The Experience


March 29 – 7:30-9 p.m.

Klein Lecture Hall
by Abderrahmane Sissako is a portrait of the country of the director's childhood, the west African state of Mali, and in particular the city of Timbuktu, whose rich ad humane traditions are being trampled, as Sissako sees it, by fanatical jihadis, often from outside the country.

Long-term Monitoring of Bat Populations in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
March 30 – 4:30-5:30 p.m.
Science Hall 256 
Since the appearance of the infectious disease white-nose syndrome (WNS) in February 2006, populations of hibernating bats have experienced severe declines throughout eastern North America.  For the past several years, speaker Dr. Whidden and his students have used mist netting, acoustic monitoring, and roost emergence counts to assess the impacts of WNS on the distribution and community composition of bats in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

Philanthropy 101 with Chris Kraras
March 30
7–8 p.m.
Klein Lecture Hall
Chris Kraras ’69, the chairman of the College’s fundraising campaign, “That Their Light May Shine” will come speak to the entire campus community on his experiences in fundraising and why he feels Philanthropy is so important in the world and in particular for Albright College.

The 12th Annual Richard J. Yashek Memorial Lecture
March 30 – 7:30 – 9:45 p.m.
Wachovia Theatre
The Holocaust was a profoundly spatial experience that involved not only the movement of millions of European Jews but also their confinement and murder in sites specifically built for the genocide.  This talk addresses how perpetrators thought of their building projects and, conversely, how victims experienced these oppressive spaces.

A Traditional Start to a Nontraditional Career Path: Biochemist, Business Woman, and Entrepreneur
March 31 - 4–5 p.m.
Science 256
A traditional start to a nontraditional career path starts with obtaining a BS in biochemistry at Albright College.  Starting with my first visit to Albright, the plan was set: graduate from Albright, work at the home town pharma giant, Merck, and live happily ever after – right?  I was 1 of only 2 biochemistry majors in my class that wasn't going on to grad school or a professional degree, and on May 24, 1984 graduation day, I had it made – or so I thought.

Searching and Finding God at Albright: Spirituality and/in the Liberal Arts and Sciences
March 31
7 – 8:30 p.m.

Klein Lecture Hall
What is the role of spirituality in academic study?  How does one foster spiritual growth as a modern undergraduate?  How should spirituality, religion and faith contribute to the development of the rounded self, the full human?  How are spirituality, religious expression and faith created, nurtured and sustained by intellectual study?  What is the role of religion in America today? Find out the answers to these questions and more as speakers invited for this series will come from a variety of faith traditions but will have several things in common. 

Misa's Fugue Screening
April 3 - 6–8:30 p.m.

Klein Lecture Hall
Screening of Holocaust documentary "miss's Fugue" followed by a discussion and Q&A with the director and producer.

Let’s Talk About the Sex Myth: A Workshop and Discussion
April 4 - 6–8:30 p.m.

Klein Lecture Hall
Journalist and researcher Rachel Hills will lead a discussion/workshop on “rethinking sex, power and identity.” Her talk addresses sexual expression and regulation, gene red power dynamics, and issues of consent that are particularly relevant to college campuses. 

A Wife's Final Goodbye
April 4 - 7–8:30 p.m.
Science 256
Judy Cohen from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum will be here to discuss Holocaust survivor Frank Grunwald's unique donation to the USHMM.  

Under the Bus: How Working Women are Being Run Over
April 4 – 7:30-9 p.m.
Memorial Chapel

Caroline Fredrickson has served as the president of the American Constitution Society since 2009 and oversees the nation’s leading progressive legal organization.  During her tenure, she has helped grow ACS, which now has more than 40 lawyer chapters across the country, student chapters in nearly every law school in the US, and thousands of members throughout the nation. She is an eloquent spokesperson for ACS on issues such as civil and human rights, judicial nominations and the importance of the courts in America, marriage equality, voting rights, the role of money in politics, labor law, anti-discrimination efforts, and more.

