agitprop -- What hope? -- Sierra de Teruel -- The phony war -- The war of the phonies -- Malrauxs in the resistance -- The Alsace-Lorraine cross -- History, legend, novel -- Civilian life -- The militant companion -- Family life -- Power -- Jackie and La Gioconda -- Crises -- Mao, memories, antimémoires -- Temptation of the east -- The orator -- Clouds in May -- Literature still -- Brilliant pictures -- The arts and art -- Pot-au-feu and caviar -- Scars.

844.914 B386p
AUT Beauvoir, Simone de ; Simons, Margaret A ; Timmermann, Marybeth.
TIT Philosophical writings.
PUB Urbana, Ill. : University of Illinois Press, c2004.
SER Beauvoir series.
CON Contents: Analysis of Claude Bernard's Introduction to the study of experimental medicine [1924] / introduction by Margaret A. Simons and Hélène N. Peters. -- Two un
PUBished chapters from She came to stay [1938] / introduction by Edward Fullbrook. -- Pyrrhus and Cineas (1944) / introduction by Debra Bergoffen. -- A review of The phenomenology of perception by Maurice Merleau-Ponty (1945) / introduction by Sara Heinämaa. -- Moral idealism and political realism (1945) / introduction by Sonia Kruks. -- Existentialism and popular wisdom (1945) / introduction by Eleanore Holveck. -- Jean-Paul Sartre [1945] / introduction by Karen Vintges. -- An eye for eye (1946) / introduction by Kristana Arp. -- Literature and metaphysics (1946) / introduction by Margaret A. Simons. -- Introduction to an ethics of ambiguity (1946) / introduction by Gail Weiss. -- An existentialist looks at Americans (1947) / introduction by Shannon M. Mussett. -- What is existentialism? (1947) / introduction by Nancy Bauer.

860.9 C178G
AUT Gies, David Thatcher.
TIT The Cambridge history of Spanish literature.
PUB Cambridge, U.K. ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2004.

891.86 R669a
AUT Rocamora, Carol.
TIT Acts of courage : Vaclav Havel's life in the theater. - 1st ed.
PUB Hanover, N.H. : Smith and Kraus, 2005.
CON Contents: The fifties: the education of a writer -- The sixties: enter Vaclav Havel -- The seventies: the playwright at a crossroads -- The eighties: far from the theater -- The nineties and beyond: politics and theater as one -- Epilogue -- Curtain call.

900 History, Geography

Ref 909.04 A161e, 2005 v.1,2
AUT Abramson, Glenda.
TIT Encyclopedia of modern Jewish culture. - New ed.
PUB London ; New York : Routledge, 2005.

909.049 F494t
AUT Findley, Carter V.
TIT The Turks in world history.
PUB New York : Oxford University Press, 2005.
CON Contents: The pre-Islamic Turks and their precursors -- Islam and empire from the Seljuks through the Mongols -- Islamic Empires from Temür to the "gunpowder era" -- The Turks in the modern world : reform and imperialism -- The Turks and modernity : re
PUBican and communist.

909.049 T167
AUT Tanner, Marcus.
TIT The last of the Celts.
PUB New Haven, Conn. : Yale University Press, c2004.
CON Contents: The Scottish Highlands: 'The Ald Scottis toung' -- Connemara: 'A vague reverence for the Gaelic' -- Belfast: 'The liveliest Gaeltacht in Ireland' -- The Isle of Man: 'An iceberg floating into southern latitudes' -- North Wales: 'The dear old language of the country' -- South Wales: 'A rich culture, long departed' -- Cornwall: 'Almost an island' -- Brittany: 'Plutôt comme une libération' -- Cape Breton: 'Truly highland in their ways' -- Patagonia: 'The survival of our race.'.

