The Experience


MARCH 2017

Volunteer Forum: How We Engage in Active Citizenship
March 1 - 6–7:30 pm - CCSL–W

Hosted by Albright College Volunteer Center, the mission of this forum is to gather Albright’s community to begin a dialogue about what it means to volunteer and how we can use service as liberal arts students to engage in and understand further the prospect of activism and citizenship.

The Business of Health care
March 2 - 4–5:30 pm – Science 256
Dr. Brian Nester, Albright Class of 1984, returns to talk about issues related to health-care reform and strategy.

March 2 - 4–5:30 pm – Faculty Club

The LGBT Center of Reading will be presenting a workshop which will highlight the struggles, realities, and possibilities for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Movie Music, a Choral Concert
Sat., March 4, 7:30 p.m., Memorial Chapel

The Albright Angels, Concert Choir, Mane Men and Women’s Chorale will perform well-known works connected to movies.

Confronting Holocaust Denial and Distortion in Today’s World
March 7 – 7:30-9 pm – Wachovia

Mark Weitzman front he Simon Wiesenthal Center, an expert on Holocaust denial, will discuss modern day antisemitism, Holocaust denial and current events.  Weitzman travels the globe discussing these issues and will be on hand to discuss to the day current events on these topics.

What’s the Buzz? A Student-Faculty Discussion of Current Events
March 8 - 7–8:30 pm – CCML

From Feb 20, 2017 –March 6, 2017 students will be encouraged to submit questions to comment boxes around campus regarding current events going on in the news. On March 8, a panel of faculty will come together to answer those questions.

Using a Conformational Database to Analyze Sesquiterpene Reaction Pathways
March 9 – 4:30-5:30 pm – Science 256

We are developing a conformational database of sesquiterpene reaction pathways in order to catalog these biologically important reactions using a diagnostic structural parameter. Once completed, this database will guide future experiments designed to facilitate the synthesis of commercially important sesquiterpenes.

Groundwork – Justice in the Birthplace of America
March 22 – 4:30-6 pm – Klein
A showing of the documentary “Groundwork” Justice in the Birthplace of America. Groundwork is a documentary series about what happens when people stop putting up with injustice and start building a movement.

March 21 - 8–9:30 pm – CCML
A drag queen speaking about equality of people

Jen Hetrick: Professional Writer Career
March 22 – 6:30-8 pm – Faculty Club

Professional writer Jennifer Hetrick discusses the ups and downs, dos and don’ts of being a professional journalist, non fiction feature writer, editor, publisher, blogger, recorder of narratives, and poet.

The Role of the Scientist in Informing Federal Policy
March 23 – 4:30-5:30 pm – Science 256
Congress grapples on a daily basis with issues of vital importance to our country and the world that can and should be informed by scientific evidence. The value placed on such evidence varies widely among the members of the House and senate.

Philanthropy 101
March 29 - 7–8:30 pm – Klein
Dr. McMillan will speak about his beliefs with philanthropy and why it is important to give back to the College.

The F Word
March 30 - 7–9 pm – Campus Center South Lounge, West
This event will use a combination of art forms such as poetry readings, dance, and short skits as well as speeches/readings of professors to discuss feminism as it is portrayed, misrepresented versus how it is actually defined.

China and Chinese People Up Close
March 30 – 6:30-7:30 pm – Klein
In this presentation on Chinese culture and Chinese people, Eileen Wang, visiting instructor of Chinese, will go beyond the headlines and cliches as she explains the cultural significance of the Chinese zodiac, certain Chinese language characters, Chinese medicine and the educational system. She will also provide insight into some of the biggest challenges facing China today.

APRIL 2017

From Frontier Newspaper to Metropolitan Daily: John Wentworth and the Chicago Democrat
April 3 – 4:30-6 pm – Masters 207 
Dr. Jon Bekken’s presentation of work arising out of his sabbatical research into the history of Chicago journalism from the city’s origins as a frontier outpost to its development into a regional metropolis. This chapter focuses on John Wentworth, the editor and proprietor of the city’s first newspaper, the Chicago Demorat.