ISA Festival
April 5 - 6–8 p.m.

Campus Center South Lounge
ISA Festival is an opportunity for all students at Albright to experience some of the cultural and ethnic identities and backgrounds represented in International Students Association at Albright, with its diverse members from china, Japan, Nepal, Vietnam, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, and the United States.  There will be representations of at least 8 countries where the students portray their history and culture with ethnic works of art.

Facul–Tea: Controlling Water Quality….Naturally
April 6 - 4–5 p.m.
Library Group Study Room B
Dr. Osgood will report on the efficacy of a floodplain restoration at Angelica Park in Reading, PA.  He will examine the plant community, hydrology, and soil nutrient status of a variety of floodplain wetlands and how these features have changed – seven years after the project started.

Campus Conversation:  Immigration, Identity, and Belonging
April 6 – 6-8 p.m.
Campus Center Main Lounge

Every year the President’s Council on Diversity and Community (PCDC) supports a campus conversation aimed to bring the Albright community together to discuss important issues, feelings, and events.  Students will review news articles and photographs at the event and engage in both small and large group discussions regarding immigration.

Hurwitz Lecture: William Deresiewicz, Ph.D.
Thur. April 7, 4 p.m.
Campus Center South Lounge

Gary Corbett Lecture
April 8 - 7–8:30 p.m.

Klein Lecture Hall
Gary Corbett, Grammy award winning musician, songwriter, and producer will be interviewed by Albright's own Mindy Cohen in a special question and answer style presentation.

Music Business Forum
April 9 – 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Roessner Hall

Join Albright College Music Industry Department for a day of events featuring a grammy-numinated artist, representatives from Harry Fox Agency, and more along with special performances from past Albright Idol winners and acclaimed artists.

Featuring Current music industry professionals – Matt Christine, Mindy Cohen, Gary Corbett, Brianna Cotugno, Anthony D Amato, Joe Giordano, Colton Kyser, AJ Merlino

Partition Stories: Media, Memory, and Politics in South Asia
An interdisciplinary symposium about the 1947 Partition of India
April 11 - 4:30-6 p.m.
Klein Lecture Hall

This multi-media symposium explores memories of migration during the 1947 Partition of India in literature, online video archives and media. It will examine the 1947 Partition and its contemporary relevance to the history and politics of India and Pakistan

Women, Activism, and Detention in Pennsylvania:  New Perspectives
April 20 - 4–5:30 p.m.
Campus Center Fireside

This talk and discussion will explore scholarship and activism around prisons, detention centers and women’s experience in Pennsylvania

The History of Magic Through Performance
April 20 - 4–5:30 p.m.

Klein Lecture Hall
A demonstration incorporating the performance of historically significant magic effects and a PowerPoint presentation with historical magic illustrations and photographs.  Will include discussions of the origins of magic as a performance art, the golden age of magic, and spiritualism.

Facul–Tea: Dressed to Fly – French Aviation Fashion in the First World War
April 21 - 4–5 p.m.
Library Group Study Room B
Dr. DeSyon will look at how French aviators invented new uniforms for themselves in World War I.  In 1914, though officially independent, pilots depended in fact on armies on the ground, and lacked a clear mission and identity.

Materials for Organic Light-Emitting Diode Displays
April 21 – 4:30-6 pm
Science 256
Organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology enables more vivid color, higher contrast, faster response, thinner panels and a wider viewing angel than traditional liquid crystal displays, while consuming less power.  We will discuss our recent progress in designing organometallic complexes and functional polymers that will enable display manufacturers to deliver superior OLED device performance with lower manufacturing costs for large-format displays.

Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare
Thur.-Sat., April 21-23, 8 p.m. and Sun April 24, 2:30 p.m.
Wachovia Theatre
A Domino Players production directed by Julia Matthews.
Shipwrecked, Viola lands on a topsy-turvy island, where passions are strong, the music is sweet, and the rain, well “it raineth every day.” Viola’s male disguise sets in motion this comedy of mistaken identity, in which the many forms of love are teased and tested. Julia Matthews directs Shakespeare’s beloved comedy in a lively and colorful production.