909.09 B717i
AUT Bonnett, Alastair.
TIT The idea of the West : culture, politics, and history.
PUB Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2004.
CON Contents: From white to Western: "racial decline" and the idea of the West in Britain, 1890-1930 -- Communists like us: the idea of the West in the Soviet Union -- Good-bye Asia: the Westernisers' West: Fukuzawa and Gökalp -- Soulless Occident/spiritual Asia: Tagore's West -- From soulless to slacker: the idea of the West from Pan-Asianism to Asian values -- Occidental utopia: the neo-liberal West -- Western dystopia: radical Islamism and anti-Westernism.

909.825 G123c
AUT Gaddis, John Lewis.
TIT The Cold War : a new history.
PUB New York : Penguin Press, 2005.
CON Contents: The return of fear -- Deathboats and lifeboats -- Command versus spontaneity -- The emergence of autonomy -- The recovery of equity -- Actors -- The triumph of hope.

919.8 F464r
AUT Fiennes, Ranulph, Sir.
TIT Race to the pole : tragedy, heroism, and Scott's Antarctic quest. - 1st ed.
PUB New York : Hyperion, c2004.
CON Contents: Markham's grand design -- Torpedo Lieutenant Scott -- Order out of chaos -- Through the pack ice: 1901-1902 -- Nudging the great barrier: 1902 -- Dogs, skis, and men -- The first winter -- The southern journey: 1902-1903 -- Lost on the Plateau: 1903-1904 -- A promise broken -- The race begins: 1910 -- Near disaster: 1911 -- The worst journey: 1911 -- The dangerous glacier -- The black flag -- Intimations of tragedy -- The greatest march ever made -- The legacy -- The last word.

Ref 920.7 N8995, 2004
AUT Ware, Susan ; Braukman, Stacy Lorraine.
TIT Notable American women : a biographical dictionary completing the twentieth century.
PUB Cambridge, Mass : Belknap Press, 2004.

940.27 P741T
AUT Pocock, Tom.
TIT Trafalgar : an eyewitness history.
PUB London : Penguin, 2005.
SER Penguin classics.

940.5318 G873i
AUT Grodzinsky, Yosef.
TIT In the shadow of the Holocaust : the struggle between Jews and Zionists in the aftermath of World War II.
PUB Monroe, Me. : Common Courage Press, c2004.

940.5318 H418f
AUT Hayes, Peter.
TIT From cooperation to complicity : Degussa in the Third Reich.
PUB Cambridge, U.K. ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2005.
CON Contents: Introduction and overview -- The company, the party, and the regime -- Aryanization -- Autarky and armament -- Precious metals for the Reich -- War production and spoliation -- Forced labor -- Degesch and Zyklon B -- War's end and aftermath.

940.5421 H358a
AUT Hastings, Max.
TIT Armageddon : the battle for Germany, 1944-45. - 1st American ed.
PUB New York : A.A. Knopf, 2004.
CON Contents: Time of hope -- The bridges to Arnhem -- The frontiers of Germany -- The Russians at the Vistula -- Winter quarters -- Germany besieged -- Hell in the Hürtgen -- The Bulge : an American epic -- Stalin's offensive -- Blood and ice : East Prussia -- Firestorms : war in the sky -- Marching on the Rhine -- Prisoners of the Reich -- Collapse in the west -- "The earth will shake as we leave the scene" -- The bitter end.

942.05 L795i
AUT Loades, D. M.
TIT Intrigue and treason : the Tudor court, 1547-1558.
PUB Harlow, England ; New York : Longman/Pearson 2004.
CON Contents: The functioning of the court, 1540-7 -- The court during the Protectorate, 1547-9 -- Educating and entertaining a prince -- The politics of the court, 1550-3 -- The succession crisis of July 1553 -- The court of a femme seule -- King Philip -- The declining years, 1555-8 -- Elizabeth -- The eye of the storm -- The structure of the court -- The chief officers of the court.

