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Working with/Teaching Students with Disabilities
Suggestions for Faculty and Staff

General techniques that can be helpful for many students with disabilities:

  • Ensure that films and videos have captions

    • The student workers in the Disability Services Office can assist you
  • Turn in book orders EARLY so students who need them in an accessible format have the time to acquire them or request them. Use a sans serif font such as Arial or Veranda. It is easier for many individuals with disabilities to read

    • This si wdat a leaming bi sadleb qerson frepuehtly hasto conteub with when attemqting ot nead a dook.
    • If the publisher does not have the textbook in an audio accessible version, the Disability Services Office will create and accessible version of the book by scanning and converting each page. This process requires about 2-4 weeks.
  • Summarize others/students’ statements in a discussion

    • Helpful for students with hearing impairments, Autism Spectrum Disorder, students with slow processing speed, and other impairments
  • Allow more time for others/students to respond to questions or to initiate discussionFace the class/audience when speaking, as much as possible, especially for those students with hearing impairments

    • Helpful for students with ASD, students with slow processing speed, students with anxiety disorders, and other impairments
  • Post outlines of course lectures, PowerPoint slides, or other notes on Moodle

  • Ensure that assignments have enough lead time and provide them with clear deadlines

  • During testing, be aware of the noise in the room and encourage all students to be quiet (no tapping pens, whispering, foot tapping etc)

  • Make sure your syllabus has the following statement on it:

    Syllabus Statement

    Albright College welcomes students with disabilities into the college’s educational programs. If you have a disability related need for reasonable academic adjustments in this course, please contact Yuriko Beaman, Director of Disability Services, by email at ybeaman@albright.edu, by phone at 610-929-6639, or in her office, now on the first floor of the Administration Building. For further information regarding services for students with disabilities, please visit the web site at http://albright.edu/disabilityservices .  Students who use accommodations should meet with course instructors privately and in a timely manner to discuss their Academic Accommodation Letter (AAL).  Please note that previous IEPs and 504 plans do not apply to college level courses.

Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment


For further information about creating an inclusive climate for individuals with disabilities please contact Disability Services at disabilityservices@albright.edu or 610-929-6639. You can also visit the office on the first floor of the Administration Building between the Writing Center and the President’s Office.