French–Speaking World through Film: La Haine
April 3 - 6–8 pm – Klein Lecture Hall
The screening of Mathieu Kassovitz’s critically acclaimed film La Haine (Hate). Released in 1994, the film was the first of its kind to explore life (and death) in the banlieue, the French equivalent of the inner city.

Climate Chaos
April 4 - 7–9 pm – CCML

Baba Brinkman is an established performer who provides a musical performance to inform and motivate people to understand the realities of significant issues we face in the world.

Cinema Soloriens: An Avant-garde Music/Media/Performance Project
April 4 – 7:30-9:30 pm – Klein

Albright College alumnus, James Harrar has been crafting densely lyrical film-poems since the late 1980’s. His films are personal in a very direct and explicit sense. In an intimate form, Harrar attempts to imprint thoughts, dreams and conceptual ideas while examining the possibilities of perception.

Learning from Mandela
April 5, 4:30-6:30 pm – Wachovia
Dr. Rita Barnard, professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania, will discuss how interdisciplinary humanistic study is essential to understanding a leader like Mandela.

Alexis Schaitkin, Short Stories
April 5 – 6:30-8 pm – Faculty Club
Alexis Schaitkin will read from her short stories and perhaps from her newest novel, set in West Indies & New York. Noted for her dynamic tension and unique characters, Schaitkin is gaining attention and ground as a writer to keep a close eye on.

Fashion Alumni Panel
April 7 - 7–8 pm – Klein Lecture Hall
Alumni of the Albright College Fashion Department will be coming back to have a panel style discussion with students that is hosted by the fashion department and Club Vogue. They will be discussion about their experiences at Albright as well as their work experiences after Albright and giving advice to current students.

Troy Wollwage Interview
April 7 - 8–9:30 pm – Wachovia Theatre
Troy Wollwage of the Yamaha Corporation will be interviewed by A.J. Merlino, the Director of Music Industry Studies in a special question and answer style presentation.

5th Annual Music Business Forum
Sat., April 8, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Roessner Hall

The fifth annual Music Business Forum will feature presentations with current music industry professionals along with special performances. FREE with advance registration required; contact amerlino@albright.edu.

Holi Festival
April 8 - 1 –3 pm – North Field
Holi is a Hindu spring festival celebrated in India, Nepal and throughout the world.  It is mostly known as the festival of colors or the festive of sharing and love.  It is also the celebration of good over evil and happiness for all.  In the festival we listen to Hindi music, throw colors at each other and in the sky.  We dance, party and enjoy the cultural festival together.

Sunday Sinfonia at Albright College
Sun., April 9, 3 p.m., Memorial Chapel

Screening and Discussion of DIVINES
April 12 – 6:30-8:30 pm – Klein Lecture Hall
This award-winning film is a bold depiction of two teenage girls in the French suburbs who aspire to a better life than their low-income existence and marginalization would seem to allow. (In French with English subtitles)

A Voting Theory Approach to Golf Scoring
April 13 - 4–5 pm – Science Hall, Room 256
Dr. Michael Jones’ talk will begin with an introduction to the use of voting vectors as a method of voting. He will then describe how such “voting” occurs in golf scoring. He’ll then explore how elementary linear algebra and convexity can be used to show that changing how votes are tallied by a voting vector can result in different outcomes.

Brains in and out of sync
April 17 - 6–7 pm – Klein
Dr. Feigenson will give a presentation on his research, which centers on what happens to cognition and perception when brain regions do not communicate efficiently.

Sociocultural Perspectives of Music and Dance in Colombia
April 18 – 6-7 pm – Science 256
This presentation will focus on sociological and cultural dimensions of music and dance in Colombia and show how both underscore Spanish, African, and indigenous influences on Colombian society.

AAS Presents 13th – Documentary Screening
April 19 – 6-8 pm – Campus Center Main Lounge
We will be watching the documentary 13th, which explores the concept of modern slavery as it applies to the judicial and prison system in the U.S. There will be a brief discussion following the movie.