943 B496g
AUT Berger, Stefan.
TIT Germany.
PUB London : Arnold ; New York : Distributed in the United States of America by Oxford University Press, 2004.
SER Inventing the nation.
CON Contents: Constructing Germany -- A movement of 'marginal men': the national idea until 1819 -- Nationalism in search of a mass audience, 1819-1971 -- Making Germans, 1871-1914 -- The mythologies of war and the re
PUBican nation, 1914-1933 -- The racial nation, 1933-1945 -- Toward postnationalism? The federal re
PUBic of Germany, 1945-1990 -- The failure of a 'socialist nation': the German democratic re
PUBic, 1945-1990 -- Quo vadis Germany? National identity debates after reunification -- Reinventing Germany for the twenty-first century.

947.009 O41d
AUT Okey, Robin.
TIT The demise of Communist East Europe : 1989 in context.
PUB London : Arnold ; New York : Distributed in the United States of America by Oxford University Press, 2004.
SER Historical endings.

955.054 I65P
AUT Potter, Lawrence G ; Sick, Gary.
TIT Iran, Iraq, and the legacies of war. - 1st ed.
PUB New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2004.

956.7044 B488g
AUT Berenger, Ralph D.
TIT Global media go to war : role of news and entertainment media during the 2003 Iraq War.
PUB Spokane, Wash. : Marquette Books, c2004.
CON Contents: pt. 1. Prelude to war -- pt. 2. The world war of words -- pt. 3. The war in the coalition press -- pt. 4. The war in other places -- pt. 5. The war in cyberspace -- pt. 6. The war for hearts and minds.

956.7044 F312w
AUT Feldman, Noah.
TIT What we owe Iraq : war and the ethics of nation building.
PUB Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2004.
CON Contents: Nation Building: Objectives -- Trusteeship, Paternalism, and Self-Interest -- The Magic of Elections and the Way Home.

957.7 B651m
AUT Bloch, Alexia ; Kendall, Laurel.
TIT The museum at the end of the world : encounters in the Russian Far East.
PUB Philadelphia, Pa. : University of Pennsylvania Press, c2004.

958.1 S132m
AUT Saikal, Amin ; Ravan Farhadi, A. G ; Nourzhanov, Kirill.
TIT Modern Afghanistan : a history of struggle and survival.
PUB London ; New York : I.B. Tauris ; New York : In the United States of America distributed by Palgrave Macmillan, 2004.

Ref 960.03 E56S, 2005 v.1,2,3
AUT Shillington, Kevin.
TIT Encyclopedia of African history.
PUB New York : Fitzroy Dearborn, 2005.

966.9 F196m
AUT Falola, Toyin.
TIT A mouth sweeter than salt : an African memoir.
PUB Ann Arbor, Mich. : University of Michigan Press, c2004.

968.2 L112t
AUT Laband, John.
TIT The Transvaal Rebellion : the first Boer War, 1880-1881. - 1st ed.
PUB Harlow, England ; New York : Pearson/Longman, 2005.

972.86 P176c
AUT Palmer, Steven Paul ; Molina Jiménez, Iván.
TIT The Costa Rica reader : history, culture, politics.
PUB Durham, N.C. : Duke University Press, c2004.
SER Latin America readers.
CON Contents: Birth of an exception? -- Coffee nation -- Popular culture and social policy -- Democratic enigma -- The Costa Rican dream -- Other cultures and outer reaches -- Working paradise -- Tropical soundings.

973 S932d
AUT Stuckey, Mary E.
TIT Defining Americans : the presidency and national identity.
PUB Lawrence, Kan. : University Press of Kansas, c2004.

973.0496 M682r
AUT Mitchell, Michele.
TIT Righteous propagation : African Americans and the politics of racial destiny after Reconstruction.
PUB Chapel Hill, N.C. : University of North Carolina Press, c2004.
CON Contents: Prologue : to better our condition one way or another : African Americans and the concept of racial destiny -- A great, grand & all important question : African American emigration to Liberia -- The Black man's burden : imperialism and racial manhood -- The strongest, most intimate hope of the race : sexuality, reproduction, and Afro-American vitality -- The righteous propagation of the nation : conduct, conflict, and sexuality -- Making the home life measure up : environment, class, and the healthy race household -- The colored doll is a live one! : material culture, Black consciousness, and cultivation of intraracial desire -- A burden of responsibility : gender, "miscegenation," and race type -- What a pure, healthy, unified race can accomplish : collective reproduction and the sexual politics of Black nationalism -- Epilogue : the crossroads of destiny.

