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Experiential Learning Student Blogs


photoSamantha Hoplock

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Hello, my name is Samantha Hoplock and I am a sophomore History/ Early Childhood Education major here at Albright. On campus, I play golf and tutor third graders at the elementary school across from the college. I am from Point Pleasant New Jersey and extremely grateful that I was able to receive this wonderful opportunity. Currently I am studying abroad for a semester in Newcastle, Australia through ISA/ Global Links and I am attending the University of Newcastle.​


photoStephan Brown

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Hello my name is Stephan Brown and I am a sophomore digital communications major at Albright College. On campus, I am involved in Eco Club, a member of the International Student Association and I play  guitar for the Albright Big Cat Jazz Band.  I was born and raised in West Philadelphia and now it's time to take on the world. Currently, I am studying abroad for a semester in Nicosia, Cyprus through Global Learning Semesters and I am attending the University of Nicosia.​


photoAlexio Barboza

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Aye, Hello and Greetings from Scotland! My name is Alexio Barboza and I'm a Junior at Albright College majoring in History and Art. I am currently continuing my studies at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland for the 2014/15 school year. I'm a proud descendent of the Thompson Clan and I'm so excited to be here in the land of the thistles to visit the birthplace of my ancestors. Back home in Long Island, New York I'm a Bagpiper in the Gordon Highlander Pipe Band, and a member of a Medieval Reenacting group. On campus at Albright, I'm an RA and a Student Ambassador. I'm also a member of the Domino Players Theater Company, a tenor in Albright's Mane Men, a brother of Alpha Sigma Phi on Campus, and am part of the International Student Association. Now with this amazing year abroad in Scotland I'm going to try my best to see as much of Europe as possible and make thousands of more beautiful and lasting memories. Cheers!


photoVictoria Sweeney

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My name is Victoria Sweeney and I am a member of Albright's Class of 2015 studying Business Administration with a track in Management. I have been a part of Alpha Phi Omega, a service fraternity, since freshman year having served as President this past term. In the Fall Semester of 2013, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Reutlingen, Germany. During my time there I was able to volunteer at a children's camp, take an intensive language course, a variety of other courses, travel throughout Europe, and make friends from around the world! See my past blogs for more information on studying abroad and stay updated on my blogs for information on my upcoming internship.  I will be completing this internship at Fromm Electric as a Business Administration Intern and will be cycling through various departments giving me an idea of how the company runs as a whole. I can't wait to see what I will learn through this experience!


photoAlexis Jenofsky

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Hello, my name is Alexis Jenofsky and I am a sophomore majoring in Theatre, English and Arts Administration. I completed an ACRE over the summer entitled, “Drama Therapy: A Different Way of Theatre”. My ACRE experience was one that I would never forget. Not only did I learn a lot about a topic of my interest, but I also was able to network along the way, and learned so much about myself. Summer 2014 is a summer that I will never forget. I cannot wait to keep extending my knowledge in the field of Drama Therapy!

At Albright I am President of Artists Striving to End Poverty,a member of Domino Players, Volunteer Center student advisor, The Center of Excellence and Local Government student employee, a POP, and Admission Ambassador.


photoAmy Rader

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Hello, my name is Amy Rader and I am about to start my 5th and FINAL year of college.  I am majoring in French and Spanish.  I transferred to Albright College in Spring 2013 after receiving my associates degree from Camden County College.  This summer I am going to be studying abroad in Madrid, Spain at Antonio de Nebrija University for a summer program.  After that, I will be coming home for the month of August before returning to Europe in September to study at the Institut Catholique in Paris, France. I've always had a passion for languages and traveling, and I am very interested in studying other cultures.  I believe that the main reason to study languages is so we can communicate with people all over the globe.  I want to take my classroom learning and put it to the test.  At Albright, I am a member of Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish Honor Society), Pi Delta Phi (French Honor Society), Sigma Kappa Sorority and Club Vogue where I served as the Treasurer last year.


photoAmanda Kopil

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Hello! My name is Amanda Kopil and I am a Reading resident who graduated this May with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science. This summer I interned with the City of Reading as a GIS intern and gained additional field experience as a tree surveyor with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) within Reading city limits. These experiences have helped me prepare myself for my new endeavor at Millersville University in the Masters of Science in Integrated Scientific Applications specifically in the Environmental Systems Management program. Graduate school is going to provide me with the specific experience and education needed to work in the environmental consulting world. I am very excited to start a new beginning towards my professional career!


photoMilca Mendez

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My name is Milca Mendez and I am a senior majoring in Biology and Spanish along with completing the Pre-Dental Program. This summer I completed an ACRE entitled “3D Printing: A Synthesis of Biology and Art”. Additive Manufacturing is a parallel term to 3D printing, since they both refer to creating objects adding to the previous layer. Many times the 3D printing process starts with computer-aided design (CAD), and then is examined with a computer-aided engineering software (CAE). This allows for the creation of virtually anything imaginable. There are also special scanners which allow one to go from an object to a computer model in order to make a 3D model. 3D printing is being used in a variety of disciplines, because it allows customization. From aerospace, to fashion, and dental implants, 3D printing is a multidisciplinary approach revolutionizing the way things are done. In dentistry the use of CAD/CAM technology is immersing advances in orthodontia, restorative dentistry, and prosthodontics, allowing advancement across the dental field and making 3D printing a commodity of both the present and the future.The ACRE program is the perfect combination of independent research with collaboration. Though I was able to design my ACRE and map out my goals, I knew I had a great support system to help me and answer any questions. For this reason, I think that anyone who is considering the possibility of doing an ACRE should approach a faculty member and look into the program.

