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What is an internship?

“Internships are short-term, on-the-job learning experiences designed to allow students to apply knowledge gained in the classroom to a real-world, professional work setting.”  - Intern Bridge

Internships are a great way to "test out" and gain experience in a career field. Another benefit is that they can lead to networking or employment opportunities. You should start looking for an internship well in advance. Here are some resources to help get you started!


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gold bulletFor Experience Internship Procedures
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gold bulletStudent Evaluation of Internship
gold bulletUnpaid Internships and the Fair Labor Standards Act


Looking for a Job or Internship?

On-Campus Interviews

Employers come to campus October-November and March-April each year to interview you for internship and full-time opportunities. Visit Albright’s Purple Briefcase to research participating employers/opportunities.

Descriptions of 2017’s Most In Demand Jobs

How to Maximize Your Job Search

Job/Internships Fairs

  • September 20, 2017, 6-8 pm, Roessner Hall

NACE Salary Calculator

Job/Internship Listings

The Experiential Learning and Career Development Center provides access to several online services to assist you in your search which are listed below. Please visit or contact the Center if you do not know or are having trouble with your user id and password.

The national employment bulletin for the arts, with positions in theatres, performing arts centers and other arts organizations. Contact the Center for the user ID and password.

Purple Briefcase
The Experiential Learning and Career Development Center's online service, Purple Briefcase, is available 24/7 for Albright students and alumni to search for full-time, part-time, seasonal or internship opportunities. In addition, you can search for professional mentors who are willing to share their career-related knowledge, expertise and insights with you.



Job hunting and career management solutions

Ecojobs.com Main Banner

A semi-monthly publication of hundreds of internship and full-time positions in the environmental field. Contact the Center for the user ID and password.

EOE Journal
Corporations nationwide looking to recruit from colleges and universities as well as timely articles related to careers in numerous industries.

LinkedIn Jobs logo
Linked in Jobs

SimplyHired logo
SimplyHired college resource center

Glassdoor logo

An inside look at jobs and companies including salaries, reviews, and more – all posted anonymously by employees and job seekers.

Albright College - Employers in Pennsylvania by Major 
Accounting 4,986 Drama, Theater & Visual Arts 1,654 Management Information
Advertising 2,117 Economics 283 Marine Science 78  
Anthropology 277 Education 7,906 Marketing 2,270  
Art & Fine Arts 1,730 English 10,069 Mathematics 8,541  
Asian Studies 261 Environmental Studies 972 Music 1,074  
Biochemistry 1,267 Fashion Merchandising 6,969 Photography 3,584  
Biology 1,531 Finance 8,891 Physics 561  
Business Management 29,416 Graphic Design & Commercial Art 1,586 Political Science 4,352  
Chemistry 2,029 History 9,183 Psychology 2,297  
Cinematography 871 Human Development & Family Studies 6,648 Public Health 274  
Classical Studies 1,310 International Affairs 81 Public Policy 4,500  
Communications & Media Studies 5,602 International Business 357 Public Relations 254  
Computer Science 4,585 Journalism 2,393 Religion 17,405  
Criminal Justice 2,896 Language Studies 456 Social Work 14,926  

Albright College - Employers in the U.S. by Major 
Accounting 129,667 Drama, Theater & Visual Arts 44,114 Management Information
Advertising 51,848 Economics 8,556 Marine Science 3,999  
Anthropology 5,534 Education 211,714 Marketing 62,779  
Art & Fine Arts 48,850 English 266,399 Mathematics 223,968  
Asian Studies 9,041 Environmental Studies 23,995 Music 28,627  
Biochemistry 27,108 Fashion Merchandising 195,911 Photography 99,418  
Biology 38,232 Finance 216,275 Physics 15,014  
Business Management 814,648 Graphic Design & Commercial Art 43,799 Political Science 76,839  
Chemistry 44,251 History 232,905 Psychology 51,735  
Cinematography 32,569 Human Development& Family Studies 158,356 Public Health 10,769  
Classical Studies 30,199 International Affairs 4,280 Public Policy 82,302  
& Media Studies
166,345 International Business 19,071 Public Relations 8,814  
Computer Science 138,101 Journalism 68,704 Religion 381,217  
Criminal Justice 67,535 Language Studies 17,813 Social Work 370,697  

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