973.44 N552f
AUT Newman, Paul Douglas.
TIT Fries's Rebellion : the enduring struggle for the American Revolution.
PUB Philadelphia, Pa. : University of Pennsylvania Press, c2004.

973.911 O88w
AUT O'Toole, Patricia.
TIT When trumpets call : Theodore Roosevelt after the White House.
PUB New York : Simon & Schuster, c2005.
CON Contents: Labyrinth -- Embarked -- A full-blooded picnic -- One white man's burdens -- Into the thick of things -- Prairie fire -- Rift -- Duels -- Off the pedestal -- Another cup of coffee -- Saturnalia -- A barn-raising -- Spend and be spent -- Barrens -- Reckonings -- Scope -- Half-Gods -- Wild surmise -- Blackballed -- Precipice -- War in the Garden of Eden -- On a volcano -- The young Colonel and the old Colonel -- A boy inspired -- While daring greatly.

973.917 R781a
AUT Roosevelt, Eleanor.
TIT The autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt. - 1st Da Capo Press ed.
PUB New York : Da Capo Press, 1992.

973.924 F295n
AUT Feeney, Mark.
TIT Nixon at the movies : a book about belief.
PUB Chicago, Ill. : University of Chicago Press, 2004.
CON Contents: Dark victory -- Double indemnity -- Patton/Mister Roberts -- Advise and consent -- Sweet smell of success -- Two rode together -- American madness -- "Suspicious minds" -- All the President's men -- Nixon at the movies -- The conversation -- Epilogue : Nixon in the movies.

978.009 W527E
AUT Etulain, Richard W.
TIT Western lives : a biographical history of the American West.
PUB Albuquerque, N.M. : University of New Mexico Press, 2004.
CON Contents: Wakantapi and Juan Sabeata : Indian leadership and early European invasion in the new West / Gary Clayton Anderson -- Juan Bautista de Anza : father and son--pillars of New Spain's far north / John L. Kessell -- Stephen F. Austin and Doña Tules : a land agent and a gambler in the Mexican borderlands / Cheryl J. Foote -- George Vancouver, Lewis and Clark, and David Thompson : exploring the Pacific Northwest by tide and trail / William L. Lang -- Jedediah S. Smith and Marcus and Narcissa Whitman : mountain men and missionaries in the far West / Barton H. Barbour -- Sam Brannan and Elizabeth Byers : Mormons and miners at midcentury / Anne F. Hyde -- Mariano Vallejo and María Amparo Ruiz de Burton : cultural conflicts and compromises in the late-nineteenth-century West / Richard Griswold Del Castillo -- Sarah Winnemucca, Chief Joseph, and native America's dilemma / Elliott West -- Miller and Lux, Rachael Calof, Nannie Alderson, and the settlement of the agricultural frontier / R. Douglas Hurt -- "Buffalo Bill" Cody and Annie Oakley : romancing the West / Glenda Riley -- James J. Hill, Jeannette Rankin, and John Muir : the American West in the Progressive Era, 1890 to 1920 / Mark Harvey -- Sister Aimee Semple McPherson and the interwar West, 1920 to 1940 / Katherine G. Aiken -- Rosie the Riveter, J. Robert Oppenheimer, and the American West transformed / Jon Hunner -- Walt Disney, César Chávez, Barbara Jordan, and the evolution of the West's identity, 1945 to 1980 / Mark S. Foster -- Paul Allen : high technology and the high country in a New West / Carl Abbott -- The American West : a bibliographical essay / Richard W. Etulain.

978.02 M168o
AUT McMurtry, Larry.
TIT Oh what a slaughter : massacres in the American West, 1846-1890.
PUB New York : Simon & Schuster, c2005.