I am very involved on campus. I am an Albright Ambassador, Peer Tutor (Biology and Spanish), President of Alpha Epsilon Delta (pre-professional honor society), Treasurer of Beta Beta Beta (biological honor society), Lab Assistant (Biology and Biochemistry), Steering Committee/Peer Orientation Person, and I completed a three week interim course in Ecuador! This winter I will also be going to Nicaragua to help promote good oral care on a dental missions trip.



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Hello! I am Tiara Willis, a senior and an International Business major and I spent my Spring 2014 semester at the American University in Dubai, which was awesome! I am originally from Philadelphia and transferred to Albright in Spring 2013. I have always had an interest in Middle Eastern matters and decided to study in Dubai to become proficient in the language and in tune with the politics and culture. This experience also broadened my exposure to different cultures world-wide because Dubai is such a global city. I wanted this experience to expand my knowledge on foreign issues because ultimately I want to work in foreign policy. I was able to study abroad because of two scholarships I received, the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship and Albright's own Beall Scholarship. Previously, I interned at Wharton, Duane Morris and Taco Bell Corporate. At Albright I am a part of the International Student Association and the African Student Association. I love engaging in campus activities and spreading awareness about the importance of interning and studying abroad while in college. My experience at Albright has taught me that college is fun, interesting, full of growth and prepares you for the world.


photoSara Baum

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My name is Sara Baum and I am a Senior majoring in History and Religious Studies. I completed an ACRE (Albright Creative Research Experience) with Dr. Pankratz during the 2014 Interim session titled “A Prosopography of Pews”. The idea for my ACRE proposal came from my work at Christ Church in Philadelphia over the summer of 2013. The more I learned about the historical background of the building, its inhabitants and the burial ground, the more fascinated I became. The ACRE session was a success but there is still much to learn, which I plan to do while continuing this project as part of my Senior Honors Thesis. In addition to this research, I began working at the Gingrich Library at Albright in the Archives in the spring. My work there led me to explore internship opportunities in Archives. I interviewed for an internship in the PA House of Representatives Archives, was accepted and I have begun my summer internship with them. I will be working with processed and unprocessed collections of past members of the house. Thus far, I have gained knowledge on preservation studies, met various members and officers of the House and have more of an understanding of what it means to be an archivist.


Dan photoDan McGurl

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My name is Dan McGurl and I am senior studying Environmental Studies & Political Science. I am also an RA, an Albright Ambassador and a brother of Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity. In the Fall of 2013, I participated in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Legislative Fellowship Program. While I was there, I lived and worked in the PA State Capitol aiding lawmakers in the political process and wrote my own piece of legislation. I had the opportunity to respond to constituents’ concerns, attend legislative sessions and press conferences as well as completing side-work for bills. During the first few weeks of my internship, my boss asked me to read over some guidebooks and literature regarding the juvenile justice system in the state. The more I read, the more I realized that there was a real need for change in the juvenile justice system in Pennsylvania. So, I wrote a package of bills in the hopes of reforming the juvenile justice system. Then came the hard part, getting the bills I wrote passed into law; each year almost three thousand bills get written and less than four hundred become law. However, I was optimistic that my work will see the light of day. Some of the bills I have written specifically regarding creating statutes to determine mental competence for juveniles to stand trial have been getting a lot of support. Check back for any updates on the status of the bills


Christina photoChristina Daniels

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Hello! My name is Christina Daniels. I am a recent alumna of Albright, where I studied Fashion Design and Merchandising. During the summer of 2013, I was a Corporate Intern for Store Operations at American Eagle’s corporate office located in Pittsburgh, PA. My main project was working on a new program called "big ideas". The program was created to improve communication and feedback between American Eagle employees and corporate staff. Spring 2013, I completed two internships. One was at a local boutique called Firefly on Penn in West Reading.  It is a local baby boutique (that also sells AMAZING soaps and candles!).  I selected and processed new merchandise, communicated with vendors, designed new visual displays and performed sales.  My second internship was with a website called CollegeFashionista.com. It is an online college fashion blog.  With CollegeFashionista, I wrote a weekly "Accessories report" every Friday, featuring a student on the Albright's campus.  All of these internships have helped me really develop academically and professionally in so many ways, and each one allowed me a different skill set and experience.  I continue posting on this blog to give perspective from an alum and share my job search experience.