17th Annual Hurwitz Lecture
April 20 - 4 p.m., Campus Center South Lounge

Mary-Jane Rubenstein, Ph.D., is professor of religion at Wesleyan University, where she is also affiliated with Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and the Science in Society programs. She is the author of Strange Wonder: The Closure of Metaphysics and the Opening of Awe (2009) and Worlds Without End: The Many Lives of the Multiverse (Columbia, 2014), as well as articles on Kierkegaard, Heidegger, Derrida, negative theology, political theologies, global Anglicanism and contemporary cosmology. She is also co-editor, with Catherine Keller, of Entangled Worlds: Religion, Science, and New Materialisms (2017). Dr. Rubenstein will speak  on The Theo-logics of the Multiverse: on the entanglement of religion and science 

Perspectives from the System
April 20 - 6–7:30 pm – Klein
The Criminal Justice Society is joint up with Professor Milk Folz of the Criminology Department to host speakers that have roles within the criminal justice system.

Big Cat Jazz Concert
Fri., April 21, 7:30 p.m., Memorial Chapel

Reflections of the Arts Collective: A Published Arts Panel Discussion
April 22 – 12 –4 pm – Faculty Lounge, Alumni Hall
In an effort to provide current students with the wisdom and experiences that our alumni have to share, the members of Agon, the Arts Magazine, the Albrightian, and the English department have co me together to host a day that will be mutually beneficial for both alumni and students.

Symphonic Band Concert
Sat., April 22, 7:30 p.m., Memorial Chapel

Phosphorus: From the Stars to Land and Sea
April 24 - 7–8 pm – Klein

Phosphorus is the least abundant of the biogenic elements that are needed in large quantities to create living organisms. We will discuss the low abundance of phosphorus in relation to nucleosynthesis, the process in stars that leads to element creation and to all the elements of the periodic table.

Poet: Porsha O
April 24 - 7–8 pm – CCML
Black, poet, dyke-God, hip-hop feminist, womanist, friend, Porsha Olayiwola is a performance artist who believes in pixie dust and second chances. Porsha O is the reigning Individual World Poetry Slam Champion. Her intention is to speak, love, praise, and maintain a cypher that is undocumented, uncontrollable and just plain ole dope.

Berks Bar Association Lecture in Contemporary Legal Issues
"Citizens’ Rights: Dealings with Law Enforcement."
The 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Miranda ruling was last year, and Duane is the best-selling author of You Have the Right to Remain Innocent.
April 24 – 7:30-9 pm – MPK

Professor James Duane of Regent Law School will deliver the 4th Annual berks County Bar Association Lecture in contemporary Legal Issues.

ISA Festival 2017
April 25 - 5–7 pm – CCSL

ISA Festival is an opportunity for all students at Albright to experience some of the cultural and ethnic identities and backgrounds represented in International students Association at Albright, with its diverse members represented from at least 8 countries where the students portray their history and culture with ethnic works of art.

Names of Women: A Short Film and Discussion
April 26 - 4–5:30 pm – Klein
Chinese-American performer and activist Poppy Liu will present a short film about her expedrience of abortion. Her discussion of the film will consider the political and personal implications of reproductive rights and the importance of solidarity among women.

Facul-Tea: History of Correctional Attire
April 27 - 4–5 pm – Library Group Study Room A/B

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, convicts began to be dressed in different colored clothing and caps bearing inscriptions, posters, graphical texts and symbols. The concept of convict attire was a form of humiliation, performed as a component of castigation. The color was important for penal clothing.

Finding Jenn’s Voice; Screening and Talkback with the Director
April 27 – 4:30-8 pm – CCSL
Finding Jenn’s Voice is a movie depicting the violence in domestic situations. The director, Tracey Schott, was contacted by an aunt of the main inspiration for the movie, after Jenn’s death, which was rooted in domestic violence.