980.04 C891a
AUT Crandall, Russell ; Paz, Guadalupe ; Roett, Riordan.
TIT The Andes in focus : security, democracy, and economic reform.
PUB Boulder, Colo. : Lynne Rienner
PUBishers, 2005.
CON Contents: Introduction : the pursuit of stability in the Andes / Russell Crandall -- Colombia : staving off partial collapse / Julia E. Sweig and Michael M. McCarthy -- Bolivia : democracy under pressure / Ramiro Orias Arredondo -- Peru : the trauma of postdemocratic consolidation / Ramiro Orias Arredondo -- Venezuela : revolutionary changes under Chavez / Juan Carlos Sainz Borgo -- Ecuador : democracy and economy in crisis / Fredy Rivera Vélez and Franklin Ramírez Gallegos -- U.S. policy in the Andes : commitments and commitment traps / Mark Eric Williams -- From drugs to security : a new U.S. policy toward Colombia / Russell Crandall -- Conclusion : the Andean crisis in context / Riordan Roett.

985.36 Z88w
AUT Zorn, Elayne.
TIT Weaving a future : tourism, cloth & culture on an Andean island.
PUB Iowa City, Ia. : University of Iowa Press, c2004.
CON Contents: Tourism, cloth, and culture -- Taquile Island in Lake Titicaca -- The cloth of contemporary Incas -- Transforming value by commoditizing cloth -- Visit Taquile--Isle of peace and enchantment -- Weaving a future? -- Traveling to Taquile.

Juvenile Materials

J 133.4 S736j
AUT Sparks, Beatrice.
TIT Jay's journal.
PUB New York : Pocket Books, 1989, c1979.

J 306.874 S736a
AUT Sparks, Beatrice.
TIT Annie's baby : the diary of anonymous, a pregnant teenager. - Rev. Avon ed.
PUB New York : Avon Books, 2005, c1998.

J-Fic B471
AUT Bennett, Cherie.
TIT Life in the fat lane.
PUB New York : Bantam Doubleday Dell Books for Young Readers, 1999, c1998.

J-Fic B655s
AUT Bloor, Edward.
TIT Story time.
PUB Orlando, Fla.: Harcourt, 2004.

J-Fic C513p
AUT Chbosky, Stephen.
TIT The perks of being a wallflower.
PUB New York : Pocket Books, c1999.

J-Fic L965t
AUT Lupica, Mike.
TIT Travel team.
PUB New York : Philomel Books, c2004.

J-Fic P461e
AUT Perrotta, Tom.
TIT Election : a novel. - [Berkley trade paperback ed.].
PUB New York : Berkley Books, c1998.

Non Print/Media Materials

DVD 322.1 O68C
AUT Keyes, Alan L. ; Dershowitz, Alan M.
TIT Organized religion debate.
PUB West Lafayette, Ind. : C-SPAN Archives, c2005.
NOT Originally broadcast by C-SPAN on the program American Perspectives.

Holocaust VR 341.4 N974D
AUT Dorfman, Anne ; Spielberg, Steven ; Moran, Terry.
TIT The Nuremberg trial.
PUB Beverly Hills, Calif. : World Almanac Video : Choices [distributor, 2000?].
SER Landmark war crimes trials. ; pt. 1.
NOT Originally produced as a segment on the television program Court TV in 1996.

DVD 589.2 F981
AUT Hildebrandt, Jeff ; Smith, Dan.
TIT Fungi decomposers and parasites.
PUB Colorado Spring, Colo. : Great Pacific Media, c2005.
SER Basics of biology. Basics of biiodiversity.
NOT Title from title screen. - Teacher's guide, Student study guide, Multiple choice test, and a puzzle are included as PDF files on the disc. Required: a Mac or PC with a DVD drive.

DVD 791.437 E65U
AUT Lynch, David ; Nance, Jack ; Stewart, Charlotte.
TIT Eraserhead (Motion picture) Eraserhead DVD 2000.
PUB [S.l.] : Absurda, c2005.
NOT Title and date from container. - "Cleaned and remastered plus extras". - Originally released 1977 by Libra Films.

