Topics Courses

Each department may offer a topics course periodically on an experimental basis, without submitting it to the Curriculum Development Subcommittee and faculty for approval. This option is designed for occasions such as when a faculty member wishes to try an idea before submitting a course for formal approval and inclusion in the catalog; when a course deals with current political, social, or international issues that are important but perhaps ephemeral; or when a faculty member joins the College at a time which makes formal approval of a new course impossible.

Topics courses require departmental approval and shall be reported to the Curriculum Development Committee for review before or during the semester in which they are offered.

Topics courses to be offered more than two times must be approved by the Curriculum Development Committee and faculty and shall, when appropriate, be listed in the catalog. Depending on the level of difficulty, topics courses shall be designated as 183, 283 or 383.

• 183 Special Topics (Introductory)
• 283 Special Topics (Intermediate)
• 383 Special Topics (Advanced)