Symphonic Band Concert
Sat., April 23, 7:30 p.m.
Memorial Chapel

String Chamber Orchestra & Big Cat Jazz Concert
Sun., April 24, 3 p.m.
Memorial Chapel

Local and National Issues Facing Undocumented Immigrants in Berks County
April 25 – 4-5:30 p.m.
Roessner 205

Attorney Carol Anne Donohoe will speak about the Greater Reading Immigration Project as well as her work representing asylum seeking families detained at the Berks Family Residential Center in Leesport, PA

Moviate Film & Video Collective: Group Show
April 26 – 7:30-9:30 p.m.
Klein Lecture Hall
A visit by 6 film/video artists from the Harrisburg & Lancaster area who are part of the Moviate film collective co-founded in 1997 by Albright grad – Caleb Smith.

1916 Ireland: Revolutionary Education
April 28 - 4–5:30 p.m.
Master's Hall, Room 211
This talk will explore the educational and cultural theories of thinkers such as Patrick Pearse, WB Yeats, and Lady Gregory. Their ideas largely motivated the Irish uprising of 1916, the centennial of which is currently being celebrated in Ireland.

Irreproducibility in the Scientific Literature: How Often do Scientists Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth?
April 28 - 7–8:30 p.m.
MPK Memorial Chapel
Professor Bergman will give a talk about fraud in science.  This is aimed at a general audience and will be appropriate for all students on campus.

The Application of Physical Organic Methods to the Investigation of Organometallic Reaction Mechanisms
April 29 - 12–1:30 p.m.
Science 256

Professor Bergman's research involves organic and inorganic chemistry and the synthesis of new organic, inorganic and organotransition metal compounds.  These materials are used to develop and study new chemical reactions and the reactive intermediates involved in these transformations, and to explore applications in homogeneous catalysis, supramolecular chemistry, organic synthesis and green chemistry.

Green & Growing: Student Projects in Theatre
Mon., May 2, 7:30 p.m.
Wachovia Theatre

Four Migration Stories and Why they Matter
May 3 - 4–5:30 p.m.
Campus Center South Lounge, West
This talk presents a reading of four different depictions of the human experience of historical migration, across media; through contemporary texts spanning UK, Africa, and Asia.  This talk will illuminate the role of art in translating migration — its new possibilities and challenges facing the world today.

Green & Growing: Student Projects in Theatre
Wed., May 4, 7:30 p.m.
Wachovia Theatre

Xion Step Team Dance Showcase
May 6 – 7:30-9 pm

$1.00 admission

Albright’s Annual Fashion Showcase
Sat., May 7
$5/$10 students advance/door, $10/$15 adult advance/door, $25 VIP advance only/stage seating.
Celebrate the hard work of Albright’s student fashion designers and merchandisers through exhibition displays and a high-energy runway show.
Exhibition, 4-5:30 p.m., Roop Hall 
Runway Show, 5:30-6:30 p.m., Wachovia Theatre

Celebrate Spring
Sat., May 7, 7:30 p.m.
Memorial Chapel
Say farewell to the graduating seniors in Albright Angels, Concert Choir, Mane Men and Women’s Chorale in their final performance of the season.

Roar Like a Lion
Mon., May 9, 7 p.m.
Roop Hall
Albright’s end-of-the-semester student recital offers a variety of vocal and instrumental performances

An Environmental Sustainability Assessment of the Albright Campus
May 16, 4–5:30 p.m.
Science 256

In 2009-2010, the College assessed its benchmark level of sustainable practice.  The results of a 2015-2016 multidisciplinary sustainability assessment will be compared to that benchmark to gauge recent sustainability performance for the Campus.  The assessment involved research into several sectors of campus function including energy consumption, induing service practice, sustainable education curriculum and research and community engagement.