Holocaust VR 791.437 K84W
AUT Wajda, Andrzej ; Holland, Agnieszka ; Ziegler, Regina.
TIT Korczak.
PUB New York : New Yorker Video, [1993].
SER Great directors.
NOT Videocassette release of a 1990 motion picture. - Series from container.

Holocaust VR 940.53 F948j
AUT Frye, Robert E. ; Lefkovitz, Marcy ; Bergmann, Daniel.
TIT The journey of butterfly.
PUB New York : Bolthead Communications Group, c1996.
NOT Based on the poetry of the Children of Terezin 1942-1944.

Holocaust VR 940.5315 O94
AUT Morgenshern, No`omi ; Schneider, Michael.
TIT Outcast Nazi persecution of German Jewry 1933-1938.
PUB Jerusalem, [Israel] : The International School for Holocaust Studies, 1997.
NOT "In memory of the Berger family who perished in the Holocaust"--Container. - "NTSC"--Container.

Holocaust VR 940.5318 C536R
AUT Reeves, Keanu ; Gordon, Mark ; Kirkpatrick, D. Shone.
TIT Children remember the Holocaust.
PUB Van Nuys, Calif. : Churchill Media ; Chicago, Ill. : Distributed by Society for Visual Education, 1996, c1995.

Holocaust VR 940.5318 K88M
AUT Gilbert, Martin ; Krosney, Herbert ; Weinstein, Shalom.
TIT Kovno ghetto a buried history.
PUB [New York] : History Channel ; New York : Distributed in the U.S. by New Video Group, c1997.
SER Where the past comes alive.
NOT "History Channel video"--Container.

Holocaust VR 940.5318 M952h
AUT Zur Mühlen, Irmgard von ; Woronzow, Alexander.
TIT Holocaust liberation of Auschwitz : a documentary.
PUB Grünwald, Germany : Institut für Film und Bild in Wissenschaft und Unterricht ; Chicago, Ill. : Distributed by Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corp., c1990.
NOT "X04903"--Cassette label.

Holocaust DVD 940.5318 P887W
AUT Schlesinger, Joe ; Miná, Matej ; Pa, Patrik.
TIT The power of good Nicholas Winton.
PUB [Prague] : Eurotel : Ceská Sporitelna, [2003?].
NOT Title on container: Nicholas Winton: the power of good. - Main feature copyrighted in 2002. - English or Czech with subtitles in Italian, German, Hebrew, English or Czech. - DVD includes 70 minutes of "bonus material"; length of main feature is 62 min.

Holocaust VR 940.5318 R851r
AUT Rotter, Sy ; Ullmann, Liv.
TIT Rescue in Scandinavia.
PUB Washington, D.C. : Documentaries International Film & Video Foundation, 1994.
NOT "A chronicle of extraordinary courage by ordinary people in and from Scandinavia during the Holocaust period.".

Holocaust VR 940.5318 T627W
AUT Wiesel, Elie ; Boyle, Gavin P ; Schwartz, Ruth.
TIT To bear witness.
PUB Culver City, Calif. : Distributed by Zenger Video, [1983].

Holocaust DVD 940.5318 W328I
AUT Israel, Yonatan ; Zilberman, Yaron.
TIT Watermarks. - Letterboxed.
PUB New York : Kino on Video, c2005.
NOT Originally produced as a documentary film in 2004. - "Enhanced for 16x9 TVs"--Container. - Aspect ratio 1.85:1. - Special features: additional interviews with the swimmers; extra scenes; original theatrical trailer; stills gallery.

Holocaust VR 943.8004 W173i
AUT Waletzky, Josh ; Lazarus, Susan ; Badanes, Jerome.
TIT Image before my eyes.
PUB Teaneck, N.J. : Ergo Media, c1992.
NOT Based on the YIVO exhibit and book: Image before my eyes / by Lucjan Dobroszycki, Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett. - Originally produced as motion picture in 1980.

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