Bold Writers Plus
April 27 – 6:30-8 pm – Klein
Seven local writers who call themselves the Bold Writers return to Klein to read original short stories and sudden fiction that range in theme and genre, from beauty-gone-wrong at the high school dance to two workers’ tongue-in-check reactions to their year-end sales reward to a futuristic war in space.

The Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan*
Thur.–Sat., April 27–29, 8 p.m. & Sun., April 30, 1 p.m., Wachovia Theatre
A Domino Players and Music Department co-production directed by Jeffrey Lentz ’85.

Lock up your daughters, the pirates are coming to town! As the curtain rises on this swashbuckling and mellifluous romance, we meet Frederic, an orphan who has mistakenly been apprenticed to an ineffectual but raucous band of pirates. He disavows the pirates' way of life and searches for the maiden of his dreams. Frederic's melodious tones win over the heart of Major General Stanley's songbird daughter, Mabel, but when the Pirate King discovers General Stanley has lied about being an orphan to keep the pirates from stealing all of his belongings and carrying off his bevy of beautiful daughters—mayhem ensues. This sparklingly witty operetta on the subject of romance and duty in the age of Queen Victoria makes for a perfect final act to our season.

  • Talkback & Reception, Thur., April 27, follows performance
  • Improv Show by Less Than or Equal To, Fri., April 28, follows performance, Roop Hall
  • Please contact the box office for tickets. 610-921-7547 or www.albright.edu/centerforthearts

Celebration of Culture
April 28 - 6–8 pm – Quad Area
Celebrating Albright’s diversity with music, food, dance and fun activities.

MAY 2017

Senior Honor Theses presentations 
May 1, May 2 & May 3 -  4-6:30 pm, CFA Mezzanine

Green & Growing: Student Projects in Theatre
Mon., May 1, 6 p.m., Campus Center South Lounge 

This event has been canceled.
Seeking and Finding God at Albright
May 3 - 4–5:30 pm – Science 256
That genuine interest in spirituality, the life of the spirit and devotion to religious faith is incompatible with serious, engaged, and critical engagement with the liberal arts and sciences is a tale told often and long. Most institutions of higher education were founded, at least in part, to train clergy. Join us as we host Dr. Simran Singh, a faculty member at Trinity University and a leader in the Sikh community.

Emerging Voices from Domino Players Studio
Wed., May 3, 7:30 p.m., Wachovia Theatre

Domino Players’ Studio hosts the second of two short play festivals featuring original plays and projects that are written, acted, directed, designed and stage-managed by Albright students. 

Albright Student Film Festival
May 4 – 7:30-9:30 pm – Klein Lecture Hall

Albright’s Annual Fashion Showcase*
Sat., May 6, $5/$10 students advance/door, $10/$15 adult advance/door, $25 VIP advance only/reserved seating and private reception

Celebrate the hard work of Albright’s student fashion designers and merchandisers through exhibition displays and a high-energy runway show.

  • Please contact the box office for tickets. 610-921-7547 or www.albright.edu/centerforthearts
  • Runway Show #1, 3:30-4:30 p.m., Wachovia Theatre
  • Exhibition, 3:30-5:30 p.m., Roop Hall
  • Runway Show #2, 5:30-6:30 p.m., Wachovia Theatre
  • VIP Reception, 6:30-7:30 p.m., Freedman Gallery

Celebrate Spring, a Choral Concert
Sat., May 6, 7:30 p.m., Memorial Chapel

Say farewell to the graduating seniors in Albright Angels, Concert Choir, Mane Men and Women’s Chorale in their final performance of the season.

Dance Team Spring Showcase
May 7 – 2:30 - 4:30 p.m. – Wachovia Theatre

Roar Like a Lion, Music Student Recitals
May 8, 7 pm, Roop Hall

Is Religious Faith Sustainable Given the Evils of History?
May 9 – 4-6 pm – Memorial Chapel

Dr. Robert Audi, a renowned Philosopher at the University of Notre Dame, examines a question that has vexed skeptical philosophers and people of faith for centuries: How could a good, loving God permit the evils we witness?  Dr. Audi offers his own response to this enduring question.