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Disability Services: Confidentiality

We understand that self-disclosure of a disability, symptoms, or condition is confidential and a deeply personal matter. Students who wish to have a confidential conversation about their previous history of using accommodations, their eligibility for services, or any referrals for a disability related evaluation are encouraged to request an appointment at their earliest convenience. We recommend that students self disclose to the Disability Services Office (DSO) as early as possible so that we can work together on a proactive approach to their learning and academic experience. In order to speak to parents about a student’s request for  accommodations, students will need to sign a release form with DSO and discuss their communication preferences with the Director. Students should directly inform their parents about their choice to use services for students with disabilities.

All disability records are kept separate from a student's educational record and utilization of accommodations will not be cited on transcripts, applications, or other permanent records. Further, the DSO has a responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of a student's clinical documentation. Without a student's informed consent, no records will be released to a third party. Should a student submit a written request for release of documentation, the DSO will process this request within 5-7 business days for current students and 7-10 business days for former students.

Contact Information:
Yuriko Beaman, M.S.
Director of Disability Services
Albright College
fax: 610-929-6793