Associated Faculty

Carla Abodalo, M.A., Sociology
Email: cabodalo@albright.edu
Extension: 7592
Teel Hall

Mary J. Androne, Ph.D, English-Director of Women's Studies
Email: mandrone@albright.edu
Extension: 7808
Masters Hall

Thomas Brogan, Ph.D, Political Science
Email: tbrogan@albright.edu
Extension: 7572
Teel Hall

Denise Greenwood, M.A., English Department
Email: dgreenwood@albright.edu
Extension: 7815
Masters Hal

Richard Heller, Ph.D., Biology
E-mail: rheller@albright.edu
Science Hall

John Incledon, Ph.D., Modern Foreign Languages & Literatures
Email: jincledon@albright.edu
Extension: 7689
Masters Hall

Brian Jennings, Ph.D., Sociology
E-mail: bjennings@albright.edu
Extension: 7892
Selwyn Hall

Karen Jogan, Ph.D, Modern Foreign Languages & Literatures
Email: kjogan@albright.edu
Extension: 7693
Masters Hall

Adam John, Ph.D., Modern Foreign languages & Literatures
Email: ajohn@albright.edu
Extension: 7699
Masters Hall

Maria Melendez, Ph.D., Modern Foreign Languages & Literatures
Email: mmelendez@albright.edu
Masters Hall

David Osgood, Ph.D, Biology, Environmental Science
Email: dosgood@albright.edu
Science Hall

Kathy Ozment, M.A., Chair of Modern Foreign Languages & Literatures
Email: kozment@albright.edu
Extension: 7690
Masters Hall

Patricia Snyder, Ph.D, Psychology Department
Email: psnyder@albright.edu
Extension: 7584
Teel Hall

Barton Thompson, Ph.D, Anthropology, Cultural Ecology
Email: bthompson@albright.edu
Teel Hall

Lisa Wilder, Ph.D, Economics
Email: lwilder@albright.edu
Teel Hall

Kristin Woodward, M.F.A., Art Department
Email: kwoodward@albright.edu
Extension: 7710
Center for the Arts